Best Laurent Mazzone Parfums

Best Laurent Mazzone Parfums in 2021

When it comes to designing perfumes with an overwhelming personality, we have to take a full stop and then start talking about Laurent Mazzone Parfums, a French brand that has risen as high as the personalities that surround its perfumers to achieve their scents.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that we want to experience with you everything that their best perfumes mean and that is why we have designed The 8 Best Perfumes by Laurent Mazzone Parfums. A totally unisex sample where each of its aromas may well be for one or the other.  We recommend an analysis of each aroma since they have a backstory that cannot be wasted.


8 Best Laurent Mazzone Parfums  & Colognes for Men & Women (Unisex) in 2021


1. Ambre Muscadin by Laurent Mazzone Parfums

A fragrance with a lot of inspiration in the oriental, deep in mental and physical seduction, Ambre Muscadin is a scent that was launched in 2011 and is included in the Amber olfactory family for Men and Women.


What stands out the most about this perfume is its great aromatic power thanks to its accords of amber, talcum, and especially sweet vanilla. This thanks to top notes of violet and vetiver, a heart of vanilla and white honey, and a background of musk and amber. It is a scent for spring and has moderate longevity along with a very heavy trail.


2. O des Soupirs by Laurent Mazzone Parfums

One of the most modern scents of Laurent Mazzone Parfums is O des Soupirs, a perfume that was launched in 2011 and that is within the Floral olfactory family for Men and Women.


It contains, first of all, some top notes of hyacinth and water lily, on the other hand, heart notes of orange blossom of the orange tree, while its background is dominated by musk.

Therefore, you will have a hundred percent floral and rose perfume, which is why it is a very delicate aroma, but also with personality, since you can sense a dominant spice freshness. Such a scent is for summers, and it has moderate longevity and a soft trail.


3. Epine Mortelle by Laurent Mazzone Parfums

Dramas in the background tend to wrap very well Laurent Mazzone Parfums perfumes and this is demonstrated by the Epine Mortelle, a scent that is within the Floral Amber olfactory family for Men and Women and was launched in 2015.


To say that this perfume is complete is an understatement since it has a lot of talcum, freshness, flowers, and roses, as well as hints of fruit that adorn its long-lasting longevity and the moderate trail very well.

Thanks must be given to your notes of pink pepper, black pepper, nutmeg, violet, rose, mimosa, black currant, and vanilla. That is why it is perfume so that all tastes are satisfied.


4. Army of Lovers by Laurent Mazzone Parfums

What a beautiful temptation to be lovers and this is demonstrated by the Army of Lovers, a scent that came out in 2014 and is linked to the Woody Amber olfactory family for Men and Women.


This perfume has a lot of sensuality, to which we must add that it is a lot of wood and a lot of roses, that is why it is so ideal for men and women alike. This aroma is quite warm and combines with its notes of moss and earth.

Among its most relevant notes, we have rose, spices, sandalwood, honey, and amber. It is a perfume for winters and has moderate longevity along with a very heavy scent.


5. Hard Leather by Laurent Mazzone Parfums

If you want a strong and intoxicating perfume, Hard Leather is your best option. This is in the Leather for Men olfactory family and was launched in 2014. This perfume has an aroma totally given towards leather and wood, making it too intense as well as warm.


This is due to its notes of leather, rum, honey, iris, wood, and cedar. It will be the best companion in autumn and has very long longevity and a heavy trail.


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6. Ultimate Seduction by Laurent Mazzone Parfums

Fun but also nostalgia is what the Ultimate Seduction recreates, the ascent of the Amber Floral olfactory family for Men and Women that was launched in 2014.


This perfume has a lot of sweet as well as citrus, and a combination of aromas such as violets and spices. All this is due to some notes of orange, violet, rose, cedar, and amber. This scent is best for springs and has moderate longevity and trail.


7. Cicatrices by Laurent Mazzone Parfums

A heartbreak can hurt a lot and for this we have the Scars, to help you rebuild your path. This is in the Amber olfactory family for Men and Women and was launched in 2015.


This perfume has a warmth that is accompanied by balsamic and sweet chords to provide you with comfort. Besides, it has notes of bergamot, leather, myrrh, iris, vanilla, and patchouli. Scent for winter, this one has short longevity and a soft trail.


8. Malefic Tattoo by Laurent Mazzone Parfums

The Malefic Tattoo is a perfume that was launched around 2015 and that has many attributes to be one of the favorites to wear in autumn, especially because of its always fresh presence.


This aroma accompanies men and women very well with its amber accords as well as its aromas of spicy freshness and wood, that is why it has such a cold and lonely forest air.

It also has to offer some notes of saffron, labdanum, oud wood, amber, patchouli, and musk. It also has moderate longevity and a very heavy scent.


Final Considerations

They are a sample of great personalities and highly polished senses. These 8 Best Laurent Mazzone Parfums of 2021 are aromas that are never forgotten due to their incredible intensity, and therefore will revitalize your soul and body.


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