Top 10 Smartest and Intelligent Dog Breeds

Smartest and Intelligent Dog Breeds You can Have as A Pet

According to Canadian psychologist Stanley Coren, there are three types of intelligence in dogs. We distinguish between innate intelligence, which is natural to the race; the intelligence of adaptation, which the dog acquires by living in a given environment; and working intelligence, which is the animal’s ability to obey its owners or anyone else. Based on this premise, discover the 10 most intelligent and smartest dog breeds.


10 Smartest and Intelligent Dog Breeds 


Australian Shepherd

Recognized as an affectionate dog, the Australian Shepherd is also one of the best intelligent breeds of dog originally used as herders. This intelligent breed originated from the cross between the Border Collie and a breed of wild dogs referred to as Dingo.

By nature, the Australian Shepherd is gentle and receptive to teaching. Sometimes he can be stubborn, but good resistance will calm his enthusiasm.


Border Collie

Faithful companion of farmers, the Border Collie is a breed of herding dog originating in the English lands between England and Scotland. It is a breed of affectionate dogs and very docile in education. They are able to identify a variety of things and people by name. They like to be stimulated intellectually and physically. For this, therefore, great availability is required.



Very popular in France, the poodle is a breed of dogs adapted to family life. They are tireless people who love to learn and are able to master more complex tricks. They are keen players, receptive to education, and able to master many words. This is the main reason why they are very often employed in the circus.


German Shepherd

Called Deutscher Schäferhund in the land of the Reich, the German Shepherd is also among the smartest and intelligent dog breeds, friend, and companion of the police. It is a versatile breed of dogs that quickly assimilate their learning. This is why they are often used as assistance, search and watchdogs. They are docile animals who properly respect the orders given to them.


Golden Retriever

A breed of dogs native to Great Britain, the Golden Retriever is a breed that enjoys long walks. They are known to be used as guide-blind, rescue dogs or even search. This breed of dog has a good memory and is able to demonstrate great self-control or focus all of its attention.



Watchdog par excellence, the Doberman Pinscher or more simply Doberman Pinscher is a breed of dogs recognized as ferocious. However, this ferocity can be channeled through a good education. He is naturally suspicious of strangers but very gentle with the little ones. Still designated as a gendarme dog, the Doberman Pinscher hates agitation.


Shetland Sheepdog

Shepherd dogs originating from the Shetland Islands, the Shetland Sheepdog was originally used to protect flocks. Energetic and obedient, it is a very playful breed of dogs who love to exercise. They also enjoy family life but hate separation.


Labrador Retriever

With a medium and robust size, the Labrador is an intelligent dog known for its kindness, agility, and vitality. With his highly developed sense of smell, he is effectively used as a blind guide, rescue companion, and many Presidents of the Republic.


Butterfly Spaniel

Faithful companion of the elderly, the butterfly spaniel is a dog once favored by the wealthy and nobles of the royal court. Today, he is better known as a therapy dog. Endowed with a great capacity for assimilation, this animal with long floppy ears fascinates by its vitality. He is an obedient dog who loves long walks.



Very famous for his ferocity and his gaze that forces terror, the Rottweiller is a loving dog by nature. His aggressiveness is in fact the result of bad education and the bad influence of those around him. It is a police dog, protective by nature, gentle and loyal when well educated.


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