What will be the Future of Electric Cars in Upcoming Years

What will be the Future of Electric Cars in Upcoming Years

What is the Future of Electric Cars in Upcoming Years

Among the many advantages of vehicles operating on an electric charge, there is, in particular, their ecological and economic aspect. Certainly, this technology was still subject to cost and autonomy problems a few years ago. Many of us often ask this question is there is any future of Electric cars in the upcoming years? On the other hand, progress in research has enabled manufacturers, who are moreover more and more numerous to enter the sector, to offer more accessible and more autonomous models.

The Future of Electric Cars 


1. Car models in line with climate issues

Today, electric cars represent 1.6% of the global automobile market. At first glance, this market share is still quite low. On the other hand, the trend seems to be accelerating, especially since it goes hand in hand with the fight against global warming.

2. Electric cars beneficial to the environment

Thermal engine vehicles are believed to be responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. However, in the coming years, for the good of the planet, reducing this figure will become inevitable. The promotion of electric cars thus seems to be the most obvious solution. What is more, according to specialists, their use would make it possible to obtain a reduction of 20% of these harmful gas emissions.

3. More profitable and more efficient vehicles

In addition to helping protect the environment, electric cars are also much more profitable. They promise longer life and would require very little maintenance. Some of them are capable of reaching 700,000 km and more on the odometer, unlike diesel or gasoline cars rarely reaching 200,000 km.

In addition, in terms of acceleration, electric cars are much more promising. The point is that they can instantly produce maximum torque from the motive power.

4. Charging electric cars

In addition, charging an electric car to travel 100 kilometres would be 5 times cheaper than buying the amount of fuel needed to cover the same distance.

Will Electric Cars replace the Thermal Cars in Future?

In order to better launch the electric car market, many manufacturers are planning to stop producing internal combustion cars in the near future. Some countries are also considering stricter measures concerning the prohibition to sell cars gasoline and diesel in their territory from 2030 onwards.

Production of combustion engine cars

This is the case, for example, in the United Kingdom. Currently, more than 30,000 charging points in 11,000 different locations are already available there. To purchase a home charger, the grants are also awarded. The change should thus be inevitable. This policy is spreading rapidly in several European countries. In principle, the deadline should not exceed the year 2040.

Range of electric cars

The range of an electric car depends on the model and the way you drive. However, on average, it will allow you to drive between 150 to 500 km before needing to be recharged.

Electric cars could be the perfect solution for environmental problems. Because they do not emit exhaust gases, they could also have positive effects on the health of the population. In addition, being silent, they will also help reduce noise pollution.

In short, electric cars undeniably have all the assets to ensure a bright future, which leads us to wonder about that of thermal cars.

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