Best Escada Perfumes for Women

10 Best Escada Perfumes for Women

It is no secret that German brands are adept at adding a touch to fashion by using various bases from which they draw inspiration. On the one hand, we find some that focus on displaying very striking motifs due to the colors. On the other hand, others prefer a very original aesthetic, evident in German expressionism.

A brand from the Bavarian country, Escada, combines both characteristics flawlessly, leading the European market with some of its perfumes for women, filled with originality and honesty.

The 10 Best Escada perfumes for women will highlight aspects of yourself you thought were impossible or already lost. Don’t miss reading about our top picks.

10 Best Escada Perfumes For Women

1. Especially by Escada

Especially by Escada

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The best thing about Escada perfume is that it carries as much femininity as possible, with lots of details and luxury, providing you with all the tools you need to feel good about yourself.

It starts with a carefully selected set of notes that are essential for the fragrance to have an impact on you, which is why it consists of rose, water elements, musk, pear, and also ambrette.

In keeping with its femininity, its designers also chose to maintain a moderate level of wakefulness, thus avoiding crossing the line into vulgarity. With Especially, you prefer to feel almost demure.

A perfume like Especially is difficult to prescribe at a suitable time of year. However, he has a larger office for spring. With it, your notes will stand out excellently for their elemental and stylistic qualities.

2. Magnetism by Escada

Magnetism by Escada

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The Escada Magnetism has a large magnetic field that will provide you with the most stunning looks. You don’t have to stop using it. It’s the backdrop of what it means to be the sexiest and most daring woman.

When it comes to the power of attraction, this perfume is not only a magnet for appearance but also for gentle fingering to get you to feel it.

Staircase Magnetism is also very good for obtaining a lot of freshness in your body in summer. This freshness decision directly attracts the young female audience to your usual shopper circle.

It is not recommended for mature women because they will be overwhelmed by so much vitality from the young. There are notes of iris, green leaves, patchouli, benzoin, amber, caramel, vanilla, and almond blossom in this perfume. Since Magnetism relies heavily on its fragrance for impact, its long-lasting longevity and strong trail contribute to that.

3. Miami Blossom by Escada

Miami Blossom by Escada

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The Miami Blossom by Escada is a perfume that Miami completely inspires, and when we say totally, we mean it. It is a more tropical scent, far from typical American topics.

Having a tropical base, this perfume should include pineapple blossom, jasmine, musk, ambroxan, sandalwood, and tiare for an aroma that is reminiscent of the Caribbean.

Regardless of where the woman who wishes to wear Miami Blossom is located, it is a perfume that can be used for any summer. He has this magical gift for recreating what summer is happening, with Miami as the background. It has a moderate lifespan, on the other hand. In addition, its treadmill is heavy, so it is perfect if you plan on going to the beach.

4. Celebrate Life by Escada

Celebrate Life by Escada

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Celebrating Life is one of Escada’s newest fragrances. With a perfume like this, it follows the line of fragrances that go beyond mere seduction to become a perfume you can depend on.

There are no hassles or third-party elements in its title; just celebrates life. You will feel fulfilled no matter how sad you feel. Celebrate Life has a wick that extends your mind and body, giving you a very spiritual sense of yourself.

An ambroxan, vanilla, pear, and bitter orange scent was used to create this perfume. The best way to describe a perfume is to say that it is very soft, that it won’t bother you at any time, especially in winter, when it is particularly good due to the body touch of its notes. The longevity of this product and its large track make it even more remarkable.

5. Sorbetto Rosso by Escada

Sorbetto Rosso by Escada

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To create a perfume like Sorbetto Rosso da Escada, we are now inspired by the Mediterranean, which symbolizes spring, love, and the promise of returning to love. You can meet the people you love while maintaining your style with Sorbetto Rosso de Escada, making it almost poetic.

There are a number of notes that go to the warmth and freshness that you will feel in a moment like this, including amber, watermelon, musk, strawberry, rose, alone, and orange.

