Best Serial Killers Movies and Series to Watch

All-time Best Serial Killers Movies and Series you should watch 

They are infamous, serial killers. These serial killers will do anything to achieve their goals. History retains names: Jack the Ripper, Joseph Vacher, Eugène Weidmann, Henri Désiré Landru… Their character fascinates as much as it frightens. If their works are fearful, the coolness they demonstrate leaves them speechless. But serial killers aren’t just in working life. They were also taken to the cinema. Here below you will find the best movies and series based upon serial killers.

Top 8 Best Serial Killers Movies and Series 


1. Whitechapel

It is a four-season British drama series. It aired from February 2, 2009, to October 9, 2013, on ITV. And in France from December 18, 2009, on Arte and Paris Première. Whitechapel is a television adaptation of the famous Jack the Ripper story. It takes place in London in 1880.

The series relates the atrocities committed by the serial killer whose true identity no one knows until today. The English series Whitechapel takes up this story in many details. A series of investigations, but also a way to discover or rediscover this history which has become sadly popular.

2. Dexter

A famous 8-season American television series, Dexter aired from October 1, 2006, to September 22, 2013, on Showtime in the United States. It is obviously impossible to make a ranking of series of serial killers without mentioning DEXTER.

This is without a doubt one of the best serial killer series. It tells the story of Dexter, a serial killer police officer, who targets only bad guys of the worst kind. Note that this character is inspired by the real Miami serial killer cop: Manuel Pardo Jr.

3. Hannibal

It is a three-season American drama and crime series. It aired from April 4, 2013, to August 29, 2015, on NBC in the United States and on Citytv in Canada. This series introduces the general public to the twisted and strange character of Hannibal Lecter a little more. The famous serial killer who feasted on human meats.

The series is very disturbing but beautiful. She tells the story of the cannibalistic psychiatrist and his patient: an FBI profiler. You’d really have to have your heart and stomach hooked to feast on three seasons of this creepy series.

4. Mindhunter

Mindhunter is a two-season American thriller airing on Netflix from October 13, 2017. It is inspired by the books Mindhunter by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. This is a must-see and memorable series featuring serial killers par excellence. Characters such as Ed Kemper or Charles Manson are almost identical to real assassins.

The series also focuses on the beginnings of profiling. FBI agents of the 1970s never analyzed mass murderers. You will find out how they organized themselves to tackle the various macabre acts of serial killers.

5. American crime story

American anthology series, it mixes dramatic, biographical, and detective genre. American crime story has been airing since February 2, 2016, on the American FX channel, as well as on FX Canada. The series revisits the crime stories that hit the headlines. Its first season deals with the case of OJ Simpson, the American football star accused of the murder of his ex-wife.

While the second season addresses another story just as intriguing: the assassination of Gianni Versace in 1997. This season 2 was also a great success, with a success of the scenario.

6. Bates Motel

It is a five-season dramatic thriller, airing from March 18, 2013, to April 24, 2017, on A&E. In this series, it is about a young version of the psychopath Norman Bates having a rather special relationship with his mother. A rather unhealthy mother-son relationship, but which will make us learn a lot of things about the young Norman Bates.

Bates Motel is the story of a serial killer’s youth as well as that of his relationship with those around him. This series combines both intrigue and disgust. What to understand a little more the deep motivations of a serial killer.

7. Absentia

Absentia is a three-season American thriller, detective, and drama. Still, in production, the series has been broadcast since September 25, 2017, on the European channel AXN. This series turns the tables by making the serial killer the prey of one of his previous victims.

An FBI agent strangely disappears for six years while hunting down a serial killer. When she wakes up, her life is not the same and when her attacker begins to kill again, a story of revenge is born. This series is rich in suspense.

8. You

It is a two-season American psychological thriller that has aired since September 9, 2018. The Lifetime channel is entitled to its first season, but Netflix has picked it up since its second. A young bookseller falls head over heels in love with one of his clients.

However, the youngster is not just a bookseller. He nourishes a deep obsession for his client which will lead him to spy on her, follow her, track her down on the networks. In truth, it is about a psychopath par excellence, but above all a killer.

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