Best Lacoste Perfumes For Women

8 Best Lacoste Perfumes For Women

As it used to be, female perfumes were associated only with elegance and sweet moments and in the company of chic, but that changed in the 1980s when the signature of the crocodile was introduced. Since we are referring to Lacoste, let’s take a closer look at its history and its most distinctive aromas.

Among other things, it was in 1984 when Lacoste’s first perfumes hit the market for the first time, and boy, did they break the mold because they were among the first to incorporate a sporty totality into chords worn by women without losing their elegance and beauty in the process.

We have listed 8 Best Lacoste Perfumes For Women that you need to see so that you can find the perfect fragrance for you.

It was Lacoste perfumes that were characterized by citrus, freshness, and fruit from their first contact with the girls during a decade filled with change, and that was the thing that gave it its impetus so that decades later, they still carry the same unique style, but with freshness and competitiveness.

The Top 8 Best Lacoste Perfumes For Women

1. Lacoste Touch of Pink Eau de Toilette

Best Lacoste Perfume For Women

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Touch Of Pink is within the famous Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women, and through Domitille, Michalon Bertier found its best moment to be introduced to the public in 2004.

Among Lacoste’s women’s perfumes, this one is widely regarded as the citrusiest and powderiest, and its citrusyness and powderiness are evident not only in its main chords, which are in positions one and two. Several of its ingredients are very similar to these sensations, including orange, peach, blood orange, violet leaves, and vanilla.

Touch Of Pink has a sweet, warm aroma, making it a favorite fragrance for both spring and winter. A lot of this is due to the fact that musk or jasmine are included in a total base that does not lack brightness in any way because it strikes a perfect balance. Another matter is its durability, becoming very durable and having a moderate sillage if handled properly.

2. Lacoste L.12.12 Rose Eau de Parfum

Best Lacoste Perfume For Her

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There are many advantages to Lacoste perfumes, including fragrances within the Floral Fruity, olfactory family for women; this is the case with the L.12.12 Eau de Parfum Rose For Her, a name that is as long as everything it is has to give this aroma so much character of the French company.

We realize that the chords of this perfume, which can be quite enigmatizing because of its abundance of flowers and fruits in its ingredients, are dominated by roses, musk, and a little citrus, and with a very summery aroma, like tropical moments that should be lived to the fullest, and that is its life motto as clear as it is powerful.

Despite its few notes, it positions itself in its top notes with bitter green mandarin and mint, ultimately delivering a fresh, tropical, and citric experience.

Roses dominate her heart, resulting in a very feminine, sweet, long-lasting fragrance with musk to close. Perfume for summer: this has moderate longevity but a heavy sillage.

3. Lacoste Pour Femme Eau de Parfum

Best Lacoste Fragrance For Ladies

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One of Lacoste’s most acclaimed fragrances, Femme, is a simple, sensual fragrance that does not have to be heavy or overly enveloping. Olivier Cresp has focused on this throughout the entire design process. It was launched in 2003 and is characterized by its simplicity and its fresh air-enveloping effect.

Within the Floral Musk for Women olfactory family, Femme has a series of the most complete chords that will make you feel in tune with nature and sweetness alike. In addition to flowers, talc, wood, freshness, and even leather, this scent is quite dry and fades quickly from the skin, but it is not so on the nose due to its long-lasting longevity and heavy sillage.

In its notes, we find pepper, apple, jasmine, incense, sandalwood, and suede, which all explain very well the smoke that you will feel when using it, and that is very important to wear during the winter.

The result is a modern perfume that even has some fresh moments because notes like violet and heliotrope, with their characteristic floral touch, create a sense of vitality.

4. Lacoste Eau De L.12.12 Pour Lui Magnetic

Lacoste Eau De L.12.12 Pour Lui Magnetic

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Lacoste’s L.12.12 series once again produces a very irresistible perfume, if not the most dominant within Lacoste in this regard. It was launched in 2013 and showed that the series can produce widely different scents.

The Pour Elle Magnetic perfume, as it is known in its chords, has a delightfully sweet base, full of vanilla along with fruits and a bit of tropical, which is why it is perfect to wear during the summer.

The top, heart, and base notes of these fragrances feature divine ingredients like mango, vanilla, and violet, but above all, they are feminine and classy. Also, it shines a lot in its counterpart with orange, jasmine, and tonka bean to give it that sexy, citrusy, and fresh vibe that every Lacoste scent must have.

