6 Best Ecological and Economical Hybrid Cars of 2021

Best Ecological and Economical Hybrid Cars of 2021

Best Ecological and Economical Hybrid Cars of 2021 | The Least Consuming Hybrid Cars in 2021 

Currently, hybrids are popular. In recent years, its market share has steadily increased. Indeed, to reduce their carbon footprint as well as their fuel consumption, more and more motorists are opting for this type of car. We can say that in the upcoming year’s Hybrid cards will be the best cars to buy. Here below you will find the least consuming Hybrid cars of 2021.

Hybrid Cars: Why Are They So Interesting?

Thanks to their 2 engines (thermal and electric ), hybrid cars have the advantage of consuming less fuel. They will therefore save money and avoid exploding your budget, especially in the event of rising prices at the pump. In addition, these cars also emit less CO2. In fact, today, hybrid cars are not as expensive as they used to be. And to support the energy transition, the authorities of some countries even offer various subsidies.

6 Best Hybrid Cars of 2021

Their use thus also makes it possible to contribute to the reduction of air pollution. When it comes to hybrid cars today, there’s plenty to choose from. Faced with the many models available, it is sometimes difficult to choose. Discover your best Hybrid Cars to buy in 2021.

1. The Hyundai Ioniq

Among the most fuel-efficient sedans, the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid takes first place in this ranking. It is equipped with a 1.6l direct-injection 4-cylinder petrol engine which, combined with its electric motor, enables it to benefit from 141 horsepower. It has a combined consumption of 3.4l / 100 km. This fuel-efficient car impresses with both its low fuel consumption and its modern styling. Its futuristic grille design, its unusual rims or its modernized interior with a centralized screen will certainly please you.

2. The Toyota Prius 2021

On the visual side, the Prius also has something to seduce. Many appreciate it for its sharp lines, giving it a very original style. To this day, it remains a benchmark for hybrid cars. Indeed, with its 4-cylinder 1.8l petrol injection, combined with an electric motor, it claims the consumption of 4.4l / 100 km in the city. Its power is 121 horsepower. In addition, note that thanks to its 8.8 kWh battery, it can travel 40 kilometers, without using a single drop of gasoline.

3. The Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Under its hood, the Toyota Corolla Hybrid also has 121 horsepower. This power is supplied to it by a 4-cylinder 1.8l direct injection gasoline unit, combined with an electric motor. It also consumes 4.4l / 100 km: consumption which may vary depending on driving circumstances. This sedan stands out from other hybrids by its elegance and its spacious 320 dm3 trunks.

4. The Honda Insight 2021

Still, in the sedan category, the Honda Insight combines an electric motor and a 1.5l petrol engine. The combination of the two allows it to have a power of 151 horsepower. For its part, this model claims a combined consumption of 4.9l / 100 km.

Despite its clear resemblance to the Honda Civic, the Honda Insight is distinguished by a cabin that is a little more sophisticated and comfortable. All in all, it is an option to consider to limit your fuel costs and participate in an energy-efficient world.

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Note that there are other more powerful sedans on the market, but relatively inexpensive. We can notably mention the Honda Accord Hybrid. It is equipped with a 2l 4-cylinder petrol engine, coupled to an electric motor. Its power is 181 horsepower.

Despite this, its consumption does not exceed 5l / 100 km in the city. Another example is the Toyota Camry Hybrid. It has a 2.5l petrol engine and its consumption varies from 5.7l / 100 km (in town) to 7l / 100 km (on the highway). For those who need more space, there are also SUV models like the Ford Escape SE sport hybrid and the Kia Niro SUV version. Their consumption is quite acceptable.

5. The Kia Niro

The Kia Niro is a hybrid crossover that looks like an SUV. If it has the style, it will not however be as greedy as these. It is offered with a 1.6l direct-injection 4-cylinder petrol engine. What allows it all the same to have a power of 141 horses. This Korean model consumes an average of 4.4 liters / 100 km. It thus beats the record for SUVs with lower consumption.

6. The Ford Escape SE Sport Hybrid

The Ford Escape SE Sport Hybrid is ideal for those looking for a hybrid vehicle that both saves money at the pump and enjoys a generous interior. It is equipped with a 2.4l 4-cylinder petrol engine and its power reaches 200 horsepower. Despite its size and cubic capacity, its consumption is only 6.2l / 100 km.

Overall, compact sedans dominate this ranking of hybrids that consume the least in 2021. Their advantage lies in their lower fuel consumption and lowers CO2 emissions. However, for lovers of large cars, it should be remembered that opting for hybrids will not prevent them from enjoying a model corresponding to their desires.

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