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Top and Trending offers you the Top 10 Best Perfume Category for Men, Women, Unisex Kids, Girls, and Teenagers. In the Best Perfumes, discover the Top-rated and best Perfumes of various brands offering exceptional and sensational aromas.

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Men Perfumes: types

The first passionate fans of perfumery were the more vigorous sex: perfumes for men appeared earlier than for women. Even in ancient Rome, a sign of a true aristocrat was considered the application of aromatic oils on the hair.

Today, perfumers use about 300 essential oils and about 8,000 synthetic fragrances. Depending on the ratio of water, alcohol, and aromatic composition, men’s perfumes are divided into several types.


Perfume composition of up to 21%. The most stable version of perfumes, but men’s fragrances – a rarity, you are unlikely to find them in the first-best perfume shop. Subsequently, they gave way to lighter everyday perfumes and migrated to women’s collections.

Eau de Parfum

The concentration of the perfume composition is up to 15%. This perfume sounds about 5 hours, but men’s perfumed water is found in the collection for men is quite rare.

Eau de Toilette

The concentration of aromatic substances is 11-12%. The perfume sounds for about three hours. The most common type of perfume in the men’s segment is often said to be men’s perfume.

Cologne (Eau de Cologne)

Perfume composition is only 1-4%. Men’s cologne is suitable for cases where you need a very light and weightless fragrance. 40 years ago, it was a definite hit in Ukraine. Today it has been replaced by eau de toilette and scented water for men.

Perfumes, eau de toilette, and scented water or cologne – men’s wardrobe fragrances can be varied. Some perfumes are suitable for special occasions, others in situations that require concentration, others will be universal: for weekdays and special occasions.

How to make a personal TOP-10 men’s fragrances?

Men’s cologne, which thanks to advertising, got into the ranking of the best fragrances of the year, may seem like a masterpiece to some, and others cause dubious associations. One of the reasons is that the scent on your skin will be revealed especially, not like on another person.

How to choose the best men’s perfume?

There is a classification of fragrances into “summer” and “winter.” They are advised to choose depending on the build, hair color, and type of activity. But we insist: the best men’s perfume is the one you are comfortable with. Therefore, we offer not only a description of fragrances but also samples of men’s perfumes.

Women perfumes: how to choose the perfect fragrance

With an uplifting scent, you want to smile at the world, and even things suddenly start to go better. And if when choosing a handbag or a pair of new sandals, everything is clear (look at the color, style, quality, and price), it is harder to buy the perfect perfume. What to look for, and whether expensive always means good?

Top and Trending women’s perfume category offers fragrances that were born in the heart of France and have become favorites of fashionistas from 30 countries. They delight with a multifaceted sound and will complement your image as expensive accessories.

The collection includes numbered and niche perfumes, among which you are sure to find suitable options for every day and special occasions.

How to choose a women’s perfume: 5 Steps

Each bottle contains a combination of high-quality components, recipes of talented perfumers, and a touch of magic. How to choose the best women’s perfume? It should suit you. To help, we have simplified the choice by dividing perfumes into subcategories.

Perfume and eau de toilette

They differ in the concentration of aromatic composition (fragrance) and the time of the actual sound, which is called stability. Women’s perfumes are suitable for formal events and evening outings—perfumed water – for everyday wear.

Number collection and niche perfumes

The first group presents French flavors in similar bottles under the numbers. An excellent opportunity to buy women’s perfume without overpaying for the packaging design, big name, and promotional videos featuring the stars. The second brings together elite women’s fragrances, created through the cooperation of Top and Trending with leading French perfumers.

Families of aromas

It is easier to choose a perfume if you imagine what notes are audible in the melody: refreshing citrus, fresh ocean, cheerful fruity, or seductive floral. Enter the desired item in the filter on the left – and the system will show which perfumes from our collection can suit you.


The perfume is sold in compact versions of 20ml—perfumed water – 50 and 75ml. For fragrances of any volume, we use bottles with a spray (spray) without freon. The perfume, hermetically packed inside, is sprayed under air pressure in the smallest drops. Due to this, it is spent sparingly, revealed in stages, and elegantly.

Novelties and hits

We strictly follow fashion trends, and in the Top and Trending Perfume Category, there are bright new perfumes with a trendy sound. There are no outdated perfume motifs in our range. Only relevant, many of which become hits.

Unisex perfume

The statistics speak for themselves. About 35% of women buy fragrances reserved for men, and a large part of the population reaches for unisex perfumes. It was first introduced in 1975 by Yves Saint Laurent (Eau Libre), and in 1994 Calvin Klein developed the cult fragrance CK One to this day.

Unisex perfumes are a combination of fragrances for women and men. They are universal, and their hallmark is freshness, originality, independence, and oriental character—chords of citrus fruits, cardamom, moss, and tobacco reign. As consumers judge, unisex perfumes are also more durable. This is due to the use of natural extracts that last longer on the skin.

The division into women’s and men’s perfumes does not exist for a long time. Women’s fragrances do not have to be warm and sweet, while men’s scents – strong and distinctive. The most important thing is that the chosen composition should be comfortable and unique.

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