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Top 10 Most Popular Boxers Who Died in The Ring

Boxing is among the most challenging sports due to the high danger involved. Numerous historical examples of professionals who could not withstand these blows and perished. Here are the comprehensive details on the world-shaking deaths of the ring’s top 10 most popular boxers.

10 Boxers Who Died in The Ring While Boxing

Boxers must endure severe blows to their entire bodies, which requires much stamina. Here are the unluckiest boxing instances where boxers lost their life in the arena.

1. Frankie Campbell

This immensely accomplished American boxer who competed in the heavyweight division is unknown, mainly among boxing enthusiasts. Frankie Campbell participated in forty professional matches and won thirty-three of them. 

In his most recent bout, he faced Max Baer. After the second round, Baer delivered a fatal blow to Campbell’s jaw, which ended his life immediately. This is among the most heartbreaking moments in boxing history.

2. Choi Yo-Sam

The Korean boxing superstar turned pro in 1993 and immediately wowed the world with his extraordinary combat abilities and talent. In 1999, he achieved fame by capturing the Lineal and WBC light flyweight titles. 

Choi was scheduled to defend his WBO Intercontinental flyweight championship in his final contest in 2007. In the 12th round, he collapsed and fell to the ground. Although he won the battle and successfully defended his title, he died from head trauma.

3. Jimmy Doyle

Jimmy Doyle, an American boxer who competed in the welterweight division, is the following individual on our list. Jimmy’s unstoppable strikes were his claim to fame, and he was soon on his way to becoming one of the finest professionals. In 1947, during a match against Sugar Ray Robinson, he suffered a severe brain injury. Later, he was transferred to the hospital, where he died after 17 hours of critical care.

4. Patrick Day

The late American professional boxer Patrick Day fought his first fight in 2013, and after winning, he put on an epic display. Subsequently, he performed well and won 17 of 22 total matches. 

Patrick sustained a brain injury during his fight against Charles Conwell due to a severe blow to the head from his opponent, which required him to be hospitalized. However, the injury was fatal, and he perished as a result.

5. Davey Moore

Davey Moore was one of the most gifted athletes of the 20th century and claimed the world championship. He won 59 of his 68 professional boxing matches, making him one of the most successful boxers in boxing history. 

In 1963, his fight against Sugar Ramos was the final bout of his career, as he sustained a fatal head injury during the match, ending his boxing career.

6. Musa Yamak

The recent death of German professional boxer Musa Yamak has stunned the globe. Yamak has fought in eight previous matches and had never been defeated before his bout with Hamza Wandera. 

In the second round, Yamak collapsed in the ring after receiving a devastating blow to the head. The referee halted the match immediately, and Yamak was transported to the hospital, where his death was confirmed.

7. Maxim Dadashev

The Russian amateur champion made his professional d├ębut in 2016 and quickly established himself as one of the most deadly contenders for the foreseeable future. Before his fourteenth appearance against Subriel Matias, he had won 13 consecutive matches and all 13 of his career bouts. During the match, he sustained fatal head injuries, and Maxim Dadashev passed away in 2019.

8. Scott Westgarth

Scott Westgarth, a professional English light heavyweight boxer, has performed remarkably throughout his career. He is best known for his eccentricity in the ring, which enables him to change position to avoid strikes rapidly. 

However, he could not do so against Spelman in 2018, as he sustained cerebral injuries that ultimately claimed his life and another combatant perished in the ring.

9. Simiso Buthelezi

Simiso Buthelezi traveled to South Africa in 2022 for a boxing match. He was in excellent form and expectant of maintaining it, but a head injury caused by an opponent’s punch ended his chances. He recovered after collapsing on the floor and was promptly transported to the hospital. However, he suffered a severe hemorrhage resulting in massive blood loss and perished.

10. Mike Towell

Mike Towell of Scotland represented his country in welterweight category professional boxing contests. Eleven of his thirteen contests were won, with one ending in defeat. In 2016, he fought a 12-round bout against Dale Evans in which he could not fully employ his defensive abilities and received several blows to the head. As soon as he collapsed inside the enclosure, he was transported to the hospital. However, he was unable to recuperate and passed away later on.

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