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10 Best Havaianas Kids Slippers of 2022

Best Havaianas Slippers & Flip-Flops for Kids. Havaianas flip flops are known and used in many places, especially here in the USA. The brand has gained fame over time and lately it is difficult to find someone who does not have a Havaianas sandal for leisure. And the little ones are not left out of this!

With a wide variety of styles and prints, children can enjoy the comfort and style of this type of footwear. With our article, learn how to choose the best model and find out which are the 10 best Havaianas Kids slippers on the market!

Havaianas offers quality and care so that children have safe and comfortable slippers. The brand also has a diversity of models with varied styles and colors, and here are the top 10 Havaianas kids slippers, loved by the public and well-evaluated!


10 Best Havaianas Kids Slippers of 2022


  1. Havaianas Kids Flores Flip Flop

Print of Flowers and Metallic Strip

For children who love the delicacy of the flowers and the beauty of the gardens, Havaianas offers a sandal model with 5 different color prints. The Kids Flores collection is a great option for those who prefer more romantic and, at the same time, modern prints.

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An interesting detail of this model is that its strips have a metallic color, which draws even more attention when paved. They are of the monochromatic type, which means that each model has a single color strip and that the logo written on them does not stand out.


  1. Havaianas Kids Top Marie Flip Flop

The Elegance and Cuteness of Kitty Marie

The kitten Marie appears in the Disney children’s drawing Aristogatas, and in it, we can see her romantic side. It is no coincidence that the character has become a symbol of cuteness around the world and won an exclusive collection of children’s Havaianas flip-flops. 4 different designs are showing the kitten.

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Its strip is monochromatic and, in some of the designs, it is also metallic. The Havaianas logo on the strip is not highlighted, maintaining greater discretion in this regard. But, the sole features beautiful and colorful images of the charismatic character and is available in discreet pastel tones.


  1. Havaianas Minions Flip Flops

Minion Fun in 4 Models from the Collection

The Minions appeared in the design Despicable Me, but were so successful that they ended up having even one of their own! There is no doubt that they are pure fun, even if they say nothing with anything and depending only on gestures. The Kids Minions collection offers 4 models with characters.

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Havaiana Minions has rubber soles, like all models,  and is non-slip, ensuring that the child has fun without the risk of slipping. Its strip is of regular thickness and has a contrasting logo, which means that it has a different color and stands out in the visual.


  1. Havaianas Mario Bros Flip Flop

Unraveling the World of Super Mario Bros

Super Mario appeared in video games and today is the most well-known character at Nintendo. Now he and his gang also come to life in Havaianas Mario Bros and their 6 different patterns with different colors and characters like Princess Peach and Mario’s brother, Luigi.

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They are flexible slippers with rubberized, non-slip soles and are also very colorful and with fun designs. The strip is of traditional thickness and mono-color, however, the logo is contrasting, which means that it has a different color from the strip and stands out.


  1. Havaianas Kids Cars Flip Flops

The Emotion and Speed ​​of Cars at the Feet of the Little

Disney’s Cars design is another hit among the kids. Its main character is  Lightning McQueen, a brave and friendly red car. It is he who heads the Kids Cars collection from Havaianas and is present in the 4 models with their highlighted color.

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This children’s Havaianas flip-flop has a red sole, highlighting the character’s eyes. The strip is monochromatic, all in black, and even the logo is in that color, without any visual highlight and being more discreet. Ready to keep your child always active!


  1. Havaianas Slim Pets Slipper

Delicate Template for Kids Who Love Animals

For affectionate children who are passionate about animals, the Havaianas Slim Pets slipper is a great choice. It brings different prints with pets like dogs and cats, all very cute in fun situations and of different races and appearances.

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Like all brand sandals, it has a non-slip rubber sole, it is comfortable and safe. Its strip is Slim, a little thinner than the traditional one, bringing more delicacy in use, and monocular. The logo and the strip are the same color, so it does not stand out, forming a more discreet look.


  1. Havaianas Top Disney Slipper

Mickey Mouse’s Magical World on His Feet

Disney characters are also present in children’s Hawaiian slippers! Discover the magical world of Mickey and Minnie in this incredible Top Disney collection that comes with 9 different models and up to 4 incredible colors: red, green, purple, or pink. That is, several options!

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In this collection, who has more than 1 pair, can even use one foot of each and innovate, uniting the characters. The model has the mono-color strip and the entire slipper has two predominant colors, blue and red. The sole is rubber and non-slip, like all models of the brand.


3. Havaianas Kids Slim Princess Ariel Flip Flop

Delicate, Transparent, and Glitter Strips

Disney princesses also get an exclusive and beautiful collection at Havaianas. There are a total of 7 models, each showing a different princess, so the child can choose his favorite! Among them are Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Snow White.

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This collection features thinner strips, called Slim. Her coloring is transparent, giving a touch of beauty and she still has glitter so that the feet of the little ones can shine even more! The logo comes in white, contrasting with the color of the strip and being highlighted.


  1. Havaianas Kids Max Heroes Batman Slipper

Wide Straps for More Comfort and Safety

Kids love superheroes, so characters like Batman and Superman are among the most popular with little ones. The Max Heróis collection from Havaianas features models in honor of the characters, each bringing the characteristic colors of each one.

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The Gotham model features the darker colors of Batman, the hero who hides in the shadows and attacks criminals. It is a collection that brings wide straps, which become more comfortable and help to hold the foot even better in the sandal. There are altogether 4 different models to choose from by clicking on the links.


  1. Havaianas 4 Nite Flip Flops

Futuristic Theme and Glowing in the Dark Technology

What child would not like a children’s Havaianas flip-flop that glows in the dark, right? This is precisely the differential of the 4 Nite collection. It brings very diverse prints with the theme of science fiction, all with a more futuristic footprint, which makes the effect even cooler.

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To shine in the dark, it absorbs light during the day, so the brighter the day, or if it’s in the sun, it shines, even more, when it’s in a dark place. Its strip has the traditional thickness and has a contrasting logo, which stands out with a different color. Guarantee yours on the links!



Havaianas flip flops have conquered the United States and many other countries for being stylish, beautiful, comfortable, safe, and a great choice for children. In addition to the funny looks, they have non-slip soles, also leave no smell, and are flexible.

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