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10 Best Escada Perfumes for Women 2022

Best Escada Perfumes for Women. German brands know how to add a touch to fashion through various bases from which they go for their projects. We find some that bet on displaying very striking motifs due to the colors, or on the other hand, some that prefer a very original aesthetic, where a clear influence of German expressionism is observed.

Escada is a brand from the Bavarian country that tends to mix the two characteristics, and in fact, it excellently does this, leading the European market with some of its perfumes for women, full of originality and frankness.

The 10 Best Escada Perfumes For Her are the best option you can have if you want to highlight elements in yourself that you thought were impossible or already lost, be sure to read the following lines.


10 Best Escada Perfumes For Women to Wear in 2022


1. Especially by Escada

Especially from Escada is that perfume holds as much femininity as possible, with lots of detail and luxury, and will provide all the tools you need until you feel very secure in yourself. This starts with a wise choice of notes that, though few, are necessary to have a productive effect on you. Just apply Especially to realize a well-managed fragrance in terms of structure with rose, water elements, musk, pear, and also ambrette.

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Being truly feminine, its designers also opted for a choice of moderate longevity and wakefulness, thus avoiding crossing the line into the vulgar. So with Especially, you prefer to be almost in a demure mood.

It’s not especially easy to dictate a time of year when a perfume like Especially has a better effect; however, he has a larger office for spring; with it, you will stand out excellently for the elemental and stylistic aspect of your notes.


2. Magnetism by Escada

You don’t need to stop using Escada Magnetism, it’s the pure backdrop of what it means to be the sexiest and most daring woman, it has a large magnetic field that will provide the most stunning looks.

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With this perfume, you have a safe company, especially if we talk about the power of attraction, this perfume is a magnet not only for appearance but also for gentle fingering to get you to feel it.

At the same time, Staircase Magnetism is very good for getting a lot of freshness in your body, just enough for you to feel good in summer, this freshness decision comes directly to attract the young female audience to your usual shopper circle.

In fact, this is not recommended for mature women, as they will be overwhelmed by so much vital energy from the young. This perfume contains notes of iris, green leaves, patchouli, benzoin, amber, caramel, vanilla, and also almond blossom. Magnetism relies heavily on its fragrance to make an impact, and that’s partly due to long-lasting longevity and a heavy trail.


3. Miami Blossom by Escada

The Miami Blossom by Escada is a perfume totally inspired by Miami, and when we say totally we don’t leave any element of this city out of the cocktail party. It is a more tropical fragrance, far from typical American topics, where cold can occupy the strongest mental images.

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This perfume, made with a very tropical base, should have notes in that direction and have pineapple blossom, jasmine, musk, ambroxan, sandalwood, and tiare for a mix of the most Caribbean ones for you.

There is no doubt that Miami Blossom is a perfume that should be used for any type of summer, regardless of the country where the woman who wishes to wear it is located. He has this magical gift for recreating what summer is happening, with Miami in the background. Its longevity, on the other hand, is moderate; in addition, its treadmill is heavy, ideal if you go to the beach and want to be perceived in the same way.


4. Celebrate Life by Escada

One of the newest fragrances that Escada has created has a first and last name: Celebrate Life. With a perfume like this, it follows the line of fragrances made more than just to seduce, to become a perfume in which you put all your comfort.

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Its very title makes it all clear, it’s celebrating life, no hassle or third-party elements. Celebrate Life has a wick that extends the length and breadth of the mind and body, giving you a very spiritual sense of yourself; no feeling of sadness will stop you from feeling fulfilled.

This perfume was made with notes of ambroxan, musk, vanilla, pear, and bitter orange. This is how a perfume is composed, which is presented in its best letter as very soft for your body, it will not bother you at any time, especially in winter, where it is very good due to the body touch of its notes. It becomes even more remarkable if we consider that its longevity is very durable and its track is huge.


5. Sorbetto Rosso by Escada

We have now arrived with a Mediterranean inspiration to achieve a perfume like Sorbetto Rosso da Escada, this means a step towards love, to spring, to the promises of returning to someone you love. It’s almost poetic to use Sorbetto Rosso de Escada, as it lets you meet the people you love without losing your style.

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Using this perfume means being able to count on another fragrance designed for the summer due to the number of notes that go to the heat and freshness it will give you in a moment like this. It has notes of amber, watermelon, musk, strawberry, rose, calone, and orange.

