Best Horror Movies to Watch in 2021

Best Horror Movies to Watch in 2021

Best Horror Movies of All Time – Updated 2021

Horror movies make us feel all kinds of emotions in the days of bursting with boredom. Here are the 15 Best Horror Movies to Watch in 2021 that include both old and new, each more terrifying. We have selected cursed houses, creatures, fairies, and many more constructions for you. You can easily choose the one according to your taste. Have a good time!


15 Best Horror Movies of All Time that You Should Watch in 2021


15. The Shining

Adapted from Stephen King’s novel of the same name to the big screen by master director Stanley Kubrick; It focuses on the metaphysical events that took place after the author Jack Torrance moved to the hotel with his family, taking care of the Overlook Hotel, which was closed during the winter season.

Jack’s young son, who has supernatural intuition, sees that they are not alone in the hotel over time and that they live with ghosts from the past and the future and tries to convince his family of this.


14. Rosemary’s Baby

Striving to become a prominent actor, Guy and his beautiful wife Rosemary rent a modest apartment in an old building to start their new life in New York. The oldest Castavet couple sitting upstairs is the biggest help for the young couple in getting used to this unfamiliar place.

Rosemary, who is disturbed day by day and whose doubts are ignored by her husband, is deeply shaken by a strange and frightening dream. The mystery of the neighbors will gradually increase when the woman who dreams that she was raped by an evil becoming pregnant in her real life.


13. La Llorona

La Llorona is a Latin American legend that has appeared in other films before… This production from Guatemala, signed by Jayro Bustamante, is regarded as the best film made on this legend. Standing out with its political sub-texts, ‘La Llorona’ develops from the story of a dying dictator.

The dictator, known for his genocide years ago, is shutting down with his family and employees. The voices of the protesters outside are getting louder. The home workers want to leave, and when the family’s hopes are exhausted, a mysterious maid comes home… “La Llorona” is one of the best horror movies of the year.


12. The Wolf of Snow Hollow

Written, directed and starring Jim Cummings, who caught the attention of critics with ‘Thunder Road’ in 2018, ‘The Wolf of Snow Hollow’ takes place in a small mountain town where bodies are found after each full moon. The sheriff Marshall, who suspects a serial killer and has many problems in his private life, does not want to forget that werewolves are only imaginary monsters that we come across in movies … a movie that blends.


11. Alien

The film tells the struggle for survival of a crew forced to land on an unknown planet. As the most famous spaceship in history, Nostromo returns to Earth with its mission completed, it receives a call for help from another planet.

The ship’s crew lands on this unknown planet, not leaving the call unanswered. Realizing that this call is a warning signal, the team embarks on an extraordinary experience and a spooky adventure when they encounter an unknown life form.

Although the creature series was continued by various directors after the first movie, this film by Ridley Scott has been recognized as one of the most important works of both the series and the science fiction genre to which it belongs.


10. Repulsion

Behind the pretty beauty and ordinary life of Carol (Catherine Deneuve), who lives with her sister in London, is hidden behind her obsessive disgust. His distaste for sexuality, in particular, takes on a severe and schizophrenic appearance when his sister is on vacation.


9. The Ring

There is a legend in the city. According to rumors, a tape that people watch causes the death of these people seven days later. It is said that four young people died suspiciously just because they watched these tapes.

Rachel is determined to somehow bring to light these strange events. However, during his research, he had to watch the tape with his young son. Rachel now only has seven days to resolve these events.



8. The Descent

A pretty young woman who goes on vacation with her husband, daughter and friends witnesses a tragic accident. After a year, the young woman again goes for a walk with her friends. They are stuck there because of a rock falling inside a cave.

Due to their lack of equipment, a tough struggle begins to survive. Meanwhile, they encounter bloodthirsty creatures. Everyone in the group opposes each other for a number of reasons. Everyone is alone now. They are aware that they are responsible for themselves on the road to survival.


7. Seven

A serial killer kills those who commit 7 deadly sins in his own way. The Seven Deadly Sins are Arrogance, Greed, Lustful, Jealousy, Gluttony, Destructiveness, and Laziness, according to Christian beliefs. Two police detectives are on the hunt for this serial killer.

The film earned $ 14,000,000 in the week it was released in America. The movie, signed by director David Fincher, had great success at the box office all over the world with its immersive subject and the performances of the actors.


6. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

The film is about mysterious serial murders and unfolding events in a German town. The film, which caused the birth of the term ‘Caligarism’ in the art of cinema, is one of the masterpieces of the silent cinema era, which made a tremendous impression with its use of fiction and camera.


5. Krampus

The movie Krampus, which turns Christmas into a nightmare, tells the story of Max and his family, who live in a small town, thinking that they will have a quiet Christmas, and have to fight with human-eating teddy bears, evil wind-up toys and a bloodthirsty devil that has been ruling the world since ancient times Horror-comedy genre.

The movie turns New Year’s peace into a struggle for survival. Adam Scott, Toni Collette, and David Koechner star in the horror-comedy Krampus, directed by Michael Dougherty.


4. Martyrs

Having recently disappeared, Lucie reappears one day. The girl, who is only 10 years old, has traces of torture on her body, but there is no evidence of any sexual assault. This situation was met with curiosity and fear in France in the 1970s.

However, after 15 whole years, an interesting development takes place. An ordinary family’s door rings. The father of the house opens the door and finds Lucie waiting with a shotgun in her hand. Convinced she has found her torturer, Lucie pulls the trigger. The hit French horror movie draws attention with its scenario with a different fiction as well as its harsh scenes.


3. Freaky

“Freaky”, written and directed by Christopher Landon, known for “Happy Death Day” with Michael Kennedy, can also be seen as a new cycle of the comedy “Freaky Friday”, in which the mother and daughter of the opposite characters are replaced.

On the other hand, some critics’ They also remember the names of Carrie ‘and’ Child’s Play ‘movies. Watching Kathryn Newton, Vince Vaughn, and Celeste O’Connor in its main roles, ‘Freaky’ is a fun horror movie called ‘teen slasher set around multiple murders.


2. Possessor

In this near-future sci-fi thriller, Andrea Riseborough stars as a hired killer who, thanks to advanced technology, can settle into people like a parasite and make them do what they want. The director Brandon Cronenberg, whom we know with his first movie ‘Antiviral’, is doing a visually impressive job in ‘Possessor’, of which he also wrote the script.

The critics compared the film, which they especially liked visually, with the films of the Japanese anime ‘Ghost in the Shell and Brandon Cronenberg’s father, David Cronenberg.


1. Platform

The movie takes place in a place called The Hole, which is unlike the prisons we know of… Some are brought to punish Hole, as well as our main character Goreng (Ivan Massagué), who volunteered to get a diploma.

Goreng’s primary goal is to quit smoking and to finish reading Miguel de Cervantes’ ‘Don Quixote’… She obviously wants to stay away from the world for a while, rest her mind, and spare time for herself. But from the moment he opens his eyes, he finds himself in the middle of an inhuman struggle for life, under conditions he never expected.

The only thing civilized in the Hole is the food on the platform… Apart from that, we are in a place where forest laws apply from the beginning to the end… Don Quixote, Goreng does not want to give up the principles of the civilized world he left behind, just as he lives with the ideals and myths of the knight’s age.


Final Words

That is all we have for you in the article of 15 Best Horror Movies of All Time that you Should Watch in 2021 with your partner or alone at night. But beware, these movies might give you goosebumps. Do comment and tell us which horror movie you love the most.

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