Its longevity is moderate, but its sillage is very heavy and reveals right away an aroma reminiscent of the tropical and Caribbean, as only Lacoste can handle.

5. Lacoste L.12.12 Eau Fraiche

Lacoste L.12.12 Eau Fraiche

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In 2015, the Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Eau Fraiche entered the advertising industry with great force, and by 2015, it achieved a place among the outstanding scents of spring. Romance comes in all its forms and expressions through the Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Eau Fraiche, another exception to the rule. Despite its characteristics, it still has the same effect on women today.

Throughout the pink and feminine bottle, we find notes that are aimed at women who are passionate about love and have strong connections with family and friends. The crocodile brand is known for its floral and fruity notes, so they decided to give their family a touch of luxury by adding the Gourmand.

Several outstanding notes define this perfume’s aroma, including red apple, blackberry, tangerine, lily of the valley, vetiver, musk, patchouli, and cotton candy. This is a serious explosion of flowers and the most beautiful sensations for a woman to be destined for love.

It is also a curious case because, within its main chords, all we see is sweet and caramel, a perfume that changes your day in an instant due to its sentimental, elegant nature. Its longevity helps a lot as it is durable, not to mention its trail, which is heavy.

6. Lacoste Pour Femme For Women

Lacoste Pour Femme For Women

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With Lacoste Pour Femme, you get simplicity and beauty together, both of which are reflected in this perfume, which can be used on any occasion, especially in the mornings.

Throughout Lacoste’s history, Olivier Cresp has been its star perfumer, and this perfume from 2003 is the epitome of that family, which is linked to musk and wood. This perfume is a star designer for an olfactory family linked to musk and wood. In this case, you already know you will have a perfect floral fragrance with wood and with talc, which will give you a feeling of comfort and moisture.

Several notes share the protagonism of their high longevity in terms of time, including pepper, apple, rose, violet, suede, sandalwood, and cedar; they are very well differentiated for this aroma that is so essential for autumn as water is for humans.

It’s very easy to use and feel comfortable with an aroma as basic as it is beautiful because it’s meant to be used casually, at your leisure; that’s why this perfume is perfect to wear when you want to relax and enjoy yourself.

7. Lacoste Dream of Pink Eau de Parfum

Lacoste Dream of Pink Eau de Parfum

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The freshest and most fruity perfume of the brand arrives at number seven in the list; it is the Dream Of Pink, a perfume that is already a classic despite being launched in 2008 and whose notes envelop the aura of a perfume meant for women who don’t complicate themselves and bring out the best in them.

The chords that make this song are like a celebration, a party in their entirety, with floral, fruity, fresh, pink, and aquatic tints that end up providing more than an outstanding opportunity for a season like summer.

The Dream Of Pink features pink berries, iced tea, lotus, rose, sandalwood, and musk as its only notes, two for each type of note in that order, and there is a lot of respect for the gift that flowers have to give, but it doesn’t bother at all how fresh this perfume is. With a fairly soft trail, it has a very short fragrance life expectancy.

8. Lacoste Water Eau de Parfum

Lacoste Water Eau de Parfum

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Lacoste does not just focus on sport and adrenaline. It also offers classic and soft works as well. One of these is Eau de Lacoste, a perfume that exalts feminine beauty everywhere and imposes its rule of good dress accompanied by a similar scent. After its launch in 2013, it gained popularity among high society and celebrities.

Despite everything, certain rules are followed; however, they do not betray themselves when it comes to accompaniments; citrus and fruit are the prevailing currents in a bottle that has a quite feminine and luxurious touch.

In order to create the first fragrances that are already noticeable in their top notes, pineapple, tangerine, and bergamot are planted. There are also notes of orange blossom or jasmine in its heart notes, and it has moments of great floral freshness, perfect for spring.

One of its most innovative additions is vanilla, which sets it apart from all the others since it brings a powdery note to the aroma of the Eau de Lacoste, which is provided with a short duration and a soft trail.


The best Lacoste perfumes for women are celebrated in a big way each season; don’t miss the chance to wear them. The world of Lacoste Fragrances has changed, but it hasn’t lost that sense of competition that both men and women enjoy.

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