It consists almost exclusively of this type of citrus fruit element so that the freshness is not lost. While it’s true that it may seem like a very festive perfume, its longevity is low and its smooth trail, is somewhat out of context, but which gives it a good deal of permeability.


6. Celebrate NOW by Escada

We ended with Celebrate NOW A variant of its Celebrate series, but one that prides itself on being even more direct in its fragrance and intent. This perfume offers the opportunity to be perfectly located at the ideal moment.

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This one has a lot of sensuality and seduction power if we consider that its notes are vanilla, tonka bean, magnolia, or ginger. It was designed for you to use in the fall, awakening unexpected sensations in the people you desire. Celebrate NOW has moderate longevity and a huge track. So you will have a scent for a long time, especially outdoors.


7. Incredible Me by Escada

When using the Incredible Me Ladder, you’ll have to slow down your life, if you don’t want to look like a locomotive, this scent will make you great in indoor and outdoor beauty. It has very notable fragrance characteristics, especially in the delicious perception section for its peony, cream, chocolate, coffee, sweet elements, and orchid notes.

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With such interesting notes, Escada Incredible Me was launched at full speed with a perfume that gained recognition for the sensuality marked by the electrifying. With a fragrance like this, made to break the calm paradigms, you need to know how to use it, which is why we recommend doing it during the fall.

Like many Escada perfumes for the younger crowd, this one has lasting longevity and a huge track, giving it, in addition to energy, that sparkling touch that young girls get when trying to seduce.


8. Joyful by Escada

Self-confidence, a lot of joy, and, above all, hope are present in Joyful Escada. We could not describe a perfume like this, especially as sensual, but choose paths fuller with family and friends.

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Therefore, your main element to highlight is the smile, Joyful has in itself the magic formula for you to spend your life feeling a strong woman of your own decisions.

So, for a better feature, it was decided to create a very comfortable environment in Joyful, so that women don’t wear anything to smile about when using it, as well as its notes of nectarine, honey, sandalwood, moss and peony, magnolia and leaves. Violet. Each note, in addition to being sweet, is really strong, taking some time to really realize what it’s about.

In addition, Joyful has moderate longevity and similar wakefulness, making the scent a sensation for fountains, but especially if you surround yourself with your loved ones. Don’t let your smile fade, always use Joyful.


9. Absolutely Me by Escada

Made exclusively for you, the Absolutely Me Escada represents a perfume that has all the materials chosen to make you feel more proud of yourself, no matter how many defects or virtues you have. This is the orientation of a perfume that is made so that you can walk down the street without worrying about the whole world, be always in perfect communion with you and that’s what matters.

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Absolutely Me by Escada is very much aimed at the particular feeling that you are unrivaled, here’s the star. For this reason, it contains notes of raspberry, vanilla, white musk, hawthorn flower, pink pepper, and others.

Of course, Absolutely Me doesn’t stray from the femininity its other scents offer and the rebellion it can denote spreads smoothly with its moderate longevity and smooth trail. The wonderful time to wear this perfume is in the summer, going out with this perfume means the right look for you, that you don’t care where you go.


10. Fiesta Carioca by Escada

Brazil was attracted to you with the Fiesta Carioca de Escada, a truly colorful fragrance that has all its splendor based on the carnivals of Rio de Janeiro. It’s a mix of strong and explosive emotions that won’t leave room for boredom.

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The Fiesta Carioca is ideal for the summer, so you can participate in as many parties are invited, without thinking of times or days. The warmth that is quite highlighted in this perfume has elements of jasmine, musk, cedar, benzoin, and raspberry notes. All of the citrus and designed to achieve spectacularity and all the splendor of a lot of movement. With Fiesta Carioca, you won’t even think of a caipirinha.

It is quite palpable that its long-lasting longevity and its enormous trail are the authors of this perfume, being one of the most widely used, as you usually don’t see such a long-lasting perfume in the summer when everything happens very quickly.


Final Considerations

The range of Escada perfume for Her that we have brought especially for you does not fail to surprise locals and strangers, as they are good proof that this German fashion company has an incomparable color.

Every woman who is lucky enough to wear their perfume has pretty impressive elements, but where the most important thing is that they rediscover the woman, they don’t let her follow the same paths over and over again. You will be surprised to be able to use these Escada colognes so full of fruity elements, but also typical of European fashion, a waste of luxury and exclusivity!

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