11 Fun Ideas and Creative Activities to Keep Kids Busy at Home

11 Fun Activities and Creative Ideas to Keep your Kids Busy at Home

If you are running out of ideas to fight the boredom of the little ones, here are some fun ideas and creative activities to keep your kids busy at home while you work.

Activities to Keep Kids Busy at Home

The new period of confinement is straining the nerves of some parents. Indeed, staying confined to children is not easy! Kids need constant care and let off steam.

1. Recycling

If containment is currently required, zero waste also remains a primary objective. Caps, toilet paper rolls, etc. You can recycle everything with children.

All these things that are a priori useless can indeed be used to build unique DIY objects. For example, you can create an original painting by sticking plastic caps on a cardboard sheet, or make a decorative object in caps!

2. Scrabble

Scrabble is an educational game particularly well suited to this period of confinement. Of course, it’s not suitable for the younger ones, but if you have kids who can already read and write, this is the perfect game.

Combining teaching and competition, allows your children’s brains to work while working on vocabulary and spelling. Note that there is a very good online Scrabble game if you don’t have the famous board game at home.

3. Play 7 Families

Fun for children and adults, the game of 7 Families has been forgotten in favor of video games and other cartoons.

However, this card game for the whole family allows you to spend a moment together and without a screen!

4. Cooking With Kids

Whether you are a good cook or not, there are some very simple recipes you can prepare with children. Why not get started with making homemade cookies? Your little ones will appreciate them all the more because they have made them themselves.

5. Gardening With Children

If you have a garden or a balcony, plant seeds with your children. Later, you will harvest fruits, vegetables, or herbs. In addition, gardening is an opportunity to get out of the living room a bit.

6. Creative Activities for Children

Salt dough, plasticine, painting, or drawing, the activities that allow children to express their creativity are varied. And if you work at home babysitting your kids, these art activities are great for keeping the little ones busy too.

How to make the Salt Dough?

To make homemade salt dough, mix a glass of fine salt with a glass of lukewarm water and two glasses of flour.

How to make plasticine?

For a homemade play dough, in a saucepan, mix one cup of flour, two teaspoons of baking soda or baking powder, and ½ cup of salt.

Heat and add a teaspoon of oil then a cup of lukewarm water before mixing everything. When the dough is smooth and comes off the pan easily, turn off the heat. Finally, let cool before adding food coloring and handling your plasticine.

7. Family Board Games

Monopoly, Uno, Mille Bornes, Scrabble, Jungle Speed, Pictionary, La Bonne Paye, Cluedo, Les Petits Chevaux.

You have to have one of these board games in a cupboard to bring parents and children together. Don’t you have any of that? So, why not make your own board game?

With a large sheet of paper, some colored pencils, a dice, and pawns, you will make your own goose game.

If you don’t have a board game at home, you can also create a homemade Memory or go for a Petit Bac with your family!

8. Listens to a Podcast

To keep your children occupied during confinement, you can read them a story if they are small or offer them to read a novel if they are older. You can also suggest that they listen to a podcast.

Because if adults can listen to podcasts according to their interests, children also have dedicated content! Playing a podcast to a youngster is a smart alternative to television, not recommended for young children.

9. Family Sport

In this period of confinement, children and adults alike need to eliminate excess energy. To do this, play sports together. A few gym exercises won’t hurt anyone.

You can also put on music and dance. No matter what each person has for dancing… With family and at home, anything goes!

10. Relaxation with Children

If you need to let off steam when you can’t leave your home, you also need to relax from time to time; teach your children to relax.

All lie down together, close your eyes, and project yourself into a great place. You will introduce your children to the pleasure of meditation and will share a moment of calm with the family.

11. Parent-child Discussion

In normal times, we are constantly running in all directions. Work, nursery, school, homework, and extracurricular activities take parents and children into an infernal whirlwind.

But with confinement, the pace is calmer. So schedule one to two hours of chatting and sharing with your kids every day.

During this time slot, you can talk about the current situation (epidemic, containment, etc.) You can also work out together the schedule of activities for the next day, share your emotions of the day, etc.


Here above we have enlisted the best ways to kill the board of some of the children to keep kids busy at home with all the above-mentioned creative ideas and fun activities.

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