Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas to Give to Your Colleague on Secret Santa

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas to Give to Your Colleague on Secret Santa

Funny and Cheap Secret Santa Christmas Gift Ideas to Give to Your Colleague

The concept of Secret Santa is very fashionable in business to create a friendly moment with colleagues before Christmas. You don’t know what to give and you don’t have any gift ideas for around 10 euros? Don’t panic, we’ve made a selection of special and cheap 25 Christmas gift ideas for Secret Santa to celebrate Christmas at the office.

What is Secret Santa?

The “Secret Santa” or “Secret Christmas Gift” is a fun and friendly game to make to exchange presents as Christmas approaches. He has met with great success in companies under the leadership of the Chief Happiness Officer, the person whose role is to create a friendly atmosphere between colleagues.

How to Celebrate Secret Santa Successfully 

To organize a Secret Santa and make it successful, it is important to respect the following four steps:

  • Define a price range for gifts:

it is generally fixed at 5 €, 10 € or 15 €. We advise against going beyond 20 € at the risk that everyone does not want to participate.

  • Encourage everyone to participate:

the more the merrier the more we laugh as we say!

  • Prepare a draw and keep it a secret:

this is the whole point of Secret Santa… the objective is that people who do not know each other get to know each other better through this bias. So there is nothing better than a draw!

  • Organize an aperitif for more conviviality:

the exchange of gifts must be done during a warm moment and for that nothing better than an aperitif to celebrate Christmas with colleagues by exchanging a few gifts.

But if you are here, it means you are already participating and you are looking for an original gift idea. We are therefore going to get to the heart of the matter with our great selection of inexpensive Christmas gifts to give to an office colleague. And don’t panic if you are late, we give you the direct links to order on Amazon with fast delivery in a few days!

Secret Santa Christmas Gift ideas for a woman 


Moisturizing hand creams

In winter, we tend to have dry skin. There is nothing more pleasant than to use a little cream on your hands to hydrate yourself. Here is a really useful Christmas present for a coworker.

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A portable nail dryer

This gadget would be great if your secret colleague is a nail polish lover. With this portable UV lamp, she will be able to redo her hands and dry her varnish in the blink of an eye!

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A face mask with aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant with many qualities to take care of your health. This face mask allows for deep cleansing and eliminates toxins. A cheap gift that always makes you happy.

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DOIY Design The 30-day fitness challenge

If you have a co-worker say always say she’s taking up sports without ever putting the word into practice, this can be a great gift idea. This box contains 30 papers with small fitness challenges to take up every day to gradually get back to the sport.

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Funny mini plant pots

Here is a nice decorative object to put down to bring a little cheerfulness to a desk. This kit contains 6 mini pots of plates in the form of smiling characters. They contain artificial plants so no need for maintenance.

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Secret Santa Christmas Gift Ideas for a Man


A special care kit for the beard

beards are very fashionable at the moment. You, therefore, have a high probability of drawing lots for a bearded colleague. In this case, no need to look far, this beard maintenance kit will necessarily be useful and it (almost) within the budget of a Secret Santa gift!

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A chocolate game controller

How to perfectly combine the spirit of Christmas with the world of video games? The answer is in this chocolate controller!

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A mini NERF pistol

Nerf is a brand of toys for children with fake weapons that shoots small foam darts. This Secret Santa gift might turn your office into a battleground, but it’s a lot of fun. Perfect if your colleague is a big kid!

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Star Wars Master Yoda USB key

This Star Wars figure that represents Master Yoda is not just a decorative item. Inside is a 64GB USB key!

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Secret Santa Christmas Gifts ideas useful in the office


USB Mug Heater Cup for Coffee Tea Drink

Tea or coffee lovers like to drink their hot drinks. But when you’re caught up in the flow of office work, you sometimes tend to let it get cold. This cup heater that plugs into USB will prevent this kind of inconvenience to your colleague. A perfect Secret Santa gift idea!

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A presentation remote control with a laser pointer

With this ultimate accessory, your colleague will make a splash during his PowerPoint presentations. He might even get a promotion because of you!

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Anti-Stress balls

If you’ve raffled off a stressed coworker, this gift might do them a favor. Nothing is more relaxing than squeezing these silicone balls. A simple and effective way to help her overcome anxiety.

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A mini USB keyboard vacuum

Generally, the housekeeper of the company does not bother to clean all the keyboards key by key. Over time, they, therefore, become dirty, especially when you have a bad habit of eating at your workstation. This mini USB keyboard vacuum cleaner is an original gift that might get snatched up in the open space!

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A pocket-sized telescopic back scraper

By giving this gift to a close colleague, you will surely make someone happy and you will prevent them from asking you to scratch their back all the time. He will finally be able to do it alone!

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Funny and Inexpensive Santa Secret Gift ideas to give to a colleague


An ugly and funny Christmas sweater

The Christmas sweater is a fun gift that your coworker can immediately don to get in the mood. Laughter guaranteed at the office for a small poster and good memories shared.

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An “I love my BOSS” mug

This special favorite mug is a much-appreciated gift for the secret Santa. You have to give it to someone with a good sense of humor or else it might flop. Will he dare to bring this mug back to the executive committee?

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The survival kit to work with idiots

This box set contains 2 funny and full of second-degree books about work: “Work with idiots” and “Work less, earn more”. However, they are full of useful tips for surviving in the harsh environment of modern business. The kit also includes a fake Stress Foam Smartphone, with all the apps you need to survive in the cutthroat world of work!

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An anti-hangover shower gel

We all have a colleague who tends to force a bit on the epéro and does not always arrive very fresh in the morning. This shower gel which was specially designed to overcome hangovers can be of great use to him.

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Sudoku toilet paper roll

This is another very funny gift idea to give to a colleague who tends to spend too much time in the bathroom. A funny little nod to someone with a sense of humor …

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Unusual and Original Secret Santa Christmas Gifts ideas


Scratch off the world map

If you have a fellow traveler, they will surely appreciate this gift. This is a nice map of the world on which we scratch all the countries we visited. A good way to remember your previous trips and plan the next ones.

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An escape game

If your colleague loves puzzles, this box containing all the elements to organize an escape game will be a perfect secret gift idea.

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A desktop mini ping pong kit

A small net to attach everywhere, two mini rackets, and a ball. The ultimate kit for organizing a mini table tennis tournament in the office. Fun… but only during the break, please!

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A magic 8 ball

The Magic 8-Ball (“Magic ball number 8”) is a toy supposed to predict the future and answer any question asked. In addition, it can be used as a paperweight. A useful gadget to relax with colleagues!

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A luminous Newton pendulum

This is another decorative accessory that will make a splash in the office. In addition, it is less than 10 euros so it’s quite simply perfect for a Secret Santa gift.

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Christmas is the perfect time to give a gift to the people in our life, but not only. Within the framework of the company, this can also be done and it can allow you two things:

  • create links with your colleagues, by taking the first step towards them, to get to know them a little more
  • maintain conviviality to work in a better atmosphere

It may seem trivial, but paying attention to the other can bring you a lot in the company. A team that gets along well and comes to work with enthusiasm, will want to invest more in its work. Your turnover will only get better. No need to make overpriced purchases. A cheap colleague’s gift can be just as much fun, as long as it is really useful and of good quality.

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It would be a shame if your gift did not pass through the month of January. The pens are clearly there, but you can look for something that is different from the ordinary. If you work with the public, you can think of giving a jacket or a t-shirt to your colleagues, so that everyone is in the same boat. If your colleagues cycle to work, you can give them a doorbell. As you can see, there are other solutions besides the simple pen.

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