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What is Niche Perfume and Its General Characteristics

What is Niche Perfume?

Many times, when you enter a website for the online sale of perfumes, cosmetics, or drugstore, you find a small section on “niche perfumery” or “niche perfumes”. Many people ignore them for various reasons, sometimes because the word “niche” causes them confusion or strangeness, sometimes because when you enter you find several strange names and denominations of completely unknown brands or designers.

If you have never been interested in this type of fragrance, you are probably wondering: what exactly are these types of perfumes? Can you buy them anywhere? And if you have ever taken a look, it may be that you have had doubts of the type: where do they come from? Who creates them? Why are they, in general, so expensive? And those weird names?

This time we are going to try to give you a brief but clear answer to all these questions, you will see that after reading the post they will generate much more interest.

A niche perfume is an exclusive fragrance for one reason or another. They form a family apart from all the commercial perfumes and colognes that we usually see in advertisements.


General Characteristics of Niche Perfume

If we think about music, painting, or cinema, our mind tends to remind us of images or sounds that we can consider COMMERCIAL. Let’s say, for example, that by boat, it is much easier for us to remember a song by RosalĂ­a, a painting by Van Gogh, or a movie by Brad Pitt than any song, play, or movie from the independent or alternative world. Well, this analogy could be extrapolated to the duality that exists between commercial perfumes and niche perfumes.

Therefore, to try to constrain this type of perfume in classification, we could say that a niche perfume will have any of the following characteristics:

Ingredients of higher quality than the general or normally not used in perfumery. Materials, substances, extracts, or compounds of which there are small quantities or are marketed under standards or special requirements are used. They can also incorporate other ingredients that are original in perfumery or that are used to create picturesque or extravagant olfactory notes.

This is the case of Secretions Magnifiques from the Etat Libre d’Orange house, whose ingredients are intended to evoke the olfactory sensation of human bodily secretions. At this point, it may also be that a combination of ingredients is used in some original or surprising way, as in the case of Black Orchid from Tom Ford, whose main accords come solely from black-colored ingredients (hence the perfume’s name).

Artisanal elaboration. The incorporation of manual methods or classic machinery usually leads to the production of much more careful batches of perfumes or with a different appearance that industrial machinery is not capable of imitating. This also causes more or less relevant differences to be found between different batches of the product. It is the example of the Aventus batches of The most knowledgeable can notice huge differences between bottles of different years.

A brand dedicated exclusively to manufacturing perfumes. In this case, it is where many commercial brands are out of place since it is very easy to find both Dior perfumes, see Sauvage o Fahrenheit such as shoes, shirts, or suits. Thus, the exclusive dedication to the design, creation, and production of perfumes attracts lovers of niche perfumes.

Therefore, when we talk about niche perfumes, we are not referring to a better product, of exceptional quality or unique in the world. It is an alternative way of approaching a product and giving it some distinctive touches that, we could say, escape the conventionality of designer fragrances.


Final Words

If you are looking for a perfume that makes you stand out from the ordinary, that surprises you and that can bring you some return to the usual conception of perfume, we openly recommend that you take the plunge and dare to discover this world with one of these fragrances.


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