10 Places to Spend your Summer Holidays in Spain

10 Places to Spend Your Summer Holidays in Spain

You are lucky to live in a country that stands out for something, it is for its diversity. Spain has a great variety of landscapes, reliefs, and climates. Here are some must-visit places in Spain you need to spend your summer holidays.

We have impressive mountain, coastal, and urban environments, which provide endless leisure possibilities.

Must-Visit Places to Spend Your Summer Holidays in Pain

The outbreak of the pandemic has made many Spaniards turn to inland tourism to discover unexplored areas or rediscover areas to which they undoubtedly wanted to return. Today we share with you a selection of ten perfect Spanish tourist destinations for summer. Do you know them?.

1. Calpe

Located in the Marina Alta region, Alicante, Calpe is one of the most beautiful towns in Costa Blanca.

Renting a boat in Calpe will make your getaway an immersive experience along its long beaches (14 in total) of fine sand and hidden coves with crystal clear waters. 

The practice of snorkeling, diving, and anchoring, under the emblematic Peñón de Ifach at 320 meters of altitude will delight your summer.

2. Rías Baixas

Galicia is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Spain. If you are planning a dynamic vacation and would like to travel long routes, Rías Baixas is the perfect option, not only because it is one of the most beautiful spots, but also because of its low probability of precipitation.

3. Sierra Cazorla

Do you want to lose yourself in nature? The Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas Natural Park provides an idyllic setting: its steep reliefs, its infinite forests, and its dense valleys will be difficult to forget.

4. San Sebastian

San Sebastián has been described on countless occasions as the most magical city in Spain. One of its strengths is the fusion of the sea, culture, leisure, and nature.

During your visit, don’t forget to visit the Paseo de la Concha and points such as the Miramar Palace, La Concha Beach, the La Perla spa, or the Real Club Náutico.

5. El Bierzo

El Bierzo is one of the most affordable spots thanks to its mild Mediterranean microclimate. 

In its capital, Ponferrada, you can visit its impressive Templar fortress: La Basílica de la Encina. Also, you cannot miss out on a session of tapas in the bars in the area.

6. Palamós

Its endless possibilities for nightlife are added to its rich gastronomy or the cultural legacy present in its urban core. 

However, if there is a claim that has made it one of the most visited enclaves in Girona, it is its coast. Renting a boat in Palamós is, without a doubt, the best alternative for sightseeing in the area.

7. Plains

Located next to the Picos de Europa and the Cantabrian Sea, this fantastic town has impressive beaches and cliffs. 

In addition, it also has a consistent architectural heritage: the Basilica of Santa María del Concejo, the Casa de Rivero, the Palacio de El Cercado or the Palacio del Conde de la Vega de Sella are some of its most emblematic constructions.

8. Cliffs of Mutriku, Deba and Zumaia

The Mutriku Cliffs are one of the busiest tourist spots in Basque Country. The area is ideal for walking routes combined with boat trips. You will be surprised by the beauty of its landscapes.

9. Fuencaliente Salt Flats

The Canary Archipelago could not be missing from our compilation. Las Salinas de Fuencaliente is a protected area of ​​La Palma. 

Its impressive color contrasts between the pure white of the salt, the black of its volcanoes, and the deep blue of its seas making it one of the busiest spots for tourists.

10. Castellon de la Plana

With a coastline that stretches for more than 13 kilometers, Castellón de la Plana offers numerous leisure possibilities in areas such as Grao, a popular maritime neighborhood.

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