10 Bigg Boss Participants who undergone plastic surgery

10 Bigg Boss Participants Who Undergone Plastic Surgery

Bigg Boss House has always been home to more than one contest. Fans are also made a part of many emotions like fighting, fights, love, and friendship in every season. Many Bigg Boss actresses and participants have undergone plastic surgery to make themselves better and more confident in the prevailing beauty standards.

Bigg Boss Participants Who Have Undergone Plastic Surgery

Due to being in the public eye, many female participants who have become part of it, have to constantly be a part of public scrutiny. Let us tell you 10 Bigg Boss Participants who have undergone plastic surgery in real life.

1. Koena Mitra

Bollywood actress Koena Mitra joined Bigg Boss season 13. There was a lot of talk during Bigg Boss about her poor face surgery. She had said that her face had deteriorated due to the wrong surgery, but then she underwent corrective surgery, due to which she had to face many health problems.

2. Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant never hid the fact that she underwent surgery to change her face and breasts. Rakhi has said in many interviews that if God has not given you anything, it does not mean that even a doctor cannot give.

3. Sara Khan

All of us have seen the transformation of Sara Khan, the lead actress of TV’s most popular show ‘Bidai’. In 2018, she shared her latest picture, in which her lips, nose, and chic bone were seen separately. Seeing Sara in new and old photos makes her face change. Sara was seen in Bigg Boss season 4.

4. Gauhar Khan 

Gauhar Khan has got her lips modified. Her first lip surgery was messed up. Because of this, she had to cancel her shoot for a few days as she did not want to be seen in the camera. She denied this news earlier but later she accepted it. Gauhar was a part of Bigg Boss Season 7.

5. Mahira Sharma

In season 13, Mahira Sharma’s lips were ridiculed. She was also called a ‘big-lip lizard’ for her. Mahira got lip enhancement done a few years ago, but in the show, she never accepted it and described it as her natural lips. But old photographs of Mahira clearly show the difference between her lips and name.

6. Aashka Goradia

The famous actress and fitness expert on TV hid about her lip surgery at the first few times. But when people started trolling them, they openly said that they had made these changes in their lips for their happiness and they did not mind the trolls. Aashka was a part of Bigg Boss Season 6.

7. Sambhavna Seth

Bigg Boss Season 8 contestant Sambhavna Seth had breast enlargement surgery. She wanted to look hot and better in the item dance.

8. Sakshi Pradhan

During Bigg Boss, Sakshi Pradhan spoke to Shweta Tiwari about her own pregnancy. She also sought help from Bigg Boss regarding the medical checkup. After this, she also sought permission to exit the show. Sakshi too has got lips enlargement and the difference can be seen clearly in her pictures. Sakshi was a part of BB Season 4.

9. Bani J

We have all seen the transformation of Roadies star and actress Bani J, who has become an example of fitness. She has worked very hard on her body and has undergone lip and surgery for facial changes. Bani was a part of Bigg Boss Season 10.

10. Rashmi Desai

Rashmi Desai is one of the most famous faces on TV. She has undergone surgery to remove excess flash from her face some time ago. She had accepted it on the set of Nach Baliye 7 but she later retracted. Rashmi was a part of Bigg Boss 13.

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