Kulhad Pizza Couple MMS Video Leaked

Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video MMS Leaked

As you all know, news about a popular person’s video going viral comes out every day. At the same time, a video about the “Kulhad Pizza Couple” from Jalandhar, Punjab, has been going popular on social media. They run a restaurant where they serve pizza in kulhads, which are clay cups. They were very well known for their unique way of cooking.

But right now, everyone is talking about the “Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video,” and a lot of rumors are going around about it. We need to look into the details and find the truth.

Kulhad Pizza Viral MMS Video Leaked

The new video of the Kulhad pizza couple featured Sehaj and Gurpreet with their newborn baby Waris vent viral. After their private MMS viral video got leaked, the couple recently added a new post on Instagram with a baby and denied all the allegations made regarding the MMS tape video.

There is a video going around that shows the pair in question. They have said, though, that this video is fake and is being spread to hurt their image. They also said that they were threatened with jail time over this tape and were told they had to pay money. The people who did this put the video on social media when they refused to do what they were told. Kulhad pizza couple videos that go viral.

The famous Jalandhar couple, who are often called the “Kulhad Pizza couple,” are in a tough spot because private videos of their private moments have started to show up on the internet. This has led many people to look for the famous tape that shows the couple in private. So that we can understand what’s going on better, let’s dig deeper.

They are known for making the famous Kulhad Pizza recipe. For a few months now, “Fresh Bites” has been making news on Instagram Reels. Their interesting videos show the couple working hard to make food at their stall, and the videos have gone popular on many social media sites, including Fire. Unfortunately, because these videos are so popular, many Telegram groups have been made where people share links to them all the time.

Because of this worrying trend, the officials are working hard to get rid of these channels and stop private content from being shared in any other way. There is a strong recommendation not to share this information because it is not only unethical but may also be against the law.

Sehaj Arora Kulhad Pizza Recent Interview

Recently, in an Instagram video statement, Sehaj Arora strongly denied that the viral video, which was called the “Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video,” was real, saying that it was completely fake and made by AI.

Additionally, he said that the couple got the video through a direct message on Instagram a few weeks ago, along with a scary blackmail threat that they had to pay a lot of money to stop the video from going viral online.

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