Top 7 Best Minimalist Tattoos Trends in 2021 that Combine Elegance

7 Best Minimalist Tattoos Trends to Follow in 2022

Best Minimalist Tattoos Trends 2022: Delicate and Elegant Tattoos

The minimalist tattoo seduces with its discretion and elegance. Let’s see in more detail the best Minimalist Tattoos trends to follow in 2022.  Tattoos offer a sense of belonging or used to engrave a memory or passion deep within oneself, tattooing is a practice that very quickly becomes a passion and many people take the plunge. It is rare to hear a person regret a tattoo. On the contrary, getting a tattoo often means adopting it and the instant desire to return to a tattoo artist. If this practice is a fashion like any other, trends are no exception.

This year, the trend is for minimalist tattoos which allow sobriety not always obvious when the creation is imposing. The minimalist tattoo is the art benchmark in 2022. The finesse allows many people to not wear too heavy a judgment by exposing their bodies. It is also not a surprise to see that 67% of people tattooed are in a discrete area of ​​the body.

Professional tattooists are therefore often asked for minimalist creations, however never devoid of style or precision. It is moreover with the same rigor that they must proceed, whether it is a work of several hours or short minutes. As everywhere, the latter requires quality products to exercise their art in a perfect way.

The ink is never the same, the needles differ, and the possibilities are plentiful, which they usually find on aggregate vendor sites, like Barber DTS. They, therefore, equip themselves with the best products to be able to bring out all the finesse, necessary, and essential in a minimalist tattoo.


7 Best Minimalist & Small Tattoos Trends in 2022


1. The stars often promise a lot of finesse

The star is a simple and timeless design that fits perfectly with the minimalist tattoo trend. You can play on their size, number, and shape which will create a unique and original tattoo that will only belong to you. The big plus is that this type of tattoo will never go out of fashion so it cannot disappoint you.


2. Geometric tattoo: to play it like Kandinsky

Without being in love with geometry, we must admit that the shapes of geometric tattoos, reminiscent of the abstract art of the Russian painter, is often a great success. There are so many different geometric tattoos that one can get tattooed, like animals, landscapes or even abstract shapes.


3. Calligraphy: these phrases that make you want

Calligraphy is one of the most popular trends. Recalling a passion, a loved one, a sport or an inspiration, these phrases are the epitome of minimalist tattoos. This is the opportunity to take the plunge when it comes to your first tattoo and you are afraid of the rendering. Among the major trends of the moment, we can cite Tibetan calligraphy which is just as spiritual as it is enigmatic for Westerners.


4. Siamese tattoos are popular for tight-knit couples

Minimalist tattoos bring together a plethora of different designs and creations, allowing to offer many possibilities to those who would like to take the plunge and ink their forearm, shoulder, or calf.


5. Dotwork: the minimalist “point by point” tattoo technique

Dotwork is a tattoo style that requires a lot of finesse from the tattoo artist and thus offers a minimalist rendering. This technique, consisting in particular of inking an individual point by point, has become a key trend in minimalist tattoos.


6. Tattoos with simple lines

Simple lines, strokes, and shapes are what this minimalist tattoo style means, which has become one of the most popular within minimalism. By playing on the thickness of the lines and strokes, space and shapes, these tattoos offer a minimalist rendering that attracts many people.


7. When nature is the queen of tattoos

Many like to anchor their love for a region, for discovery or for a Madeleine de Proust deep within them. The famous wave of the sea, drifted by the thousands, or the mountain tops make it possible to recall its haven of peace, in all elegance. Frequent travelers turn to cardinal points or GPS coordinates in an original way.

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