How to See Your Instagram Wrapped Data

How to See Your Instagram Wrapped Data

Instagram Wrapped is a unique tool that lets users see everything about their accounts. Wrapped is linked to the popular music streaming service Spotify for the list of most played songs and most streamed artists.

Users of Instagram Wrap will get personalized posts, account insights, and more interaction on the platform. Reels Wrap was a feature on Instagram that let people share their best moments from last year.

But Instagram didn’t add any other features for accounts, follower information, or page views. Users can get specific analytics, such as reach, views, and revenue, with the Business Accounts.

Normal Instagram users, on the other hand, can’t get reports of their friends, reach, blocks, or other information.

With a regular Instagram ID, users can’t get statistics. Because of this, they have to use outside apps to connect to their Instagram accounts.

How Instagram Wrapped Works

Instagram Wrapped is not an official Instagram feature. It is a third-party app made by Wrapped Labs, a company that makes tools for social media sites that analyze and display data.

Before users can use Instagram Wrapped, they need to get their Instagram data exported.

To do this, go to their profile, tap the menu icon, choose Settings, then Security, then Download Your Information, and ask for a copy of their information.

Instagram will send users an email with a link to a zip file where they can save their info.

Once users have downloaded their export data, they need to bring it into Wrapped.

To do this, they can open the app, tap on Import Data, and then choose the zip file from their phone.

After that, the app will look at the information and make a report of the user’s Instagram history and behavior for the past year.

After making changes to their report, users can share it on Instagram Story or save it to their camera roll.

Instagram Wrapped App Features

In 2023, the tool shows you six different things about your Instagram account:

  • How many hours did you spend on Instagram in 2023
  • Your best friends in 2023
  • How many people blocked you in 2023
  • How many fans do you have and what percentage of them are men and women
  • What number of people copied your posts?
  • The most people who looked at your picture

Is Instagram Wrapped Real

Instagram Wrapped has nothing to do with Meta’s work on Instagram, so it’s not real. But there are a lot of outside wrap apps that can help players get Instagram effects.

One of the apps is IG Wrap, which can only be used on iOS devices right now. Like TikTok, the app promises to give users information, such as lost followers and profile views.

The app also lets users know who their best friends are, what their top stories are to get more likes quickly, and who is screenshotting posts and texts.

IG Wrap also gives you access to new analytics, detailed data, and account records every week. People can also subscribe to Instagram Wrapped Diamond to learn more about the account.

Many users, though, say that the app doesn’t have the same features and that the numbers are wrong.

Is Instagram Wrapped Scam

The Instagram Wrapped (IG Wrap) app has been downloaded a lot of times, but users haven’t been pleased with it. A little less than 2.1 stars out of 5 from about 270 people rate IG wrap.

There are a lot of unhappy users of the app in the review section and on famous forums like Reddit.

Instagram Wrapped says that it protects app privacy by not collecting or using any user data. Some users, though, say the app is collecting data without their knowledge and that their account settings have been changed.

Also, the information on images, block lists, and the number changes from time to time. One of the users also said that an unknown person got into their account. This proves that Instagram Wrap gives out fake information, and users run the chance of losing their accounts.

How to Get Your Instagram Wrapped in 2023

  • Got to IGWrapped App
  • Start the app and link your Instagram account.
  • Then it will say “Putting together your Wrapped.”
  • Your Instagram Wrapped will show up after a short time.
  • You can move through your highlight reel by tapping the screen.
  • To share it on social media, tap “Share.”
  • The Instagram Wrapped app can only be found on iOS right now.

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