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Best PC Joysticks Controllers Of 2021 | Best Joysticks For PC Games

Best PC Joysticks Of 2021 To Play PC Games 

Are you looking for the powerful and best PC Joysticks controllers of 2021 to gain the most fun while playing on your computer? Make the right choice by purchasing a joystick that is inspired by aircraft controls. Especially useful in-flight simulations, they will offer you a perfect immersion. In order to help you with your discoveries, we propose in this guide the best products which appear in this field and which deserve your attention.


7 Best Joysticks Controllers for PC Games in 2021


1. Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Neck Replicas PC JoyStick

To become the best brand of PC joysticks controllers in 2021, ThrustMaster development teams have worked very closely with members of the simmers community. This is why this model meets the most demanding requirements of professional users.


The control panel, the stick as well as the double throttle, therefore, form replicas of those of the attack aircraft A – 10C of the US Air Force. Having a complete character, it is composed of 19 action buttons, in addition to its “point of view hat”.

With 16 bits of precision including 65,536 x 65,536 values, this device is classified among the good ones, according to the training they have received. The manufacturers designed it with a magnetic sensor technology allowing a shift to the “Idle” and “Afterburner” positions so that you can experience a real reality.


2. Speedlink Phantom Hawk Joystick for PC Games

You don’t need to compare this model with others to know it’s ready for any situation in the air. Equipped with several functions, these are accessible from 12 buttons which are programmable so that you can create an arsenal adaptable to each game.


You will also have freedom of movement because its cable is 2 m long, so you can adopt a comfortable position while driving. You will have guaranteed sensations, due to its adjustable force feedback function. The vibrations that it will produce will give you an impression of direct evolution in the air.

Its hold is impeccable since it is composed of powerful suction cups so that the device cannot move from its support. Its qualified ergonomic shape gives you total and optimized control. With his Chinese hat, you will have a panoramic view in 8 directions.


3. ThrustMaster T-16000M FCS Hotas PC Joystick

Thanks to its dress as well as its backlighting, you will make an incomparable immersion. It is composed of a very ergonomic trigger, 16 action buttons accompanied by a physical identification whose language is Braille, a rotary rudder, a Chinese hat with 8 viewpoint directions, and 4 axes independent.


You should also know that this equipment has been configured in order to be able to correspond to left-handers. It also has a low position, unlike other forms of the joystick. It is characterized by Sliding Motion Advanced Rail Tracks or SMART technology which gives it a sliding rail composition so that you can perform smooth and precise movements.

The joystick friction level can be adjusted to your liking, there is a changeable clamping screw in its configuration. If you are looking for precision, this model is an excellent choice, it has an ergonomic design that will optimize your comfort. Benchmarks will guide you during your driving sessions so that you are precise in your actions.


4. Mayflash Arcade Fightstick Joystick F300 PC Controller 

To help you find your bearings on where to buy the best joystick for PC, here is a model from the Mayflash brand. In addition to the Turbo functions, it also has different speed levels. Wide compatibility, it can be used with PC and Android, XBOX 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and 4.


Thanks to Firmware V1.11, it is also compatible with Xbox One S. But to use the Fightstick on one of its consoles, specific controllers are necessary. When you connect it to a PC, it supports INPUT as well as XINPUT. In terms of operating systems, the device can be used on Mac OS, Windows: Vista / XP / Windows 10, 8, 7.

The device is ideal for modding using Sanwa Denshi buttons and sticks that are not included in the bundle. However, the operation of the device requires batteries. And if the axis mode, analog X / Y, and d-pad are not suitable for you, it is replaceable.


5. Speedlink Competition Pro Extra USB Joystick for PC 

To play retro or arcade-style games, opt for Competition Pro Extra USB Joystick. It is a product of the Speedlink brand which was designed to celebrate their 20 years. It is intended for Android devices and PC. But on PC, it is only suitable for systems from Windows 7.


With its black and red color, the device has a design reminiscent of the old gamepad models from the 80s. It is a digital stick that is equipped with 4 fire buttons and a rapid-fire mode, 2 axes, and a micro-switch. Its feet are made of foam rubber.

Thanks to DirectInput technology, it installs very quickly and is said to be the most efficient since it works without a driver and without any battery, you just need to have the right adapter. The package contains over 20 downloadable games like Arcade, Traditional PC, and Summer Games in new releases.


6. Logitech G Saitek X52 Pro Flight System PC Controller

The Logitech G brand flight simulator joystick is distinguished by its double-spring centering mechanism. It is also characterized by its X and Y axes equipped with contactless technology. The controller is suitable for various software, namely: X-Plane 10, Flight Simulator X, and Prepar3D.


The accessory is equipped with an LCD screen where the flight simulation operations are visible with information concerning the configuration. Some buttons are illuminated for even more atmosphere. Using a 3D rotary stick, the rudder is controllable.

For a good grip, the handle is ergonomic and has 5 positions. Its programming software allows you to create your own profiles. The stick pro 52, named the best joystick for PC by some, comes with: a PS / 2 connection cable and a Pro X52 throttle. The manufacturers give you a 2-year warranty.


7. ThrustMaster T. Flight Hotas X PC Joystick Controller 

In case you’re not yet decided on which is the best PC joysticks controller 2021 on the market, here’s a kit that includes a full-size throttle stick and precise stick. The 2 can be attached or separated according to your needs. Together, they offer several controls and options with their 12 buttons and 5 programmable axes.


The handle is rotatable and can act as a brake trigger with a rapid-fire option. It is an ideal prop for a flight simulation, but it is also suitable for different games such as air combat or space adventure.

Even after unplugging your joystick, the settings will be saved. There is a large hand rest for comfort throughout your gaming sessions. Also, this joystick is equipped with a MAPPING button which can be used to switch functions as well as a PRESET button for programming.


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