7 Best Atkinsons Perfumes For Men

Best Atkinsons Perfumes For Men

The seven best Atkinsons perfumes for men are those wonderful colognes that, despite having been on the market for too long, continue to generate the same intense emotions as the first day in men. After all, the English style never dies.

7 Best Atkinsons Perfumes For Men

This brand was born in England, and since then, they have not lost their style and stamp for the public, be they men or women, although we want to focus on the former in this case. Distinguished and varied aromas have made those who use them feel comfortable with them.

The reputation and years of a brand define its success or failure in many ways, although one thing is for sure: having so much time in people’s taste means that they have done something well. That has been Atkinsons’ premise since its perfumes were first seen in stores more than 200 years ago.

1. Pirates Grand Reserve by Atkinsons

The perfume more like the adventurous and fearless men, the Pirates’ Grand Reserve is the aroma indicated for them. This one was launched in the year 2017 and includes the Amber Spicy olfactory family for Men like yours. It is a perfume with which to go out without fear of your personality.

Pirates Grand Reserve by Atkinsons

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With an aroma that intoxicates and is strong, very strong, this perfume has to its credit an essence that, on the one hand, is woody and full of vanilla. In contrast, on the other hand, it has a lot of heat and has rum, the incentive that a truly addictive aroma with a tendency to intoxicate returns.

It is no less accurate than its notes help this, and those of rum and vanilla create a powerful atmosphere, while those of cedar and geranium heart give some air. The patchouli background gives it intensity and energy. It is a winter perfume with long-lasting longevity and a weighty scent.

2. The Big Bad Cedar by Atkinsons

Another of Atkinsons’ perfumes for outgoing men is The Big Cedar, a scent that speaks for itself and has become notable for its powerful presence. It is a perfume of Woody Cyprus, an olfactory family for Men, launched in 2016.

The Big Bad Cedar by Atkinsons

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This aroma is one of its grand pillars, mainly because it has aromatic wood and specific floral touches, making it a little softer and more commercial. At the same time, its fragrance contains some musk that gives it a lot of masculine presence.

The Big Bad Cedar is a perfume that includes some notes of fresh cardamom and sage, while the heart of Virginia cedar adds manly solid air. Its base note of oakmoss makes it a good fall scent and boasts moderate longevity and a heavy trail.

3. Atkinson Mint & Tonic by Atkinsons 

Counting with a pleasant, fresh, and very natural presence, the Mint & Tonic is an Atkinson’s perf within the famous Citrus Aromatic olfactory family for Men launched in 2018.

Atkinsons Mint & Tonic by Atkinsons 

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The aroma of Mint & Tonic is, as its name says, really citrus, given to show its early aroma by a heavy trail, while it also has many chords of mint and fresh in general. Therefore, you have to consider it a natural option in summer. It also has some wood, although very little.

Its notes are delicious; some mint, grapefruit, and lemon leave its aroma one too citric and fresh. Those with a mandarin and ginger heart make their aroma a fruity one, and the background of vetiver adds that extra strength. And its longevity is durable and has everything you need to refresh yourself on any day, for very hot and intense that it is the sun.

4. The Other Side Oud by Atkinsons

We return to the old formula that has served Atkinsons so much: aromas with wood and a lot of masculinity, such as the case of The Other Side Oud. This aroma is within the Amber Woody olfactory family for men, and it was launched in 2019.

The Other Side Oud by Atkinsons

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Contributing a lot of spicy heat, this perfume has a combination of sweet coffee scents in its interior along with others, such as vanilla and aromatic, so you can boast of a delicious aroma that will be best used in spring.

His explanation does not have much science if we use his notes, which are cinnamon at the start, giving intensity to his presence. Those with the heart of geranium and oud wood, as always, command the aroma of an English man, and the background of coffee beans and vanilla gives a delicious touch to an exclusive aroma. Like all Atkinsons perfume, this perfume has long-lasting longevity, while its trail is heavy.

5. Amber Empire by Atkinsons

The aroma for the Atkinsons gala parties, without a doubt, is a perfume to be taken seriously, especially in terms of its aroma since it is from the Amber olfactory family for Men, launched in 2015.

Amber Empire by Atkinsons

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The aroma of this perfume is closely linked to amber, and all the heat it gives off already gives you an idea that it should be used in winter. However, it is also full of vanilla and wood accords, a very striking perfume for women observing you.

Let’s look at its notes for a moment: vanilla, myrrh, sandalwood, and incense. It is a combination that leaves a very well-composed, robust aroma with an elegant presence; it also has well-defined longevity in moderate and heavy trails. It is the typical perfume that simply cannot go beyond gala parties or memorable moments.

6. Lavender On The Rocks by Atkinsons

Until now, we had not had an Atkinsons perfume as floral and fresh as Atkinsons Lavender On The Rocks, a fragrance that captivates with its essence. This scent is within the Amber Floral olfactory family for Men and was launched in 2014.

Lavender On The Rocks by Atkinsons

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The aroma of a perfume like this is reasonably linked to very fresh chords, with a tendency towards spices and lavender, which gives it that extra flowery inside an already iconic bottle. That is why we face a floral and fresh perfume like few others.

About its notes, we have the top notes of rose and geranium to provide more body; those with a heart of lavender and honey give the scent of fresh flowers, a sweet presence, and a background of amber and saffron to make it heavy in its wake. This perfume will make you taste good in spring and has short longevity.

7. Scilly Neroli by Atkinsons

To speak of Scilly Neroli is to talk about a perfume that was initially manufactured and a bit unmarked from what the brand had been doing up to that time. This scent is within the Aquatic, aromatic olfactory family for Men and was launched in 2016.

Scilly Neroli by Atkinsons

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The note that predominates in this perfume is the neroli, as it could not be otherwise, making it adopt a practical and very fresh citrus aroma. Besides everything, it is a perfume with scents of the sea ​​and many ambers. It stands out as one of the simplest but well-elaborated English brands.

Itsbrandsnotes of lemon and petitgrain are ideal for bringing out a perfume full of citrus and with very short longevity. Those with a heart of neroli and a background of patchouli give this perfume an air that is too fresh; it should be noted. It is a perfume for summer and has a cumbersome trail.


What is the first thing you notice when wearing Atkinson perfume? Being a sophisticated perfume that does not lose anything of masculinity and masculine elegance, they are the best scents for men worldwide who appreciate the English world and its immortal style.

With chords in all their aromas that go beyond the bottle, all these best Atkinsons perfumes have transcended from time to time, and it can be said that they are for men of any age, a feat of luxury.

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