What is Niche Perfume and Its General Characteristics

What is Niche Perfume and Its General Characteristics

It is quite common to find a small section on “niche perfumery” or “niche perfumes” on a website selling perfumes, cosmetics, or drugstores online. Several people ignore them for various reasons, sometimes because the word “niche” causes them confusion or strangeness, sometimes because when you enter, you find several strange names and denominations of completely unknown brands or designers.

You might wonder: what exactly are these kinds of perfumes if you have never heard of them before? Is it possible to buy them anywhere? If you’ve ever looked at them, you might wonder: where do they come from? Who makes them? Why are they so expensive, in general? And what are those weird names?

You will see that after reading this post, they will generate much more interest since we will give you a brief but clear answer to all these questions.

What is Niche Perfume?

A niche perfume is an exclusive fragrance for one reason or another. They form a family apart from all the commercial perfumes and colognes that we usually see in advertisements.

General Characteristics of Niche Perfume

If we think about music, painting, or cinema, our mind tends to remind us of images or sounds that we can consider COMMERCIAL. Let’s say, for example, that by boat, it is much easier for us to remember a song by RosalĂ­a, a painting by Van Gogh, or a movie by Brad Pitt than any song, play, or movie from the independent or alternative world. Well, this analogy could be extrapolated to the duality that exists between commercial perfumes and niche perfumes.

Therefore, niche perfumes will have the following characteristics in order to be classified as niche perfumes:

Material, substances, extracts, or compounds with small quantities or marketed under standards or special requirements are used in perfumery. Materials, substances, extracts, or compounds with higher quality than the general or are not normally used in perfumery. Additionally, they may incorporate other perfumery-originating ingredients or those that contribute to the creation of olfactory notes that are spectacular or extravagant.

This is the case of Secretions Magnifiques from the Etat Libre d’Orange house, which is aimed at evoking the olfactory sensation of human bodily secretions. In this case, it is possible to use a combination of ingredients originally or surprisingly, as in Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, whose main accords are derived exclusively from black ingredients.

Produced by artisans, perfumes are usually produced with much greater attention to detail or with a much different appearance that industrial machines are unable to replicate. The most knowledgeable can notice huge differences between bottles of different years, such as the Aventus batches of The most knowledgeable can notice huge differences between bottles of different years of the product.

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There are no commercial brands in this case since both Dior perfumes, see Sauvage o Fahrenheit, can be readily found in shoes, shirts, or suits, which is why many commercial brands do not fit in. As a result, niche perfume lovers appreciate the commitment to the design, creation, and production of perfumes.

Therefore, when we talk about niche perfumes, we aren’t referring to a better product, an exceptionally high-quality pro,duct or something unique. Basically, it is an alternative way to approach a product and give it a distinctive touch that, we could say, breaks away from the conventionality of designer fragrances.

Final Words

Take the plunge and dare to discover this world with one of these fragrances if you desire a perfume that makes you stand out from the ordinary, that surprises you, and can bring you back to the normal conception of perfume.

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