Best Perry Ellis Perfumes for Women

8 Best Perry Ellis Perfumes For Women

The fragrances we’ve brought you are made for women who don’t want to go unnoticed, which is why we invite you to read and enjoy them all. If these eight best Perry Ellis perfumes for women were taken out of their bottles, they immediately flashback a story, giving women the imagination these fragrances evoke.

You can stand out in any event with these stylish (and especially feminine) fragrances, as they will not leave anyone indifferent.

Best Perry Ellis Perfumes for Women

1. 360° by Perry Ellis

360° by Perry Ellis

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It sometimes takes a dramatic change in life in order to get back to feeling strong emotions, vitality, and fun. That’s what the creators of Perry Ellis, 360°, had in mind when they gave free rein to their imaginations.

Featuring juniper berries, lemon, bergamot, cardamom, freesia, musk, and vetiver, this scent works like a springboard, allowing you to do whatever you love with no fear of judgment.

It has a heavy track that stands out for not being as ingrained as you might believe; contrary to what it looks like, the 360° has been designed to catch the public’s attention. A majestic option for spring.

2. 18 by Perry Ellis

18 by Perry Ellis

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Whoa, whoa, Perry Ellis 18 is a very unique perfume that saves nothing, designed for all women who want to change their lives, or rather, designed to focus on reminiscing about old experiences as if they happened yesterday.

The 18 counts as a dry and direct hit to the subconscious, to revitalize your mind at all times and ensure you can experience everything as if it never happened, a beautiful feeling will invade you.

Very well, in terms of interior manufacturing, this perfume has notes of mojito, water lily, vanilla, sandalwood, or also orchid. These gave the 18 a fragrance that opts for inner security to which you can add a touch of unparalleled elegance. It has all the structure needed to shine in winter and lasting longevity with a similar trail, as putting that touch of elegance also rewards distinction in its smallest details.

3. Reserve by Perry Ellis For Women

Reserve by Perry Ellis For Women

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It has always been my belief that Perry Ellis’ Reserve For Women embodies the essence of being a woman best, especially if you come from a designer like Perry Ellis. You will be able to stand out as a very sensual figure with the Reserve For Women without looking like a plastic figure, but with a very healthy approach, making your beauty possible without artificial ingredients.

Added to this, it has notes of sandalwood, chamomile, patchouli, violet, oakmoss, freesia, and lotus flower in a natural and chemical-free resource, created in 2002 by Jean-Louis Grauby.

Due to its long-lasting longevity and heavy trail, this Reserve For Women perfume should be used with discretion and gentleness during the summer, especially when you want the ocean waves to touch you.

4. 360° Purple By Perry Ellis

360° Purple By Perry Ellis

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There was a mysterious breeze in the previous line of the 360° series, but this time, it comes from a distant place, the 360° Purple. This perfume has the same sensual base as its predecessors.

Still, it has a touch of elegance that serves as the basis for the necessary approach you want, in which you adopt your dominant woman posture but with feelings, just as all the perfumes in this revolutionary collection do.

There are notes of lily of the valley, musk, oakmoss, sandalwood, rose, or tuberose in this perfume, which was launched in 2013, creating a sense of freshness in such hot summers when it feels like it’s brought perfectly from a cold forest. Moreover, it must also provide long-lasting longevity and a smooth trail, both contrasts that clearly illustrate the dislocation it can cause a man.

5. 18 Sensual by Perry Ellis

18 Sensual by Perry Ellis

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We’re talking to you about Perry Ellis’ Sensual 18, one of the most majestic and fabulous samples. it will make you feel like a wonderful woman from the first moment, and it will meet your night adventure needs for maximum sensuality and talent.

As evidenced by the advertising campaigns with high-ranking models, 18 Sensual is one of the best perfumes in this competition, so you’ll be able to get a lot done in the fashion world.

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Lily of the Valley, woody notes, freesia, white musk, white rose, and pear make up this simple yet straightforward fragrance. Its longevity and trail make it a powerful fragrance that warms the winter. Make the most of your beauty if you wish to stand out.

6. 360° Choir by Perry Ellis

360° Choir by Perry Ellis

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A perfume that doesn’t need anything to be a masterpiece in the collection of this important designer is the 360° Coral by Perry Ellis, a perfume that has a fresh focus and creation. With notes of jasmine, cashmere wood, amber, tonka bean, and musk, this fragrance is always faithful to your senses, so you’re never missing any new trends in the fashion world.

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The summertime is a great time to use him, especially if you decide to take it to the beach, where longevity and moderate waking will behave perfectly. You shouldn’t stop following him if you’re looking for a modern woman as she can be used in the city as well.

7. 360° Pink by Perry Ellis

360° Pink by Perry Ellis

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Throughout Perry Ellis’ women’s perfume collection, feminine strength has been a recurring theme, as exemplified by 360° Pink, an intoxicating perfume that captures your attention from the very first whiff.

With notes of lotus, sage, lily of the valley, amber, vanilla, and also sandalwood, you will feel like the most feminine woman in the world.

Unlike this, this has lasting longevity and a moderate trail that will help you find safety at the top, a scent fit for fountains, and lets out your most beautiful flower.

8. Oud Black Vanilla Absolute by Perry Ellis

Oud Black Vanilla Absolute by Perry Ellis

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It is without a doubt that Oud Black Vanilla Absolute is the most irresistible fragrance on the perfume market. You can’t doubt for a second that, with this perfume, your aim is very high, especially if you intend to steal their eyes since the perfume itself will take care of everything. It was done with a certain minimalism in relation to its main element, which is vanilla, but the aim is clear: you aim high with this perfume.

Despite the fact that it also contains vanilla, oud wood, black amber, and white flower tobacco, the latter contrasts with vanilla’s typical sweetness, which will make you look like a woman who is full of sensuality and yet has an aura of innocence that all men love. With its moderate footprint and longevity, Perry Ellis’ Oud Black Vanilla Absolute is ideal for a time like autumn; sweet and pleasant but also full of surprises.


Each perfume analyzed here shows that being a lady does not necessarily mean having a demure attitude, but that you can explode with everything you have to offer from your own mind that hasn’t yet emerged. If you want to experience the sensation of being a woman without giving up your personal opinion, Perry Ellis perfumes for women are your best bet!

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