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5 Best Niche Perfume Brands 2022

Best Niche Perfume Brands

How perfumes are designed is far from the way they have conceived fifty years ago, let alone more than a hundred years ago, therefore both the target audience and the shelves are registered in totally different ways and it is there where a select group can acquire the so-called niche perfumes.

These have the most essential feature of being designed by hand to satisfy the most personal tastes of different types of groups of people who even pay a lot of money for a perfume of this type.

You will see many niche perfumery brands, but none like the one we bring to you in this article where we review their best exponents and give key concepts about this type of aroma, so get ready to learn everything about them.


What is a Niche Perfume?

Before going into what the best niche perfumery brands are, we need to understand very well what perfumes of this type are and what kind of characteristics they have.

In general, niche perfumes are all those that have been designed under the authorship of a single person and that in one way or another have a type of population that will consume this perfume thanks to the details of this aromatic creation.

It is therefore a very specific type of perfume that is mostly demanded by people such as collectors and by people who prefer excessive luxury that perhaps the big brands cannot satisfy.


Characteristics of Niche Perfumes

Among the main characteristics of niche perfumes we have the following:

  • Artisanal: It is the first rule to manufacture niche perfumes and also the gold standard, these perfumes are made by experts under their own hands and not in laboratories like the vast majority of perfumes.
  • Hallmark of quality: Despite being made by experts and without a laboratory, some of the niche perfumes have the best possible ingredients to integrate their notes.
  • Very exclusive market: They are not made for the great masses, they are dedicated to certain groups of people who are looking for different perfumes or with very marked styles.


5 Best Niche Perfume Brands 2022


1. Tiziana Terence

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With its name, Tiziana Terenzi is a niche brand that creates delicate perfumes that make you experience strong emotions, made for travel, the fragrances of this company will never leave anyone indifferent.

If there is one that stands out, that is Afrodite, a perfume that stimulates sensual encounters and raises the temperature, it is designed under sweet, fruit, and spicy heat. Similarly, Burdel manages to create a casual and sexy context with its chords bathed in citrus, woody, and very fresh, ideal for winters.


2. Xerjoff

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Luxury aromas are what define Xerjoff as one of the main niche perfume brands on the planet, it has more than 150 aromas that have been launched worldwide. Among its best perfumes, the Begum stands out, an aroma very much in the Chypre Floral family, the Harrods Emerald Star that shines with its light due to its sweet chords, and the War that combines floral and citrus aromas with class.


3. Casamorati

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Very old, retro, Casamorati perfumes are anything but boring and this brand has always sought to create a sophisticated meeting point for women from all over the world.  Dama Bianca is one of her most purchased aromas due to her sensual style and she knows how to compose everything related to her style with white flowers. In addition, the Gran Ballo is another Casamorati fragrance that is very popular, since it is made in the elegance of the 18th century and inspired by love and citrus and floral notes.


4. V Canto

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The V Canto house is highly recognized as it offers the most select possible of people’s tastes to achieve very intense aromas, in addition to the fact that they continue to be maintained until 2022 in the mouths of all the people who love niche aromas.

First of all, Alibi is its strongest fragrance and we recommend it to you since it has wood, leather, and earth within all its aromas to end up giving the best possible aroma for winter. In the same way, Cor Gentile represents everything that the brand can offer in the field of vanilla, flower, and talc, especially for those who want a calm perfume.


5. Perris Monte Carlo

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With Perris Montecarlo, you will find the highest definition of luxurious and stylish perfumes, probably the most ostentatious of the niche perfumery and that come to make you feel in tune with good dress. Of its best aromas, Ambre Gris stands out for finding its best attributes in amber and wood, just as Bois dude plays the cards thanks to a warm structure, with a lot of talc and vanilla.


Final Considerations

Finding yourself with the best niche perfume brands means doing it with the most select perfumes possible and who prefer to meet people who think of luxury and daring as ways of life.


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