Best Lacoste Colognes for Men

12 Best Lacoste Colognes for Men

Lacoste, a fashion brand from France, has been in the market for a long time. The Lacoste fashion house created many incredible colognes for men, but which one is the best?

With its iconic green crocodile logo, Lacoste House is a huge fashion brand that everyone recognizes. It was founded in 1933 by Rene Lacoste and Andre Housing. Originally, Lacoste developed tennis equipment. Lacoste’s famous white polo has become a staple in the world, and they expanded in 1980.

They started with sunglasses but released their first fragrance in 1984. Due to their sporting history, they are primarily known for their fresh sports perfumes. Since 1984, the company has released over 50 different colognes. The following are some of the best Lacoste colognes for men. Let’s take a closer look at them now.

12 Best Lacoste Colognes for Men

1. Lacoste Pour Homme Eau de Toilette for Men

Lacoste Pour Homme Eau de Toilette for Men

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With a wonderful open fruity scent, this perfume creates a fresh and slightly sweet smell. With the opening of the perfume, a warm spice scent appears, which compliments the opening scent.

As it begins to dry, its hue becomes slightly intoxicating, accompanied by creamy vanilla notes. It has a warm and fruity fragrance that is generally fantastic. Top notes in Lacoste Pour Homme include bergamot, apple, plum, and grapefruit; middle notes consist of cardamom, juniper, pink pepper, and cinnamon; and base notes consist of rum, vanilla, musk, cedar, sandalwood, and labdanum.

During the transition seasons, when the weather is not too cold or too hot, Lacoste Pour Homme is best suited. It has a wonderfully balanced aroma of fresh fruit and warm spices. This perfume is ideal for everyday wear during this time.

2. Lacoste L12.12 Blanc Eau de Toilette for Men

Lacoste L12.12 Blanc Eau de Toilette for Men

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There is something wonderful about this fragrance, and it opens with a true grapefruit scent with a light floral note. The white floral note becomes more prominent as the scent opens, giving the smell a very creative and inspiring feel.

The yellow floral note takes over at this point, making this perfume even more interesting to smell. When dried, the perfume becomes warmer but still retains its fresh scent of flowers and citrus.

The top notes of Lacoste L12.12 Blanc are grapefruit, cardamom, and rosemary. The middle notes are tuberose and ylang-ylang. The base notes are vetiver, suede, leather, and cedar.

During the spring and summer, Lacoste L12.12 Blanc will provide you with its fresh scent. In the warm season, it is ideal for everyday wear. It will also fit well into the working environment. They are easy to wear, so they are an excellent choice for virtually any occasion.

3. Lacoste l’Homme Lacoste Eau de Toilette for Men

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The Lacoste l’Homme offers a bright, fruity, and citrus scent that is complemented by rhubarb, which lends an unusual sweetness to the perfume.

As soon as this fragrance is opened, ginger is introduced, giving it a spicy hue. As the fragrance dries, it becomes warm and even slightly woody.

Top notes include rhubarb, quince, sweet orange, and mandarin, middle notes include almond, jasmine, ginger, and black pepper, and base notes include musk, vanilla, amber, cedar, and woody notes.

A great choice for both warm as well as cool weather, this scent of cologne is well suited for spring, summer, and autumn.

This perfume is perfect for dating because its scent is seductive. It is quite simple and versatile, and therefore, it would be ideal for men and boys.

4. Lacoste L! Ve Eau de Toilette for Men

Lacoste L! Ve Eau de Toilette for Men

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Cologne L! Ve from Lacoste has a hint of lime that quickly turns into green notes and a watery shade that creates a pleasing and fresh fragrance.

Eventually, licorice and guaiac wood notes are added, giving the perfume an almost woody scent. However, the fragrance is still fresh and light. The top note is Lacoste Ve-lime. Middle notes: watery notes and green notes. The basic note is sweet.

The Lacoste L! Ve scented perfumes are great for summer or spring days. They have a wonderful scent of green and watery notes. Since tobacco is used when drying, it can be used with a variety of outfits.

5. Lacoste L12.12 Magnetic Eau de Lacoste

Lacoste L12.12 Magnetic Eau de Lacoste

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Known for its fresh and pleasing fragrance, Lacoste L12.12 Magnetic opens with fresh notes of flowers, and in the background, there is a woody note. The scent then becomes calm as a note of tea appears.

A rich and aromatic scent of fresh wood emerges from this moment onwards. Lacoste L12.12 Magnetic starts with juniper, bamboo, and artemisia, followed by tea, violet, and geranium.

In the spring, autumn, and summer, Lacoste L12.12 Magnetic makes for an excellent fragrance for men. L12.12 Magnetic’s fresh scent is perfect during the warm months, but it can also be worn on cooler days with notes of dry wood. You can wear this perfume carelessly both at the gym and in the office during these months.

6. Lacoste L12.12 Noir Pour Eau de Toilette for Men

Lacoste L12.12 Noir Pour Eau de Toilette for Men

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Upon opening, this fragrance offers a watery scent of watermelon, creating an airy and fruity environment. Sometime after opening, floral and herbal notes are added to create a fresh sensation.

In the drying process, a faint, sweet scent begins to emerge, but thanks to the watermelon notes, it isn’t too strong. From now on, the perfume doesn’t change much, leaving you with a light, simple scent of creamy fruit and flowers. In Lacoste L12.12 Noir, watermelon is the top note, lavender, verbena, basil is the middle note, and patchouli, coumarin, cashmere, and dark chocolate is the base note.

