11 Best Tommy Hilfiger Perfumes For Her

Best Tommy Hilfiger Women Perfumes

Mentioning Tommy Hilfiger’s name directly makes women think of how beautiful they would look if they used their perfumes and how great their posture would be in front of the world. Take advantage of these 11 best Tommy Hilfiger perfumes for women we’ve selected for you in this article.

There is no doubt that it is one of the most reputable fashion companies in the world. In this article, we will focus on its extensive line of perfumes for women, especially the top eleven, which appear to be a very special guide so you can pick the one that best suits all your splendor and beauty.

Accordingly, we can say that these fragrances are perfectly designed and later designed so that they highlight their beauty and their avant-garde.

11 Best Tommy Hilfiger Perfumes For Women

1. Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

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To begin with, it’s normal for everyone to feel part of different cultures or lifestyles, even when they live abroad; however, with Tommy Hir’s Tommy Girl, it’s all about including all women in America.

In addition to being feminine, the fragrance also conforms to the mundane lifestyle; it includes notes such as blackcurrant, honeysuckle, leather, sandalwood, jasmine, cedar, and magnolia, ensuring security with every step.

You mix more than just this scent, so summer is yours from cover to cover, especially since it has moderate longevity and a moderate trail. In order to immerse yourself in the American style that so many women around the world desire, you can’t stop trying a perfume like this.

2. Tommy Girl Eau De Prep by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Girl Eau De Prep by Tommy Hilfiger

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The Tommy Girl Eau de Prep is a direct reference to Tommy Hilfiger’s thunderous way of dancing, but with his repressed lifestyle, he is really dishonest with all women.

Among the most prominent perfume designers on the planet, Aurelien Guichard created a fragrance for Eau de Prep. This Tommy Girl Eau de Prep has been infused with notes of rose, violet, Granny Smith apple, musk, sandalwood, and also hawthorn blossom.

It would be great to have a fragrance like this that was also made with moderate longevity and a gentle trail at any time of the year.

3. Peach Blossom by Tommy Hilfiger

Peach Blossom by Tommy Hilfiger

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With Tommy Hilfiger Peach Blossom, we continue, a powerful perfume name for a perfume whose characteristics are similar to what it generates in you: a new sensation of attraction, a perfume that is designed for winter, for women with deep roots who at a stroke can drive away any man and continue their private party.

A 2011 perfume with notes of bergamot, peach, blackberry, blackcurrant, iris, mimosa, tonka bean, and coconut, with a strong mix of tropical elements, including previously revised fruits or other elements. Besides being spiritual, it has a smooth trail and moderate longevity. It makes you feel strong both inside and outside and is able to face any situation without problems.

4. Tommy Girl Tropics by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Girl Tropics by Tommy Hilfiger

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Summer has arrived with the perfect scent. The Tommy Girl Tropics perfume, under this concept, is perfect for all kinds of summers, not only for those who think of the beach but also for those with that special heat. It will make you feel really sexy.

As it is composed of sandalwood, grapefruit, orange blossom, or musk veil, it will relax you enough to enjoy the summer even more. Do not be deceived by the idea that this will make you feel too spicy, as it is usually too mild for you to expect the heat but not too irritating. Lastly, it is short-lived and has a gentle trail so that you won’t disturb those beside you.

5. Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger

Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger

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In pursuit of your dreams and objectives in life, Tommy Hilfiger’s Dream is truly an emotional gamble, as it allows you to be an ambitious, dreamy woman.

The perfume Dreaming, created by Trudi Loren in 2007, has a fragrance that includes gooseberries, freesia, tuberose, and peach, making it one of the mildest perfumes on the market. With a tendency to last for a very long time and have a smooth trail, Dream perfume is ideal for spring, which is a wonderful time of year to wear it.

6. The Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

The Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

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Stylish ladies, the Girl perfume is here and with it a feeling of extreme freshness, but also oriented to make you stand out on any runway.

Calice Becker created The Girl because she wanted to make you feel like a Hollywood star personally, so she created it. As a result of these factors, we have developed an extremely refined fragrance in which sexism has no place, whether due to its creator’s context or the power of being respected by those you see.

