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How When and Where to Apply a Perfume Correctly

A good perfume speaks a lot about your personality, even the aroma that comes off you is an important factor in many situations, such as going to a job interview, or a love date. Likely, you are currently using your perfume in the wrong way. Don’t worry, it’s normal when you don’t have enough information, you’ve come to the right article so that the next time you use it, everyone will notice your aroma.

With the following tips and tricks, you will know what you have to do to enjoy a fragrance for many hours. Thus ensuring that everyone enjoys the aroma that is released when passing by, and you can make a good first impression.


When to Use a Perfume

If you are one of the people who wonders:  What is the best time to wear perfume? The ideal occasion is when you get out of the shower, with clean skin, and open pores, especially with a cold shower, the aroma of perfumes permeates much better. An important tip is to dry yourself very well before adding the perfume since water decreases the effectiveness of the fragrance.

A trick to keep the perfume longer is to add a body cream, this produces a greater fixation on the aromatic oils. Vaseline is one of those substances that can be applied to the skin where the fragrance will be worn. With both body creams and Vaseline, the fragrance molecules adhere much better, allowing the volatility to be slower than if it is sprayed directly on the skin.


How to Apply a Perfume

There are two very effective ways to apply perfume. The first is directly on the lower temperature areas of the body, and the other is the vaporization of the fragrance in the air, above the head. We will explain them in depth.


Direct Application

A well-known method, practiced by all, is the application of the fragrance directly in the areas of the body that have a lower temperature, this will make it take longer to evaporate. Although we will discuss them in more detail, the most important are; the area of ​​the clavicles, the wrists or the pulse, and the inner part of the knees.

Try to keep a distance of at least 10 cm between the area to be sprayed and the perfume, because if you move it too far it can spread to other nearby body areas. On the contrary, if you throw it from very close, the particles can join forming drops and spill into other areas.


Vaporize the Perfume in the Air

With this application method, you will be in a cloud of aromas that you will feel in each area of ​​the body. The application is based on quickly shooting three or more times above the head, to spray the air and then take a step so that all the fragrance falls on your body. We recommend having the upper part of the body bare so that the particles fall on your skin.


Where to Apply the Perfume?

At the time of applying the perfume, you must know the best places to vaporize your fragrance, if you put it in places that are not so suitable, likely, the fragrance will only take a few minutes before it disappears. As we have commented previously, the areas of the body where the temperature is lower are the most indicated to vaporize our fragrance, since it will take longer to evaporate, these are:

  • Behind the ears
  • The lower part of the neck
  • In the area of ​​​​the clavicles
  • The inside of the elbows
  • Where the pulse beats
  • behind the knees


However, the type of climate where you live is a very important factor that you must take into account so that your perfume lasts much longer.

The right place depends a lot on the weather and the environment, if you live in a city with a temperate or cold climate, it is best to spray it on the skin that is exposed to the air, without touching or rubbing. The most recommended areas are the areas of the pulse, the neck, the wrists, as well as the inside of the elbows.

In general, the perfume will always be put on the skin, however, intensely hot climates are an exception, this is because, perspiring oils from the skin, can destroy perfume aromas faster. For these moments we advise you to spray a little on your hair, clothes, or any other type of accessory you have, but keep in mind that the substances that make up the perfume can cause stains on some fabrics.


Never do This when Applying Perfume!

When you apply perfume, we recommend you take into account the following recommendations to increase the effectiveness of the perfume.


Don’t Rub, Just Spray

A serious mistake that many of us have made is rubbing the skin after spraying the perfume, a bad practice that changes the purity of the aroma. This is because the friction generated by rubbing heats the skin and causes natural enzymes to be produced that modify the scent of the perfume. Most affected by this practice are the top and middle notes, along with the dry down.

The best method to enjoy all the notes of a good perfume is just to spray the fragrance on the skin, wait a few seconds for the liquid to penetrate, and that’s it. You will have a much longer-lasting smell.


Don’t Go from Cold to Hot Temperatures

You must store or store the fragrance at room temperature, at a maximum of 50º, since sudden temperature changes can produce unexpected chemical reactions within the natural ingredients. This makes the perfume age faster, so it will lose its characteristic smell before the bottle is finished. Another factor that affects the composition is the exposure of the fragrance to ultraviolet rays, which can also alter the original scent, turning the amber colors of perfumes.


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