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8 Best Passion Fruit Perfumes For Women 2023

Best Passion Fruit Perfumes For Women

This fruit widely grown in South America has a tropical and super citrus fragrance,  and all this combination is perfect for perfumes full of life and intensity, so you can expect any unpredictable aroma, but always feminine. These 8 Best Passion Fruit Women Perfumes are loaded with sea breeze and summer air so that you begin to experience a radical change in your life.

The warm-blooded women are usually the ones that generate more looks at every corner because the movements sensual and also powerful decisions are on your side, perfumeries take advantage of this to perfume making your size and passionfruit is perhaps the fruit that best recreates this.


8 Best Passion Fruit Women Perfumes & Colognes to Buy in 2023


1. Omnia Paraiba by Bvlgari 

Perhaps the name of Bvlgari is not usually closely associated with the aromas of the Caribbean, but Alberto Morillas in 2015 radically changed this trend with the Ombia Paraiba perfume, belonging to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women.

If we had to define this perfume, it would undoubtedly be a mix between sweet, tropical, and citrus chords, elements that are undoubtedly reflected in its top notes of passion fruit and bitter orange, its heart notes are passionflower and gardenia, and its base notes are of cocoa pod and vetiver.

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The aroma in general, therefore, is that of a perfume with a lot of passion fruit, but well impregnated in addition to cocoa, how to tell you in a few words that its smell is that of citric chocolate and that it comes wonderfully in summer, in addition to having one lasting longevity and a similar wake.


2. Live Irrésistible by Givenchy

With an air much softer than the previous one, comes Live Irrésistible by Givenchy, a perfume that was launched in 2015 and whose designer was Dominique Ropion. Its aroma is a perfect mix of feminine sweetness with the sensuality of citrus.

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Take into account its top notes of pineapple, grapefruit, and orange, its heart notes are passion fruit and pepper, and its base notes are vanilla patchouli and orris root. The aroma of this perfume in this sense is that of one with a lot of citrus chords where a lot of grapefruit and passion fruit are felt.

It also has a spicy and floral scent that will be perfect for spring with its moderate longevity and soft trail.


3. Escada Fiesta Carioca

Brazil is the country par excellence of passion fruit and Escada’s Carioca Party is a perfume that comes to further lay the foundations of the summer party, this was launched in 2017 and contains inside notes of passion fruit, raspberry and violet leaves, heart notes of passionflower, jasmine, and orange blossom, and base notes of musk, benzoin, and cedar.

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This trend so marked in its departure towards citrus and sweet is what makes the perfume first of all with a fruity and citrus aroma, especially delicious because it is then a perfume full of femininity and sensuality.

On the other hand, its aroma tends to be fresh and relaxed along with scents of flowers of this cut and fine that do not interfere with the citrus of its beginning. Its aroma also has short longevity and a moderate trail.


4. 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera

A Carolina Herrera perfume always adapts perfectly to passion fruit and the 212 VIP is the aroma that included this fruit with luxury thanks to Alberto Morillas in 2010 thanks to the Oriental Vanilla for Women olfactory family.

It departs from the classic to make this aroma one loaded with vanilla along with sweetness, citrus, and even rum has its strong presence to make it a perfume like something out of a pastry shop. Its top notes are rum and passion fruit, the heart notes are gardenia and musk, and the base notes are vanilla and tonka bean.

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Therefore, this perfume has a smell of rum and passion fruit everywhere, just like a cocktail that intoxicates, in addition to that later it becomes a rather sweet aroma in excess. It is an especially useful scent for winter and has long-lasting longevity and a moderate trail.


5. Bombshell Eau de Parfum by Victoria’s Secret

The essence of Victoria’s Secret is marked in the Bombshell Eau de Parfum, a scent that is pure fruit and pure sweet does not hide its feelings, and that by the work of Adriana Medina-Baez and Mark Knitowski was launched in 2010.

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This aroma is also quite direct due to the top notes of passion fruit, grapefruit, and orange, as well as heart notes of peony and vanilla orchid to close with base notes of oakmoss and woody notes.

Its fragrance is full of sweet, fresh fruits and impressive citrus that has no other place than summer and adjusted to its moderate longevity and a heavy trail.


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6. Fruits of Musk by Montale

The European airs are really ideal to make different aromas and the Fruits of Musk by Montale composes a perfume between citrus and floral perfectly, it has Pierre Montale as a designer and was launched in 2011.

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With the Aromatic Fruity olfactory family for Women and with notes of passion fruit, black currants, magnolia, lily, and musk, its aroma is torn between the strong currents of passion fruit scents combined with the eternal bursts of fresh from the flowers to give a divine air. This perfume has no other season than autumn and rather short longevity and soft trail.


7. Escada Marine Groove by Escada

They tried Escada with another passion fruit aroma and the result was different and wonderful, with the Escada Marine Groove, an aroma with notes of passion fruit, peony, jasmine, and musk.

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Belonging to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women and launched in 2009, this aroma contains excellence applied directly towards a tropical scent and really made with freshness, to which we must also add a sweet essence and with flower accords.

All this mixture makes it a special aroma for spring and its long-lasting longevity and heavy trail confirm this.


8. Miami Glow by Jennifer Lopez

The party in Miami does not stop with Jennifer López and her Miami Glow, a perfume that is synonymous with luxury, sexism, and a lot of spice. It was launched in 2005 and features notes of passion fruit, orange blossom, cyclamen, vanilla, and amber.

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Belonging to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women, this aroma is very much like all tropical fruits but designed with the greatest possible finesse and that is felt in short in a perfume with sweet, citrus, vanilla touches, and even with some flowers. Its season is summer and it has long-lasting longevity and a soft trail.


Final Considerations

It is incredible what a passion fruit perfume can generate as these are the 8 Best Passion Fruit Perfumes for Women that are the most daring, so do not stop using them and do not resist the power of summer on your skin.

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