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5 Best TWS Earbuds With Long Battery Life

We always prefer wireless headphones with long lasting battery life. Here are some of the best TWS earbuds with battery backup up to 10 hours, and with charging from the case - a day or more.

The main problem with TWS headphones is their short battery life. They constantly have to be put away in the case to recharge. This is especially inconvenient on long journeys, such as on a plane or train.

We have chosen models that can work for a very long time without recharging. Let’s clarify that we paid attention first of all to the working time without a case, and only then evaluated how many times the headphones can be charged in the case.

Best TWS Earbuds with Great Battery Life

Here are some of the earbuds from various manufacturers that usually indicate the autonomy of headphones at medium volume. If you listen to music at maximum, this operating time will be slightly lower.

1) Soundcore Space A40 – 10 Hours (50 Hours with Case)

Soundcore Space A40 is a model with a record operating time. Headphones will work up to 10 hours without recharging or 50 hours from the case. If you turn on active noise reduction, then 8 hours is also a great result. There is fast charging: 10 minutes is enough for 4 hours of work.

The model supports AAC and SBC codecs and can work in LDAC (Hi-Res Audio Wireless) mode. The headphones use dual-diaphragm speakers that provide powerful bass and clear mid-range and high frequencies.

We should also note ANC: the headphones automatically analyze external noises and adjust the required level of noise reduction. This is an in-canal headset that fits securely in the ears. The set includes five pairs of silicone ear tips so that each user can choose the appropriate size.

2) JBL TUNE 230NC – 10 Hours (40 Hours with Case)

The model from the well-known JBL brand will last 10 or 8 hours without recharging, depending on whether you use ANC. Fast charging is available: 10 minutes is enough for 2 hours of work. Each earpiece is equipped with 4 microphones for high-quality sound transmission during calls and active noise cancellation.

There are also 6.0 mm emitters inside. In the JBL app, you can customize playback to your liking. Note that the model supports AAC and aptX codecs, so it will sound good on iPhone and Android smartphones. The model is in-channel, the set includes 3 pairs of ear pads of different sizes.

3) HONOR TWS Choice Earbuds X3 – 9 Hours (36 Hours with Case)

Budget headphones HONOR TWS Choice Choice Earbuds X3 can be bought for only UAH 1,700. At the same time, they have excellent autonomy – up to 9 hours without recharging or 36 hours with a case.

There is also active noise reduction. If you turn it on, the gadget will last for about 6 hours. The maximum depth of active noise reduction is 40 dB – it will be comfortable to listen to music in public transport. The headphones have large (by TWS standards) speakers with a diameter of 12 mm.

Users note good sound and the presence of an equalizer in the proprietary application. Another advantage that owners of Android smartphones will appreciate is Qualcomm aptX support. The model also has a gaming mode with a low sound delay of 90 ms, protection against water and dust according to IP54, and sensors to determine the position of the headphones – if they are removed, playback will automatically stop.

4) ZMI PurPods Pro 10 Hours (32 Hours with Case)

The most expensive headphones in our selection, but at the same time one of the most autonomous on the market. The ZMI PurPods Pro model costs about UAH 1,500 and plays for up to 10 hours without recharging.

From the case – 32 hours. Despite the affordable price, the headset even has active noise cancellation. With it, it will work up to 7 hours. The speakers are quite large for TWS headphones – 9 mm.

Current Bluetooth 5.2 and AAC and SBC codecs are supported to work with any smartphone. Since these are earplugs, the set comes with additional pads – three pairs. The body is protected against water according to IPX4, which is also a plus for an inexpensive model.

5) Google Pixel Buds Pro – 11 Hours (31 Hours with Case)

Flagship headphones from Google Pixel will last up to 11 hours without recharging. If you turn on the noise canceler, then 7 hours. The case is designed for several recharges and will extend the working time up to 31 hours. 15 minutes of charging is enough for 3 hours of music playback.

The model uses 11 mm speakers, and each earbud has 3 microphones for ANC and conversations. Users praise the sound quality and noise reduction. The housing of the headphones is protected against water according to IPX4, so do not be afraid of splashes of rain and sweat. The model is presented in four colors, but the case in all versions is white – such a design decision.

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