10 Best John Varvatos Colognes For Men

10 Best John Varvatos Men Perfumes in 2020

All the guys who ask for it can live in luxury. John Varvatos did this when he started his perfume company in 1999 for men who wanted to feel rich without giving up the things they liked about their lives. Because of this, we want to show you its most desirable perfumes in The 10 Best John Varvatos Colognes for Men. This is a collection that you will not be able to leave if you want to shine with fine details and luxury.

Top 10 John Varvatos Colognes For Men

1. Nick Jonas JVxNJ Silver Eau de Toilette

Nick Jonas JVxNJ Silver

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Nick Jonas JVxNJ Silver is a perfume that perfectly captures everything that makes a guy irresistible: a lot of energy and the highest level of style. All the young people are always behind this perfume.

It has a very strong scent with notes of lemon, sandalwood, amber, geranium, green leaves, and Calabrian bergamot. This is the perfect summer perfume because it lasts a long time and leaves a heavy trail.

2. John Varvatos Oud Eau de Toilette

John Varvatos 

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This is the brand’s classic smell, and it has all the masculinity and luxury that the people of Ancient Greece loved most. It came out in 2004 and has a strong man scent.

It smells like hay, styrax, herbs, leather, oud wood, tamarind, vanilla, and frankincense. In the winter, you always mark the area with a moderate amount of wake and longevity so that you don’t go too far and know when to stop.

3. John Varvatos Artisan Pure Cologne

Artisan Pure by John Varvatos

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This is a fairly relaxed and very young-looking perfume called Artisan Pure by John Varvatos. It was released in 2017 and is in the Citrus family for men.

It smells very fresh and young because it has notes of petitgrain, orris root, amber, musk, bergamot, marjoram, and orange. It’s perfect for boys who want a spring perfume. Its length, on the other hand, is average, and its path is smooth.

4. John Varvatos Vintage Cologne

John Varvatos Vintage

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Vintage is a scent that makes you think of bygone times that you’ll surely miss. It changed the way people smelled about perfumes in the fall because it has a stunning romance that is meant to seduce.

Flowery notes like patchouli, lavender, juniper, pepper, wormwood, orris root, juniper berries, jasmine, and cinnamon make up its smell. All of these things make you a man whose smell is so well-behaved and whose presence lasts a long time, leaving a heavy trail behind him.

5. John Varvatos Artisan Eau de Toilette

Artisan by John Varvatos

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The Artisan by John Varvatos perfume came out in 2009 and has all the modernity that a perfume from this time should have. You will love it.

It has an unusual smell. It’s hard to take your pulse because it’s as free as the wind and smells like lavender, jasmine, amber, musk, and tangerine orange acid touch for winter. It also has a heavy trail that lasts a long time.

6. Nick Jonas JVxNJ Crimson Cologne

Nick Jonas JVxNJ Crimson 

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This time, we’re going to talk about Nick Jonas JVxNJ Crimson, a scent that is too sexual and makes women not want to say no when you walk by.

Bergamot, apple, coffee, lavender, amber, frankincense, patchouli, Madagascar vetiver, and moss are some of the notes that make it up.

To sum up, this is a smell for men that makes them feel good about themselves and has hints of trees that are perfect for summer. It also has a moderate smell and lasts a long time.

7. John Varvatos Artisan Blu

Artisan Blu by John Varvatos

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Artisan Blu, a cologne for men, is one of the newest scents and great for having fun with your friends this summer without giving up your style and class.

This scent has notes of bitter orange, pistachio, bergamot, pine, cedar, and clary sage. It makes you feel good all the time and in sync with the sun. You can enjoy it for how long it lasts and how hard the trail is.

8. John Varvatos Dark Rebel Rider

Dark Rebel Rider by John Varvatos

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This is the Dark Rebel Rider by John Varvatos perfume for guys who like to be very masculine. It’s perfect for when you need to show what a strong man you are.

Frankincense, cocoa, vanilla, patchouli, orris root, saffron, and hyssop are some of the other notes that it has. So, the smell is very dry and foresty because of all of this. It lasts a long time and doesn’t leave a strong aftertaste. This is a great perfume to show off your style.

9. John Varvatos Dark Rebel Eau de Toilette

Dark Rebel by John Varvatos

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This Dark Rebel perfume will take you to a calm place where you feel at ease. It has a lot of delicious notes with different smells, like tobacco, Virginia juniper, vanilla Mexican, abrótano sugar, rum, and pepper.

This mix makes you smell sweet and sour in different ways. Its shape makes it perfect for winter, but it doesn’t last long and leaves a mild trail.

10. John Varvatos Oud Eau de Toilette

Oud by John Varvatos

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Finally, we have John Varvatos’ Oud, which is his most basic scent and something to think about if you want to find peace within yourself. This scent is very natural, steady, and great for spring.

It has notes of oud wood, labdanum, incense, myrrh, leather, amber, tobacco, nutmeg, sage, and cypress. It doesn’t live very long, and its trail is about the same length.


The 10 best John Varvatos colognes for men provide maximum elegance in every environment. This is why these John Varvatos scents bring out his best for you and your surroundings.

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