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10 Best John Varvatos Perfumes For Men 2022

Best John Varvatos Perfumes For Men. Luxury is possible for all men who propose it. This was achieved by John Varvatos in 1999 when he started his perfume firm for that male audience who was eager to feel luxurious without giving up their preferred lifestyles. For this reason, we want to bring you to its most select range of perfumes in The 10 Best John Varvatos Colognes for Men, a collection from which you will not be able to detach since you intend to shine with luxuries and details.


10 Best John Varvatos Perfumes and Colognes For Men 2022


1. Nick Jonas JVxNJ Silver

Nick Jonas JVxNJ Silver

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A perfume that perfectly brings together in its bottle everything that has to do with being an irresistible man, with a lot of energy and maximum elegance is Nick Jonas JVxNJ Silver. This perfume always has all the young people behind him.

Its aroma is very energetic and is composed of notes of lemon, sandalwood, amber, geranium, green leaves, and also Calabrian bergamot, with which you will have your perfume for summer with long-lasting longevity and heavy trail.


2. John Varvatos Oud

John Varvatos 

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The classic par excellence of this brand and that has within itself all the masculinity and luxury that Ancient Greece loved above all else, this was launched in 2004 and contains a potent man scent.

Its notes are hay, styrax, herbal elements, oud wood, leather, tamarind, vanilla, and frankincense. You always mark the territory in winter with moderate longevity and wake so that you do not go overboard and know when to retire.


3. Artisan Pure by John Varvatos

Artisan Pure by John Varvatos

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A quite casual and very youthful perfume is the Artisan Pure by John Varvatos, which is relatively recent since it was launched in 2017; this belongs to the Citrus olfactory family for Men.

With some notes of petitgrain, orris root, amber, musk, bergamot, marjoram, and mandarin, its aroma becomes very fresh and full of youthful appearance for all those boys who want a perfume for spring. On the other hand, its longevity is moderate, and its trail is soft.


4. John Varvatos Vintage

John Varvatos Vintage

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Evoking times past and that are surely missed, comes Vintage, a fragrance that catapulted the perfumes that should be used in autumn, as it has a truly striking romanticism and given for seduction.

Its aroma is floral, composed of notes of patchouli, lavender, juniper, pepper, wormwood, orris root, juniper berries, jasmine, and cinnamon. All these make you a man who influences his scent so well mannered and has an enduring presence with his longevity and heavy in his wake.


5. Artisan by John Varvatos

Artisan by John Varvatos

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From 2009 comes the Artisan by John Varvatos, a fragrance that exposes all the modernism that a perfume launched in these times has to have and that you will love.

Its aroma is atypical. It is difficult to take your pulse because it is free as the wind and has notes of lavender, jasmine, amber, musk, and tangerine orange acid touch for the winter and that it has long-lasting longevity and a heavy trail.


6. Nick Jonas JVxNJ Crimson 

Nick Jonas JVxNJ Crimson 

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This time, we are talking about Nick Jonas JVxNJ Crimson, a fragrance characterized by being too sensual and under which no woman will resist you when you pass by.

It has a series of bergamot notes, apple, coffee, lavender, amber, frankincense, patchouli, Madagascar vetiver, and moss. In general, we are talking about a confident man scent and with touches of trees ideal for summer. It also boasts long-lasting longevity and a moderate scent.


7. Artisan Blu by John Varvatos

Artisan Blu by John Varvatos

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One of the freshest perfumes and perfect to have fun with your friends in summer without losing your style and class is Artisan Blu, a fragrance that has the olfactory family for Men.

Its notes of clary, patchouli, pine, cedar, pistachio, bergamot, lavender, basil, and bitter orange make you feel perfect for any time and in tune with the sun. You can enjoy it for its long-lasting longevity and with a cumbersome trail.


8. Dark Rebel Rider by John Varvatos

Dark Rebel Rider by John Varvatos

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Made for those men who enjoy a lot of masculinity, the Dark Rebel Rider by John Varvatos is that perfume for the moments when you have to impose yourself as the strong man that you are.

It also has notes of lily, osmanthus, frankincense, cocoa, vanilla, patchouli, orris root, saffron, and hyssop. All this makes the aroma given off very dry and with a lot of forests. Its longevity is very durable, and its trail is moderate, an ideal perfume to highlight your personality.


9. Dark Rebel by John Varvatos

Dark Rebel by John Varvatos

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If you want to transport yourself to a relaxed place and attached to your comfort zone, then this Dark Rebel is your perfume, especially because it has a series of very delicious notes with disparate aromas among which we find tobacco, Virginia juniper, vanilla Mexican, abrótano sugar, rum and pepper, this selection makes you perceive in different ways, between sweet and sour. Its imprint makes it ideal for winters, and its longevity is short, and its trail is moderate.


10. Oud by John Varvatos

Oud by John Varvatos

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We close with the Oud by John Varvatos, which is his most elemental fragrance and has reasons to keep it in mind when you want inner peace.

Its notes of oud wood, labdanum, incense, myrrh, leather, amber, tobacco, nutmeg, sage, and cypress make this perfume very natural as well as quite stable and perfect for spring. Its longevity is moderate, while its trail is similar.



The 10 Best John Varvatos Perfumes for Men 2022 offers the greatest possible luxury in every situation. For this reason, these John Varvatos colognes bring out the best of the designer for you and your environment.


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