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The composition of the Girl perfume is mostly composed of wood notes such as jasmine, violet, cashmere, or cedar, and its structure stands out for being strong and with presence. Its moderate longevity makes this scent perfect for winter.

7. Hilfiger Woman by Tommy Hilfiger

Hilfiger Woman by Tommy Hilfiger

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With Hilfiger Woman, a perfume designed by none other than Calice Becker and all its influence, it is one of those perfumes that needs to be taken seriously because of its distinctive characteristics.

A fragrance that is as strong as this one does not have any less strength in its notes, and that’s why the chosen ones are raspberry, jasmine, magnolia, and lily. Hilfiger Woman, on the other hand, is the perfect perfume to wear in spring to break the mold of the season.

As a result, you’ll be noticed since you’ll get the ‘sweetness’ of a woman using it, but with the mobility of someone seeking their place in the world, overcoming obstacles.

8. Flower Marigold by Tommy Hilfiger

Flower Marigold by Tommy Hilfiger

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In 2015, Tommy Hilfiger launched Flower Marigold, a perfume for women. After an introduction like this, you may have been shocked by the perfume’s beauty. While you are not up against any perfume, Flower Marigold is filled with jasmine, freesia, lily of the valley, musk, sandalwood, cedar, amber, and vanilla notes, resulting in a fragrance that, while initially confusing, gives way to a sense of security in the long run.

We are not lying to say that Flower Marigold makes you a woman with enough vigor, and its creators made it the best from Tommy Hilfiger’s women’s collection. As well as being moderately and awakely lasting, the flower marigold is also a contained fragrance that is perfect for fall.

9. Loud for Her by Tommy Hilfiger

Loud for Her by Tommy Hilfiger

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Intensive and adrenaline everywhere are two phrases that are perfect for describing a perfume such as Loud Her by Tommy Hilfiger, which was released in 2010 and had Aurelien Guichard and Yann Vasnier at the helm of its creation.

The combination of two fragrance geniuses and a new decade creates an explosion of great originality, and with summer being a perfect time to wear it, you will be able to let go of the tension.

Although there are definitely new notes of lychee, rose, or patchouli, together with the moderation of its longevity as well as the huge waste count, we should not forget that Loud Her includes notes of lychee, rose, and patchouli in a certainly new composition.

In addition, we must take into account that Tommy Hilfiger released some of his most spectacular insights into the dynamism of perfume with Loud for Her because they know women from the youngest to the oldest.

10. True Star Gold by Tommy Hilfiger

True Star Gold by Tommy Hilfiger

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Suppose you like cameras, lights, or flashes. If so, Tommy Hilfiger’s True Star Gold is the perfect fragrance to make you stand out wherever you go, whether it’s on the catwalk or in high society.

Since being a star has no time limit, it can be worn any season of the year since it’s always the perfect time to shine. True Star Gold stands out for making you a body to watch where you walk.

With notes of honeysuckle, melon, musk, and various citruses, Tommy Hilfiger’s True Star Gold fragrance links moderate longevity and heavy trail.

11. Weekend Getaway by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Girl Weekend Getaway by Tommy Hilfiger

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One of the simplest and lightest fragrances available today is Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Girl Weekend Getaway, released in 2018. It is perfect for moving comfortably on any beach or sand and feeling at ease with yourself. A summer fragrance, it has notes of passion fruit, jasmine, tiarĂ© flower, orange blossom, and vanilla that are inspired by the warmth of summer.

Although its fragrance combines so many tropical elements, it also has a touch of sweetness and subtlety, due to the vanilla that gives it. The Tommy Hilfiger perfume line for women is known for its moderate longevity, and its trail is also designed in that moderation, which is definitely the latest trend. Tommy Girl Weekend Getaway is passionate and sophisticated.


With the 11 Best Tommy Hilfiger Perfumes for Women, you can go out on the street and show yourself as you truly are, highlighting the little details that you like to emphasize, such as your look or your way of walking.

There is always a tropical element and a strong personality present in these previously reviewed fragrances, so you can be sure that you can present any goal. Even better, if we have to add the perfect style you always wanted, don’t miss the chance to catch the Tommy Hilfiger nets!

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