7 Best Camellia Perfumes For Women

Best Perfumes With Camellia For Women

Don’t miss out on the 7 Best Perfumes With Camellia For Women, which are widely accepted, especially among high female societies; don’t ignore them.

It cannot be forgotten that fragrances for women often come about because they have such an incredible history that no one can abandon their side or their peculiarities. This is the case of camellias, which have a feminine history just as impressive as their own.

There is little known about the aroma of the Camellia flower, which is thought to be between sweet and elegant. Camellias were treated at first as exotic flowers, but later, they became first-class flowers brought from the East to Spain.

7 Best Perfumes With Camellia For Women

1. Eau de Fleur de Camelia by Kenzo

Some fragrances are so similar to their flowers that it is impossible to imagine them without them, which is why Eau de Fleur de Camelia by Kenzo is a perfume that has its roots in this way: camellia. It was released in 2011 and belonged to the Floral Olfactory Family for Women.

Eau de Fleur de Camelia by Kenzo

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Inside notes range from camellia, musk, and some citrus touches. This makes the perfume in question very elegant as well as practical and with many touches of a first-world sexy girl, so it is a great option if you live in the city.

With all this, this perfume also has heavy longevity and a similar trail that are exceptional to be able to be used better in spring, making it one of the star perfumes for such a magnificent season of the year for love and couple meetings.

2. Arpege For Women by Lanvin

One of the best-valued perfumes on the market is Arpege de Lanvin, a new way of understanding camellia perfumes. It was officially launched on the market in 1927 and belonged to the Floral Aldehyde for Women’s olfactory family. Despite having been on the shelves for so long, it continues to impose its modern and mystical aesthetic.

Arpege by Lanvin

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Inside a series of notes, we have camellia, lily of the valley, rose, coriander, lily, peach, honeysuckle, vanilla, patchouli, and benzoin. This is how you will perceive a series of elements between the fresh, the mysterious, and perhaps a little sweet in its aroma.

With the Arpege, you can have great fun in summer, and at the same time, you will have moderate longevity and a similar trail, proof of pure mysticism.

3. Flower Rose by Tommy Hilfiger

As far as perfumes are concerned, Tommy Hilfiger has always been characterized by having a youthful style and likes being so daring. They have taken this into account with the Tommy Hilfiger Flower, a fragrance that belongs to the family Floral olfactory for Women and was launched around 2014.

Flower Rose by Tommy Hilfiger

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One of the things that I like the most about this perfume is that it has a very modern aesthetic. Still, at the same time, feminine, so its aroma, which is composed of mandarin, bank musk, amber, camellia, and milk, is a pure delight; it is totally fresh, and of course, it also has a lot of citruses, thus being an irresistible combination for any woman who wants to have a very rich and provocative fragrance on her body.

However, it is a somewhat shy scent because its longevity is short-lived, and its trail is soft, making it the perfect scent for autumn.

4. Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

Designed for any woman who wants to identify with a perfume, whatever it is, the Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger arrives with a perfume that will enchant you for its presence and the way it will make you understand life. This belonged to the Floral Fruity, an olfactory family for Women, and was launched in 1996.

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

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One of the best attributes of this perfume is that it is pure because its notes show only that it is delicate and eloquent. These are, therefore, composed of camellia, leather, sandalwood, jasmine, violet, lemon, mandarin, black currant, rose, and grapefruit. Its aroma is refined, yes, as well as dry.

The Tommy Girl boasts long-lasting longevity and is heavy, demonstrating total durability. At the same time, its aroma has all the best attributes to be used in winter.

5. 212 by Carolina Herrera

A world-renowned designer cannot be left out of this list of perfumes, which is why the 212 by Carolina Herrera is a great satisfaction for those who like camellia. This perfume belonged to the Floral Woody Musk for Women’s Olfactory family and was born in 1997.

212 by Carolina Herrera

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A scent like this perfume is rather cold, which can also be felt like a breath of all the freshness that a camellia has to give. Its notes contain camellia, mandarin, bergamot, cactus flower, rose, peony, musk, sandalwood, and jasmine.  Its aroma is considered one of the most special and very feminine.

All these light touches that this top-level perfume has been put to the test with its moderate longevity and the similar trail that is very neutral, a perfect fragrance, yes, for summer.

6. Victoria’s Secret Winter Bombshell

It is one of the most explosive perfumes that can exist in the whole world. Also, quite a difference to be made with camellia, but it represents a new era of this component. It belonged to the Floral Fruity, an olfactory family for Women, and was launched in 2015.

Victoria's Secret Winter Bombshell

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The Victoria’s Secret Winter Bombshell has a carambola, jasmine, and camellia inside to give you a floral, strong, and, above all, very fresh aroma. With this aroma, you can feel all the splendor of the sweetest flowers and their maximum touches of freshness, a display of very oriental factors.

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On the other hand, the Winter Bombshell is an exceptional aroma that comes in handy in winter to outshine all the coldness of this season and has long-lasting longevity and a very heavy trail, so you will not be able to forget its aroma as hard as it is soft. , a perfect ability has to contrast without disturbing.

7. Avon Instinct For Her

Within the popular repertoire that Avon represents for any woman, we are pleased to introduce Instinct For Her, which is pure and absolute luxury, representing everything that high societies love about camellia. It belonged to the Floral for Women olfactory family and was launched in 2013.

Avon Instinct For Her

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This Instinct For Her has a series of simple elements, but they may be everything you need, only composed of notes of camellia and sandalwood. You can expect that yes to a very fresh and country aroma, all full of flowers, that is its best attribute. Also, within this Avon perfume, you can delight yourself with subtle hints of sweetness, although not totally.

With its aroma, in the same way, you will have a fairly long-lasting perfume because its longevity allows it, and it has a heavy trail, which looks good for spring days.


You will be able to be a delicate woman who can also show her sensual side when you wear these perfumes with camellias, and these perfumes will help you to be one. Therefore, these eight best camellia perfumes for women are what could be called their best exponents, and you must always keep them in mind when you need to use fragrances with camellia.

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