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10 Best Tous Perfumes For Women in 2022

Best Tous Perfumes For Women. Spanish fashion is characterized by a lot of flavors and also very sensual elements to highlight everything that has to do with the attractiveness of women and men. Since 1920, Tous has accompanied Spanish women and women from all over the world with his perfume line.

These are heavily influenced by the culture of this country, but likewise, add elements from other cultures. If you like colognes that touch your soul, we present The 10 Best Tous Perfumes For Women in 2021 that will unleash the real beauty inside you.


10 Best Tous Perfumes For Women 2022


10. H2O by Tous

We bring you ToO H2O, this perfume is characterized by being very influenced by the environment, finding notes of lemon, lavender, rose and jasmine in the interior that will make you feel very natural and very fresh in every environment.

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Likewise, her designer Sonia Constant has provided her fragrance with a lot of restraint to accompany the environment she seeks to recreate for you all the time. This perfume is ideal especially for the summer season due to its freshness.


9. Rosa by Tous

Rosa is a very important perfume within this company, born in 2013, made for the full respect of women. That’s right, with this you will always feel very good about yourself because it will evoke other people to feel admired by you, it is a perfume that you should be careful with and take only the most special moments.

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Its notes are May rose, raspberry, musk, and vanilla, in addition to having very long duration and a huge track, perfect for any time of year, success never has a time or date of departure or entry.


8. Neon Candy by Tous

Neon Candy by Tous is a very ideal fragrance for you, for that irreverent woman who searches cities with lots of light at every glance and perception. This is one of those perfumes that only women who have a lot of willpower can use to make their biggest dreams come true without the need for company.

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This perfume was made from notes of bergamot, tangerine, and pepper, for that touch of irreverence and malice that is sustained by moderate longevity and wake up, a perfect scent for the summer, due to its constitution that borders the tropical.


7. Violet by Tous

Violet by Tous perfume is always included in the lists of greater selectivity, as it provides a great feeling of a first-world woman, those who can reach everything they can. if you propose to do it, no doubt will give you great pride and self-confidence.

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It is made of notes of coriander, musk, violet, and rose with long lasting longevity and trail that will also give you a lot of presence. Especially in autumn


6. Bonjour Señorita by Tous

Bonjour Señorita has been a fragrance designed for the holidays, with a very tropical, very beachy scent. This perfume launched in 2017 and designed by Nathalie Lorson shows notes of coconut, guava, jasmine tea, and exotic woods that really transport you to a paradise island in the middle of a big party when you take it to any vacation spot that everyone notices you your great party attitude.

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Thanks to these characteristics, Bonjour Señorita has very strong longevity and moderate wakefulness. Summer is totally ideal for this fragrance, due to its notes designed for beach holidays.


5. Gems Power by Tous

Place three belongs entirely to Gems Power of Tous, this has been one of Tous’s favorite colognes by women, as it offers a great energy combination fully proportional to exotic fruit notes such as tangerine or orange, adding also white musk or grapefruit.

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This is, without a doubt, one of the best colognes for autumn, as it will bring a lot of energy at a time when the lack of energy could take its toll. Thanks to its long-lasting longevity and alertness, you’ll always be on the go and excited to do what you want.


4. Your Moments by Tous

Your moments can evoke in you many good vibes for everything in your bottle, this cologne always highlights your individual value all the time, it is given so that you never stop so that no one stops you and the words are blown by the wind.

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It’s a perfect perfume, created with notes of mandarin orange, patchouli, or white musk to give you extra mobility. At the same time, it includes lasting longevity and a huge trail, so no one forgets you in that springtime period when your eyes look for anything that attracts attention like you.


3. Happy Moments by Tous

Many good feelings are those that Tous’ Happy Moments have to offer, one of the Spanish company’s most popular perfumes. This has to offer you an excellent spring, as its fragrance will make you fulfill all your desires, ideal at a time when everything is born intensely desired.

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Its notes of daisy, orchid, and popcorn are perfect for you to feel very safe carrying out any proposed plan, besides having moderate longevity and its trail, perfect not to disturb you.


2. Floral Touch by Tous

The second position is perfect for Tous’s floral touch, this cologne has given a lot of talk, as it is possibly the most feminine of this company launched in its history. This gave you a great power of attraction, along with a sensuality that will give you a power that, with one look, will be enough to surprise someone.

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Designed by Sophie Labbe with notes of violet, tuberose, wild strawberry, and amber, along with lasting longevity and a huge trail, perfect for winter, you will break the coldness of the most stoic person.


1. Tous by Tous

A simple word, Tous, this cologne was designed to bring together everything the company has always proposed for women. This is how this fragrance, made with notes of coriander, bergamot, and jasmine, will provide infinite sensations, such as sensuality and leadership in equal parts, taking you to places that other perfumes would never give.

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Thanks to its moderation in longevity and wakefulness, this perfume never leaves its place, perfect for any time of year.


Final considerations

You can’t miss the Tous perfume for her shown above, it really is a golden opportunity, as they identify women as the most important thing on this planet, as the lifeblood for achieving any success. Ideal especially for all women who want to stand out, but, in the best possible way, each cologne analyzed here contains these values.

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