Best Katy Perry Perfumes for Women

7 Best Katy Perry Perfumes for Women

It appears that the fashion industry is increasingly surrendering to music artists who decide to try their luck in the progressively closed perfume market. These artists were able to fit perfectly in this medium thanks to their fame but also because of the quality of the fragrances they selected.

There are several examples, e.g., Katy Perry and her line of colognes for women, as featured in The 7 Best Katy Perry Perfumes for Women, but let us let you decide based on your own experience.

Best Katy Perry Perfumes For Women

1. Killer Queen By Katy Perry

Killer Queen - Katy Perry

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Taking inspiration from a Queen song, Killer Queen opens this list. A perfume that will open up a dark part of you so that you can be dazzled by another approach. This perfume is exactly what defines perfumes as mystery. The perfume is characterized by notes of dark plum, wild berries, and patchouli.

In addition, this is an incredibly powerful fragrance, with a strong trail and longevity. No doubt, it will be the best choice for girls who like the dark style, something that will surely attract the attention of those around them.

2. Meow By Katy Perry

Meow - Katy Perry

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Meow by Katy Perry stands out as a perfume that can give any look a cat-like appeal, because it is not just for women who can identify with one style, but with a variety of facets to suit almost any look.

It has notes of lily, jasmine, tangerine, and pear, very citrusy in its composition, and will give you moderate longevity, along with a smooth trail, which make it the perfect summer scent.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity, as this perfume becomes perfect for all clothes you want.

3. Katy Perry’s Indi By Katy Perry

Katy Perry's Indi – Katy Perry

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In third place, Katy Perry’s Indi takes the crown. Suppose you want to make a perfect description of this perfume. In that case, you must mention that it is one of the most exclusive of the entire selected range of Katy Perry. It allows you to easily rub elbows with the high society or opportunities of greater social importance.

White tea, plum, or bergamot are ideal for winter since they combine well. Likewise, its fair composition is notable for giving you moderation in your longevity and alertness, allowing you not to bother anyone with its fragrance. However, it’s not necessary since it offers a lot of good perception.

4. Mad Potion By Katy Perry


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Katy Perry’s Mad Potion, one of her most outstanding perfume lines, is that, with a perfume like this, high vibrations are just around the corner, you’ll feel as if you’re actually on stage, much of what Katy Perry enjoys on stage can be found in this scent.

If you’re looking for a scent that will get you on the move, this one has notes of orchid, jasmine, and vanilla, all tightly woven to create a strong longevity and heavy trail that belongs to summer.

5. Royal Revolution By Katy Perry

Royal Revolution – Katy Perry

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This fifth place is dedicated to Katy Perry’s Royal Revolution, a fragrance that will definitely make you live every situation as if it were the first time it was happening.

Additionally, the combination of jasmine, orange blossom, and wood notes made this possible.

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In spite of that, new perceptions of this fragrance are due to its gentle awakening and longevity, most importantly so that you can use it constantly, creating a strong magnetic field around you.

6. Katy Perry’s Mad Love By Katy Perry

Katy Perry's Mad Potion - Katy Perry

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Let’s come to the end by talking about Katy Perry’s Mad Love, a perfume that will make you fall in love at first sight. In this way, you will feel very comfortable and, at the same time, sweet so that you can involve everyone who is willing to surrender to your love with your inner love.

However, we cannot forget to mention its combination of red apple, strawberry, and grapefruit, certainly, an unusual way to attract love for its fruits as well as a citrus feeling, but boy, it worked and more when it comes to moderate longevity and also waking up, bringing the summer to life with a scent.

7. Purr By Katy Perry

Purr - Katy Perry

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Purr, which was one of the biggest surprises of 2010, got us to the last spot. It was praised for its perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, making women a being that radiates great achievements and perspectives and vibrates, with great reviews.

It is particularly suitable for autumn since it contains mainly floral notes and acidic fruits with restraint contained in its longevity and alertness.


It is difficult to describe The 7 Best Katy Perry Perfumes for Women without describing them in terms of modernity, feminism, and mystery. This singer has no perfume that does not include his characteristics; therefore, they also have a great deal of energy to give to the public. It is important to know that you will be able to offer people around you a great fragrance with each of these seven components.

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