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5 Cricketers Who Didn’t Play a Single Game in IPL

5 Players Who Didn’t Play a Single Game in IPL

Cricketers from all over the world used to play in the IPL series at one time. There were also players like Pakistan who have now banned as well as players from Australia, England and West Indies who play more in the IPL series. At one time Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi players also played. In fact, the Zimbabwean team is also playing. Let’s take a look at the list of top 5 players who are currently so popular but have not played a single match in the IPL series.

5 Best Cricketers Who Didn’t Play a Single Game in IPL


1. Stuart Broad:

He played for England and did not play in a single match for Kings XI Punjab, which was bought for $ 4 lakh in 2011. The following year he was injured and has not been picked by any team since.


2. Mohammadullah:

He is a player in the Bangladesh team. He is one of the few players from the international team to play in the IPL series. He has been picked by Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad. But never even played in a match.


3. Brian Lara:

He retired from all international competitions in 2007. But suddenly he had registered his name in connection with the 2011 IPL. He was 42 at the time and because of this he was a good player but no team wanted to add him to their squad.


4. Kevin O’Brien:

He is an Irish player who can play very aggressively. From 2008 to 2013, he kept registering his name in the IPL auction but was not picked by any team.


5. Mushfiqur Rahim:

He is a Bangladeshi player. Despite giving his name in the IPL series for the last ten years, no team has bid for him and he does not seem to care about this.

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