There is almost no loss of freshness because it consists almost exclusively of citrus fruit elements. Although it may seem like a festive perfume, its longevity is low, and its smooth trail is somewhat out of context, but it does provide good permeability due to its permeability.

6. Celebrate NOW by Escada

Celebrate NOW by Escada

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The sixth perfume on the list is Celebrate NOW, a variant of the Celebrate series, but one that strives to be even more direct in its fragrance and intent. Since it contains vanilla, tonka bean, magnolia, and ginger, it has a lot of sensuality and seduction power.

As you use Celebrate NOW in the fall, you will awaken unexpected sensations in those you desire. Celebrate NOW is moderately long-lasting and has a long track, so you will have a scent that lasts for a long time, especially in the outdoors.

7. Incredible Me by Escada

Incredible Me by Escada

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This scent will make you beautiful both indoors and outdoors, but you have to slow down when using Incredible Me Ladder if you don’t want to look like a locomotive. It has very notable fragrance characteristics, especially in the delicious perception section for its peony, cream, chocolate, coffee, sweet elements, and orchid notes.

With such interesting notes, Escada Incredible Me was launched at full speed with a perfume that gained recognition for the sensuality marked by the electrifying. You need to know how to use this fragrance, made to challenge calm paradigms, so we recommend it during the fall.

Unlike many Escada perfumes for the young crowd, this one has lasting longevity and a massive track that gives it, in addition to energy, that sparkling touch that young girls get when being seduced.

8. Joyful by Escada

Joyful by Escada

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Joyful Escada expresses self-confidence, joy, and hope above all else. It is a perfume bursting with sensuality. The smile is your main element to highlight. Joyful has in itself the magic formula to make you feel like a strong woman in charge of your life.

Therefore, in order to improve its features, Joyful was created in such a way that it has a very comfortable environment so that women don’t wear anything that makes them smile, along with its notes of nectarine, honey, sandalwood, moss, and peony, magnolia, and leaves. In addition to being sweet, each note is very strong, making it hard to understand what is going on.

Besides having moderate longevity and similar wakefulness, Joyful is perfect for fountains, but especially if you surround yourself with loved ones.┬áDon’t let your smile fade; always use Joyful.

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9. Absolutely Me by Escada

Absolutely Me by Escada

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No matter how many faults or virtues you have, the Absolutely Me Escada perfume is specially made for you and made with all the materials that will help you feel proud of yourself.

This is the orientation of a perfume that is made so that you can walk down the street without worrying about the whole world, always in perfect communion with yourself; that’s what counts.

Escada’s Absolutely Me embodies the feeling of being unrivaled. For this reason, it contains notes of raspberry, vanilla, white musk, hawthorn flower, pink pepper, and others.

Despite its moderate longevity and smooth trail, Absolutely Me does not stray from the femininity its other scents offer. With its moderate longevity and smooth trail, the rebellion it symbolizes spreads smoothly. The best time to wear this perfume is in the summer, going out with this perfume means the right look for you, and that you don’t care where you go.

10. Fiesta Carioca by Escada

Fiesta Carioca by Escada

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The Fiesta Carioca de Escada is a really vibrant fragrance inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s carnivals. It’s a mix of strong, explosive emotions that will never tire you out.

With the Fiesta Carioca, you can attend as many parties as you are invited without thinking about time or day. This perfume’s warmth comes from jasmine, musk, cedar, benzoin, and raspberry notes, all designed to create spectacularity and splendor through a lot of movement. You won’t even think of a caipirinha with Fiesta Carioca.

The long-lasting longevity and the enormous trail of this perfume make it one of the most widely used perfumes of all time since long-lasting perfumes are hard to find during summer when everything happens so fast.


There is no doubt that locals, as well as strangers, will be surprised by the variety of Escada perfume we have selected for you, as they are a testament to the fact that this German fashion company is one of the most colorful in the industry.

Each woman who wears their perfume indeed has some impressive elements, but what matters is that they rediscover the woman, and they don’t let her follow the same path over and over again. Escada colognes are not only fruity, but they are also typical of European fashion, a waste of luxury and exclusivity. You will be surprised!

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