Top 10 Best Natura Perfumes for Men

Best Natura Men Perfumes

When it was thought that all companies were not betting on the environment to become even more known, Natura Colognes for him came along at the right time, so this article may be of interest to you.

Don’t miss out on these 10 Best Natura Perfumes For Men that will make you look good and enhance your personality. With Natura Man perfumery, you will have a scent that will mark every moment of your life and society.

10 Best Natura Perfumes For Men

1. Homem by Natura

Homem by Natura

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If we have to talk about the Homen de Natura, we must also say first-hand that it is a highly fresh fragrance designed for those touches of the sea that people like these days.

Contains notes of ginger, cedar, sandalwood, musk, peach, and bergamot, and indeed, it has natural fragrance but with a fruity aroma. It has moderate longevity and a similar trail and is perfect for spring days because it makes even the coldest woman fall in love.

2. Kaiak by Natura

Kaiak by Natura

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This first version of Kaiak is intense and given for the most extreme adventures. It was launched in 2003 and had endless possibilities without limits for those who like to take a lot.

With the Kaiak, you can feel great simultaneously because it has notes of pink pepper, Virginia cedar, orchid, lily of the valley, and even jasmine. Everything so that you can perceive yourself with a fragrance attached to the flora. Its longevity is very long-lasting, and its massive trail is quite optimal for the summer.

Whatever adventure you have, you can enjoy it with this classic perfume in this ideal company’s formulary for the adventurous man.

3. Male Essential by Natura

Male Essential by Natura

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Its name also says it all. The Male Essential is a fragrance you must have for all the exclusivity it shows daily when used. It is a phenomenal collector’s piece for the top winners.

It has notes of Virginia cedar, amber, myrrh, fir, grapefruit, nutmeg, and lavender. Its fragrance then turns floral and robust, leaving good feelings for autumn. Its longevity is very long-lasting, and its trail is heavy.

4. Kaiak Natura Adventure

Kaiak Natura Adventure

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Another fragrance that is a worthy representative of the excellent adventure is the Kaiak Aventura by Natura, which was launched around 2017, many years after the first one saw the light.

It has a rose aroma but is fresh and full-bodied; its notes are musk, sandalwood, jasmine, mandarin, rose, and peony. As you can see, it is a very stable and pleasant fragrance. Already in its longevity, we find it very durable; while its trail is soft, its fragrance is phenomenal for winters.

5. Exclusive Natura Essentials

Exclusive Natura Essentials

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The most direct and especially perfect version of Essencial is the Exclusive Essencial, a fragrance with a beautiful disposition to make you fit anywhere.

It has notes of sandalwood, vetiver, musk, tangerine, orange, and fruity elements. This powerful blend is unrealistically fruity, forest, flowery, and willpower. Its longevity is moderate, while its trail is soft. The summer is undoubtedly your thing, and you will be unique, even on a beach with hundreds of people.

6. Kaiak Aero by Natura

Kaiak Aero by Natura

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The fragrance of more distant and cold Kaiak is the Kaiak Aero, a perfume that is too fresh in every way, making you always want to flirt with flying heights.

Cedar, musk, sandalwood, Virginia juniper, cardamom, rhubarb, violet, and even seaweed contain notes. You can notice an aroma of the sea, but very well worn so that it is outlined towards elegance. Its longevity is long-lasting, its trail moderate, and it is phenomenal for winter.

7. Humor 6 Paz e Humor de Natura

Humor 6 Paz e Humor de Natura

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Without a doubt, the company’s most casual and relaxed fragrance is Humor 6 Paz e Humor, a perfume with a series of very distinctive attributes to miss.

It has notes of sandalwood, amber, musk, orange, tangerine, jasmine, and bergamot. Altogether, they recreate an aroma of tropical fruits and absolute freshness, something striking and fun.

You have to use it primarily in summer; its longevity is long-lasting, and its trail is similar. You can’t walk away from a fragrance like that for all those days of maximum fun possible.

8. Essencial Oud de Natura

Essencial Oud de Natura

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Another version of the Essential is its Essential Oud side. This fragrance follows the line of the greatness of the previous one to have now a series of notes of oud wood, sandalwood, cedar, saffron, geranium, cinnamon, and praline. All these evolutions result in a one hundred percent masculine perfume, which is noted with subtle hints of wood aroma.

Its longevity is long-lasting, and its wake is massive, without forgetting that it is suitable for the summer.

9. Homem Essence by Natura

Homem Essence by Natura

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The fact that this perfume has a precise mixture of various fragrances makes it quite elemental and special, a scent that should not be neglected due to its level of impact.

It has notes of cardamom, cedar, amber, guaiac wood, bergamot, ginger, grapefruit, and lemon. Already in its longevity, we find that it is moderate, and its soft trail is beautiful to times such as autumn.

10. Intense Natura Essencial

Intense Natura Essencial

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As its name suggests, Natura’s Intense Essential was launched in 2013 and is ranked as the Top-rated Natura Men perfume. It had the Woody Aromatic olfactory family for Men, to which we have to say in its favor that it is too masculine.

Intense Natura Essential has a series of notes of musk, sandalwood, patchouli, black pepper, nutmeg, and oak, all a wonder for you that you are a powerful man in every way, and you will have this fragrance with pine scent for you.

It has long-lasting longevity and a heavy scent, which goes well in winter. In short, this fragrance is, just as its name says, essential in every way to achieve a memorable poise that does not deviate from the world of your manhood for anything.


Especially since we have gathered all the best from the company and all the potential it has managed to carry through its existence, you shouldn’t waste an article like this.

There is something remarkable about this series of Natura perfumes for men: you can feel free because its best attribute is not sensuality but a style too elegant to hide.

Additionally, you will enjoy really strong perfumes because their longevity and trail crush any attempts to fade; they are a privilege you should enjoy.

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