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5 Cricketers who didn’t get the Support of the Cricket Board

Top 5 cricketers who didn’t get the support of their respective cricket board

All cricket teams have their own cricket board to run. Under the banner of the Cricket Board, a player represents his country in international cricket. In this situation, every player needs the full support of their board to play international cricket, which will help them to advance their careers. Although there are many top-class players who didn’t get the proper support from their respective cricket boards.

When it comes to international cricket, there are some players who have received great support from the board team selection throughout their careers. But there are some unfortunate players in the world of cricket who do not get the support of their own board. Today in this report we will tell you about the 5 best players of the cricket world who have never received the support of the cricket board.


Top 5 Best Cricketers Who Didn’t Receive Support [Updated 2022] 


  1. Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan):

The Pakistan cricket team has always been dominated by strong bowlers. Pakistan’s big bowling legend has made a name for himself in the world of cricket. Speaking of all these bowlers, the name of Shoaib Akhtar, the emperor of speed, is big enough. Not only Pakistan, but Shoaib Akhtar’s name has also been very big in the whole cricket world.

Shoaib has played for Pakistan for a long time in his own bowling. Akhtar’s bowling has given him a special place. But on the other hand, Shoaib has always been a target of the Pakistani board. The PCB has always questioned Shoaib’s loyalty. Shoaib has been in trouble with the PCB for many years, which makes him number 1 in the list of top 5 best cricketers who didn’t receive support from the PCB Pakistan cricket board.


2. Kevin Pietersen (England):

England is considered the father of cricket. Some of the great players here have represented this team. Kevin Pietersen’s name can never be ignored if one looks at the batsmen among England’s greatest players. Former England batsman and captain Peterson has been a great authority. Peterson has made a name for himself in every format in his game.

This batsman has made many big appearances for England, but he has never had the support of the board. Kevin Pietersen’s career has been repeatedly proven wrong by the England board. Since 2010, Kevin Pietersen’s social media posts have made him an enemy of the ECB. The ECB no longer supported him and dropped him from the team after the 2013 Ashes.


3. Dwayne Bravo (Westindies)

Dwayne Bravo has never had a good relationship with the players of the West Indies cricket team and their board. The West Indies players have been in trouble with their boards from the start. Several times the board has treated the big players as enemies. When it comes to these players, the main name among them is star all-rounder Dwayne Bravo. Bravo has played for the West Indies in all three formats.

He is a big player in T20 cricket. Bravo has been seen playing in T20 leagues around the world, but when it comes to the West Indies, Bravo has been largely ignored. Bravo has never had board support in his entire career and this is why he has stayed away from international cricket.


4. Usman Khwaja (Australia)

Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting has been a great batsman. After the departure of Ricky Ponting, Usman Khawaja was considered his rightful successor in the Australian team. Usman Khwaja has made a significant impact in his domestic cricket career and has made demands for the team.

Usman Khwaja has never been given a regular chance in his career. Khoja still has enough cricket left. Khwaja has played cricket for Australia for almost nine years but has only been given the opportunity to play 95 matches so far. Cricket Australia has always sacrificed Usman as he never gets board support.


5. Rayudu (India)

The Indian cricket team has got some talented players. Every time there is a star in India’s under-19 cricket, there are some who have different qualifications. In this way, Ambati Rayudu, who is the captain of the under-19 team, also showed that special talent. Ambati Rayudu has regularly influenced domestic cricket in India. Rayudu was considered a great batsman.

However, after 2013, he was given a chance in the Indian team but he could never stay in the team consistently. Rayudu returned to the Indian team in 2016 after performing well in the IPL. He seemed certain to play in the 2019 World Cup but since then the board has ignored him and has not given him a place in the World Cup squad. Rayudu then retired in despair. However, he has decided to break his retirement and return now.


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