7 Best Psychological Thriller Movies to Watch

Top 7 Best Psychological Thriller Movies to Watch

Psychological thriller films occupy a considerable place in the world of cinema. These best psychological movies are full of action, thriller, and murder; they plunge viewers into suspense.

Best Psychological Thriller Movies

Compared with books, these psychological-based thriller movies can combine well-crafted images and talented actors to aestheticize the scenarios.

1. Limitless

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Limitless (2011), a thriller and Sci-Fi film, is among the best psychological movies you must watch. In Limitless, director Neil Burger talks about the upheaval in the life of Eddie, a writer who suffers from blank page syndrome.

In his search for solutions, he was able to discover NZT, an amphetamine that gave a boost to his cognitive faculties.

Eddie doesn’t even think about measuring the effects and risks of this drug before consuming it. In any case, it was the remedy for his indescribable fear of the blank page. He finished writing his book in record time.

Seduced by this substance’s advantages, the protagonist does not hesitate to increase his stock. The worst part is that this decision is the beginning of its confusion. But in the meantime, he learns everything without much effort.

Unfortunately for him, he attracts many enemies because of his great power. Carl Van Loon is one of them. As the pressure from its detractors kicks in, the side effects of NZT are starting to take hold.

2. Lucy

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The success of this French psychological thriller is echoed internationally. This production by Luc Besson was voted the best French success of the year in 2014. Lucy received 53.5 million admissions during film broadcasts abroad.

Lucy Miller was living in Taipei when the Korean Mafia ambushed her. She becomes one of the mules tortured by these traffickers. They inserted a derivative of an experiment, known as CPH4, inside her belly.

This injection unleashed powers that are beyond imagination in Lucy. These faculties allow him to control waves, electricity, and even sleep. And these are just a few of those countless abilities.

She resolved to meet Professor Norman, a theorist and brain specialist. According to Norman, Lucy’s brain capacity increased by 5% compared to normal. Its powers are, therefore, the fruit of this phenomenon.

And this is only the beginning of the manifestation of his heritage: immeasurable intelligence and speed. As his adventures progress, his skills reach a performance of 100%. In the end, his body can no longer contain this immense power.

3. Joker 2020

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This film tells the story of the beginnings of Batman’s famous foe: the Joker. Arthur Fleck is an employee of a clown agency. The victim of atrocious contempt from society, Fleck leads his life apart and alone with his sad, sick mother. The loss of her job only made her case worse.

Not only has he been fired, but another incident has yet to change his life forever. He has men who have just assaulted a woman in a subway.

These three individuals did not believe in his disability when Arthur laughed at this scene and then beat him.

4. An Ordinary Man

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He used his revolver to shoot them down in turn. The death of his mother makes him sink more and more into madness. This series of trials forged him to become the Joker, Gotham City’s number one criminal.

This Ron Howard film adapts Sylvia Nassar’s book, Exceptional Brain. An authentic scenario distinguishes it.

This thriller tells a story inspired by the life of John Forbes Nash Jr., a famous 20th-century mathematician and economist. He is also the author of many theories still used to this day.

In the film, the lead actor has schizophrenia, a psychiatric illness that alters his perception of reality.

Believing to speak with a certain Williams Parcher, who is only the fruit of his imagination, John Forbes worked secretly for the United States by deciphering Russian messages hidden in the presses.

After a hospital stay and his wife’s precious help, John manages to tame his burden and obtains the Nobel Prize for economics in 1994.

5. Split

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Split tells the story of Kevin Wendel, the main character with an identity disorder. The man acknowledges hosting 23 personalities by speaking regularly with Dr. Fletcher.

He suffered humiliation and abuse at some point in his life. His suffering gave birth to a 24th personality, which he calls the beast.

This very dark and threatening personality hides inside Kevin. According to her doctor’s diagnosis, Fletcher her problem is due to an existential need to protect herself. Kevin kidnapped three girls. Very quickly, his situation got complicated.

6. Us

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Producer Jordan Peel didn’t hesitate to bring up horror in the psychological thriller Us. The film is about Gabe and Adelaide Wilson.

Accompanied by their two children, they visit their vacation home with the Tylers. At first, the place seems calm and peaceful, but the environment quickly turns to disaster when their doppelgängers come to the scene to terrorize them.

7. Shutter island

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In 2010, writer Dennis Megane’s Roman Shutter Island was adapted into a film by Martin Scorsese. Shutter Island is a mental hospital for the most dangerous criminals. In the year 1954, the patient Rachel Solando disappeared.

Two police officers, Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule, take charge of the investigation. While inspecting the room of the missing, they discover a letter made up of a series of words and numbers. The police must solve the mystery with this single clue.

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