Best Sports Perfume Brands for Athletes

5 Best Sports Perfume Brands for Athletes

A company that manufactures professional and semi-professional sports equipment at a certain stage of its development begins to offer related products to its fans. Electronic gadgets, water bottles, cosmetics – this isn’t a complete list of what’s in demand. The perfume direction was not left out.

Most flavors that are offered to sports enthusiasts are designed to be used directly during training sessions. They are lighter, with a reduced alcohol content, open relatively quickly, and do not have wide sillage or intrusive active notes. We get to know the most exciting perfumes of the leading companies in sportswear, shoes, and accessories in this article.

5 Best Sports Perfume Brands for Athletes

1. Puma


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Its beginnings are in the world of professional sports, but its end is a lifestyle focused on health, movement, and competition, founded in the middle of the last century in Germany.

Originally released in 2002, Man Puma combines invigorating and refreshing watermelon and citrus notes with cedarwood and juicy pineapple notes for a luxurious scent.

There’s a lot of apple-peach fun in Woman Puma for women, which is bright, tangy, and delicate. In total, the brand offers more than 40 different compositions, simple, but not cheap, and great both for sports and for those days when you want to take a break from the “heavy olfactory artillery”.

2. Adidas

Adidas victory league

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There is a lot of history between Adidas and Puma, and the two firms are quite close competitors to some extent. Adidas perfumes, however, are developing differently. Re-releasing already existing perfumes is not practiced – a new perfume offer is forming, and the company strives to keep up with modern life’s pace.

As an additional feature, almost every perfume is accompanied by additional products – shaving balm, body gel, deodorant, etc. Since the company has a reasonable price, it can offer sets of perfumes and cosmetics, which is quite convenient, since the company does not only offer solo fragrances.

In addition to Adidas Culture of Sports, Adidas Originals, Emotions in Motion, and UEFA Champions League, Adidas perfumes are also released as collections. As you can see from their individual names, fragrances can be created for specific sporting events sponsored by the company, and this saves money on advertising.

Adidas perfumes are great for fitness, as well as for everyday use, and some releases may be of interest to perfume collectors. Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott’s (2015) unisex citrus Fougere, for example, has a great pyramid and a beautiful design vial.

3. Lacoste


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It has always been regarded as a sign of aristocracy to play tennis, golf, and sail. In 1968, Lacoste began selling clothing, shoes, and accessories for these sports. The first perfumes with the brand name crocodile appeared on packaging. It began as a sports clothing company, but has now evolved into a casual urban clothing brand.

It is the same with fragrances: despite the discreet and laconic design of the bottles, which fits perfectly with the sports theme, the contents are intended for casual looks, and sometimes even special occasions.

Lacoste perfumes for women are generally much more expensive than those of other sports brands due to the involvement of renowned perfumers such as Olivier Cresp, Annick Menardo, and Olivier Pesho in designing the pyramids.

4. Iceberg


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There is more to this company than just sports – it also sells clothing, footwear, and accessories for fitness and street fashion. Most of the perfumes offered by this Italian company can easily be described as invigorating, moving, and youthful. The perfume bottles are solid but do not have an overly complicated design.

Nevertheless, sometimes they are presented quite attractively, such as in knitted sweaters, as in the Iceberg Since 1974 collection. In a word, icebergs are fragrances for young and dynamic people.

5. Sergio Tacchini

Sergio Tacchini

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There are some similarities between the history of Sergio Tacchini and Lacoste: the company was founded by a former tennis player, the main focus of the company was elite sports, and the product range developed further into clothing for sports fans, outdoor activities, and street subcultures.

Branded perfumery was a natural development. Sergio Tacchini perfumes are associated with youth, activity, sports, and health. In support of their worthy level, I would like to draw attention to the following historical fact. The brand has a number of perfume compositions with its logo.

In the 1980s, football fans of English clubs used Sergio Tacchini’s clothes to identify each other in crowds, even though the clothes were not conspicuous to police.

As we get to know this brand’s fragrances, we find that they are simple and linear, but in the beginning, they are noble and elegant. A great result for a relatively low price, isn’t it?

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