Despite its light smell, Lacoste L12.12 Noir is suitable for wearing throughout the year. Although it is best to wear it during the day, it is also recommended to wear it at night in spring and summer.

7. Lacoste l’Homme Intense Eau de Toilette for Men

Lacoste l'Homme Intense Eau de Toilette for Men

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The Lacoste Intense is a fresh, spicy, fruity fragrance that opens with a hint of sourness tempered by rhubarb notes and ginger. As the scent develops, citruses give way to vanilla, but the scent itself remains fruity and fresh due to the presence of rhubarb and ginger.

Top notes include lime, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, quince, and rhubarb. Middle notes include almonds, jasmine, pineapple, black pepper, and ginger. Base notes include amber, musk, cypress oil, akigalo wood, vanilla, and cedar.

Lacoste l’Homme Lacoste Intense is an incredible perfume that men can use in the warm and cold seasons. Despite its slightly cool and warm temperature, this fragrance is a great choice for any occasion. It has a wonderfully fresh fruit scent and creamy vanilla scent.

8. Lacoste Essential Eau de Toilette for Men

Lacoste Essential Eau de Toilette for Men

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Lacoste Essential smells wonderfully fresh and green with notes of tomato leaves that instantly create a fresh, green scent, supported by notes of citrus that leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Occasionally, spicy notes are added after opening, giving it a bit of sharpness, which makes it more interesting to smell. When it dries, you begin to detect woody notes. The top notes of Lacoste Essential are tangerine, tomato leaves, bergamot, and cassia. The middle notes are rose and pepper. Patchouli and sandalwood make up the base notes.

Suitable for use in spring and summer, Lacoste Essential is a men’s perfume. In the warm season, it will give you a refreshing and invigorating scent that you will use when you need to go somewhere. It has an incredibly fresh scent that works well at high temperatures. You can wear them to a meeting with friends or the office if you need to feel fresh.

9. Lacoste Challenge Eau de Toilette for Men

Lacoste Challenge Eau de Toilette for Men

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There is an initial fresh and bright scent of lemon and bergamot, which sets the tone for the rest of the perfumes. Soon after the first whiff, a fruity hue of fresh mandarin is added, which gives the perfume an unexpected spice.

It is only after a few moments that a fresh and spicy smell of ginger emerges, which gives the perfume its freshness. Once you reach this point, the scent of the perfume doesn’t change anymore, leaving you with a fresh citrus fragrance.

In the top notes of the Lacoste Challenge are bergamot, lemon, and mandarin. In the middle, violet leaves, lavender, and ginger are present. Teak wood and ebony make up the base notes.

With its citrus and spicy ginger scent, Lacoste Challenge is the perfect fragrance for cool days when you want a refreshing scent.

In addition to their wonderful aroma, these perfumes will also delight you with their affordability. These perfumes are great for work and the office on account of their freshness and harmless smell.

10. Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge Pour Lui Eau de Lacoste

Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge Pour Lui Eau de Lacoste

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Rouge Pour Lui is a tropical fragrance that opens with a sweet and juicy aroma of mango, supported by an interesting note of rooibos tea. Shortly after opening, some spices appear, giving a spicy hue to the fragrance.

It is common for these perfumes to have a fruity and tropical scent when dry and with the addition of resinous and woody notes. Lacoste L12.12 Rouge has top notes of mango, rooibos tea, and mandarin, middle notes of pepper, cardamom, and ginger, and base notes of benzoin, black locust, and woody notes.

Lacoste L12.12 Rouge has a tropical scent. You can use these perfumes whenever you like during the warm season. Although they are sweet, they work best in the warm months. It is not that these perfumes smell particularly unique, but this is exactly what makes them work well every day.

11. Lacoste Essential Sport Eau de Toilette For Men

Lacoste Essential Sport Eau de Toilette For Men

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With a fresh and safe scent, Lacoste Essential Sport is an excellent perfume for men. A bouquet of citruses opens, creating a clean, fresh smell. Soon after opening, a spicy note is added to it, giving these perfumes a spicy edge. These perfumes are made even fresher by combining ginger with floral notes.

The top notes of Lacoste Essential Sport are grapefruit, bergamot, and ginger. Middle notes are geranium, nutmeg, juniper, and watery notes. Base notes are patchouli, musk, and vetiver.

A wonderful, universal men’s perfume from Lacoste, Essential Sport is a perfume with a refreshing scent that is best used outdoors during the summer months. It is also an excellent option for working with its fresh, clean scent.

12. Lacoste Red (Style In Play) for Men

Lacoste Red (Style In Play) for Men

A sporty and light fragrance for men, Lacoste Red Style In Play opens with a fruity smell of apples with a pleasant freshness. Soon after opening, floral notes come into play and bring a more delicate scent to the mix.

As it dries, a pure musk aroma enters, as well as a pleasant, green, vetiver odor. The notes of Lacoste Red Style In Play include greenwood and thuja at the top, cedar, jasmine, and pine at the middle, and white musk, vetiver, and patchouli at the base.

In warm weather, Lacoste Red Style In Play cologne gives off a fruity and floral scent that can be worn almost anywhere. This fragrance is perfect for the gym, everyday use, and business trips.

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