How When and Where to Apply a Perfume Correctly

How When and Where to Apply a Perfume Correctly

When you go to a job interview or a love date, your perfume speaks a lot about your personality, and even the aroma you release is a significant factor. Probably, you’re not using your perfume correctly. It’s normal when you don’t have enough information, but you’ve come to the right place, so when you use it again, everyone will notice your scent.

If you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to enjoy a fragrance for many hours, which ensures that everyone enjoys the aroma released when passing by, and you can make a good first impression.

When to Use a Perfume?

If you are one of the people who wonder: When is the best time to wear perfume? The ideal occasion is when you get out of the shower with clean skin and open pores, especially after a cold shower, when the perfume is more effective. You need to dry yourself well before adding the perfume since water decreases its effectiveness.

If you want to keep your perfume longer, add a body cream. Vaseline is one of those substances you can apply to your skin where you will wear your fragrance. As a result, both body creams and Vaseline adhere to the fragrance molecules better, so the volatility is slower than if the fragrance is sprayed directly on the skin.

How to Apply a Perfume?

In order to apply perfume effectively, there are two methods. The first is directly on the lower temperature areas of the body. The other is to vaporize the fragrance in the air of the head. We will explain each method in more detail.

Direct Application

Most people use this technique, which involves applying the fragrance directly to body areas that have a lower temperature, thereby making it take longer for the fragrance to evaporate. Although we will discuss them in more detail, the most important areas are the inner part of the knees, the wrists or pulse, and the clavicles.

If you move the perfume too far, it can spread to other nearby body areas, or throw it too close; the particles may join into drops and spill over to other areas. Keep a distance of at least 10 cm between the area to be sprayed and the perfume.

Vaporize the Perfume in the Air

It will create a cloud of aromas that will fill every part of your body. The application is based on rapidly shooting three or more times above the head, to spray the air and then take a step so that all the fragrance falls on your body. The particles should fall onto your skin if you leave your upper body bare.

Where to Apply the Perfume?

It is important to know where to vaporize your perfume at the time of application; if you apply it in an inappropriate place, it will likely disappear within a few minutes of being applied. The areas of the body with the lowest temperatures are most indicated for vaporizing our fragrance, since it will take longer for it to evaporate.

  • Behind the ears
  • The lower part of the neck
  • In the area of ​​​​the clavicles,
  • The inside of the elbows
  • Where the pulse beats
  • behind the knees

It is also very important that you take into account the type of climate where you live to ensure your perfume lasts as long as possible.

Several factors go into choosing the right place, such as the weather and the environment. If you live in a temperate or cold climate, the most effective place is to spray it on the exposed skin without touching or rubbing it. Pulse, neck, wrists, and inside elbows are the most recommended areas.

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As a general rule, perfume is always applied to the skin; however, intensely hot climates are an exception, as sweat from the skin can destroy perfume scents faster. You can spray a little perfume on your hair, clothes, or any other type of accessory in these moments, but remember that the perfume’s ingredients can stain fabrics.

Never do This when Applying Perfume!

When you apply perfume, we recommend you take into account the following recommendations to increase the effectiveness of the perfume.

Don’t Rub, Just Spray

Most of us have made the mistake of rubbing our skin after spraying perfume, a bad practice that alters the aroma’s purity. By rubbing the skin, friction is created that causes natural enzymes to be produced that alter the perfume’s scent. Top and middle notes, as well as the dry down, are most affected by this practice.

You will have a longer-lasting smell if you spray the perfume on your skin, wait a few seconds for the liquid to penetrate, and that’s it.

Don’t Go from Cold to Hot Temperatures

Due to the possibility of unexpected chemical reactions within the natural ingredients due to sudden temperature changes, the fragrance must be stored at room temperature, up to a maximum of 50o. As a result, the perfume ages faster and loses its characteristic scent before the bottle is empty. As well as altering the fragrance’s composition, ultraviolet rays can also alter the original scent, turning perfumes amber in color.

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