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5 Best Tous Perfumes For Men in 2022

Best Tous Perfumes For Men. The respected Tous house has remained in the high range for many years, and it is no coincidence that it brings to market items of the highest quality and luxury that connoisseurs will know how to make the most of. In this opportunity, we find their perfumes for men, which are ideal options for various environments and situations. Taking that into consideration, we present The 5 Best Tous Perfumes For Him.


5 Best Tous Perfumes For Men 2022


1. Tous Man by Tous

One of Tous’ classic perfumes, ‘Tous Man’ is presented as a classic and very new option that will be useful for casual walks and everyday life in general. It arrived on the market in 2004 under the oriental woody scent family and stands out as the best option to make the most of your day.

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It opens with notes of pepper, grapefruit, ginger, and Brazilian orange; a very attractive blend for freshness and a light seductive touch. This is followed by medium notes of apple and pineapple, adding a fruity touch, to finish with base notes of musk, cedar, amber, and sandalwood, these notes are responsible for perfectly balancing all your chords to offer a great aroma.

It’s quite versatile, so you can use it any season of the year with great security. It has an excellent duration and a trail that will accompany you anywhere.


2. Tous Man Intense By Tous

Another perfect option for everyday life, family outings, or casual get-togethers. ‘Tous Man Intense’ is characterized by presenting a large number of floral notes in its aromatic composition. It was released in 2013 and is a slightly modified version of the classic ‘Tous Man’.

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It opens with notes of sage, petitgrain, and neroli, which pave the way for middle notes of orange blossom and lavender. It closes categorically with notes of musk, amber, and tonka bean.

It is perfect for use during spring or fall, where it will perform very well. It has very good duration, along with a heavy trail that will accompany you during your daily activities.

3. 1920 The Origin By Tous

Launched on the market in 2017, ‘1920 The Origin’ is aimed at gentlemen in every sense of the word; those who care about looking always elegant and classic, ideal for mature men who are known for their experience and wisdom. The fragrance belongs to the woody scent family and is planted as an ideal alternative to make good impressions during business meetings, executive dinners, appointments, and more.

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It opens with notes of cardamom, pepper, and bergamot, to give way to medium notes of tea, jasmine, and cumin; This wide range of notes balances perfectly and gives us a very masculine scent during the initial phase of the perfume. It closes with deep notes of amber, patchouli, and cedar, an aromatic delicacy that you can enjoy in any situation.

It has a very long duration, together with a wake that will accompany you in the most demanding moments of the night. You can wear it any season of the year, which makes it a versatile scent that will become your ideal daily companion.


4. Tous Man Les Colognes Concentrees By Tous

We close with a light perfume, perfect for days when you want to relax. ‘Tous Man Les Colognes Concentrées’ is planted as a perfect option for uncomplicated men who like good company. It enters the market in 2016 under the citrus and woody fragrance family and has earned a good place in Tous’ men’s perfume catalog.

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It opens with notes of grapefruit and orange blossom, which give way to middle notes of guaiac wood and mint, a very good combination of notes that will bring freshness to the fragrance. It closes with notes of vetiver and tonka bean, to perfectly contrast with its spectacular previous notes.

It has a good duration; it can stay on your skin for up to 12 hours, along with a gentle trail that will make you feel very comfortable. It is perfect for use during summer or spring, although in other seasons it also performs well.


5. In Heaven Him By Tous

A perfect perfume for young men, for those who like adventure and challenges. ‘In Heaven Him’ was released in 2008 under the spicy olfactory family. It has a slightly spicy and rebellious touch that will make you live your days to the fullest, a true Tous gem for the male sector.

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It opens with notes of mandarin, pineapple, and sweet paprika, a citrus blend with a light spicy touch that balances perfectly. It continues with medium notes of carambola, violet leaves, and cardamom. It closes with deep notes of patchouli and moss, which give the fragrance a lot of solidity.

It has a moderate duration, so you should use it with care so that you can keep your skin or clothing on during your activities. It has a slightly penetrating trail that will not be invasive; on the contrary, you will be very well received by the people around you.


Final Considerations

Without a doubt, Tous demonstrated that he can also have great success in modern perfumery, bringing to the market fantastic options for him, which adapt to many situations. Let Tous take care of providing a perfect perfume for any occasion!

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