Top 8 Best Cheap Mid-Size Smart TVs Under 40-inch in 2020

8 Best Cheap Mid-Size Smart TVs Under 40-inch in 2022

Top 8 Inexpensive & Cheap Mid-Size Smart TVs Under 40-inch in 2022

Every buyer wants to buy a functional Smart TV, but at a reasonable price and without unnecessary overpayments. To help deal with this issue, the best, cheap, and fairly compact Smart TVs under 40-inch of 2022, which are distinguished by wide functionality, reliability, and convenience in practical use, will be presented below.

8 Best Inexpensive and Cheap Mid-Size 40-inch Smart TVs to buy in 2022

1. BRAVIS LED-32D5000 Smart TV

The BRAVIS LED-32D5000 Smart TV is one of the best Cheap 40-inch smart TVs to buy in 2022. This model is distinguished by high-quality performance, bright and saturated colors, rich color reproduction. The device is suitable for installation not only in an apartment or private house but also in a summer cottage or cottage in the summer. The HD-Ready screen is 32 inches with a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels and a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

The built-in speakers have a power of 8 watts each, and they deliver clear and rich sound. Typically, the TV is mounted on a cabinet or table using V-shaped legs, however, if desired, it can be attached to the wall, since VESA 100 × 100 brackets are supplied in the kit. The model is equipped with integrated DVB-C, DVB-T, and DVB-T2 tuners, which is very convenient. The price of the product is about $125.

2. Samsung UE32T5300A

The Samsung UE32T5300A Smart TV has a traditional 32-inch Full HD LED display. Built-in HDR technology makes the picture even clearer and more vivid, enhancing colors and bringing them as close to natural as possible. Built-in 10W stereo speakers each with Dolby Digital Plus support create crystal clear sound for interesting and dynamic movies.

PurColor technology adds missing pixels to improve picture quality even on older films. The Tizen hardware platform provides a good loading speed of applications, but not much using the resources of the CPU. There is support for showing pictures from a smartphone on the screen of a SMART TV through the AirPlay 2 application. The average selling price of the model is $260.

3. Stone 32FR55WU

Ergonomic Smart TV model Kivi 32FR55WU is a successful combination of optimal overall dimensions, beautiful design, and functionality. With a screen diagonal of 32 inches, this TV model is equipped with an innovative IPS-matrix that increases the viewing angle up to 178 °. Full HD resolution allows you to watch movies, shows, and clips in maximum quality.

Good brightness is complemented by HDR technology, which makes the picture on the screen even more saturated. The RAM is only 1 GB, which is not always enough for lightning-fast response when running applications. The acoustics are represented by two speakers with a total sound power of 16 watts. At $ 222, the Kivi 32FR55WU Smart TV is the right price/performance ratio.

4. Thomson 43UE6400

The Thomson 43UE6400 TV is a good choice for those looking for a TV in the kitchen or living room, as it can be mounted on V-legs or wall-mounted. Unlike other models, this “smart” TV has a diagonal of 43 inches, and a resolution of 4K, which is a good plus. With a price tag of $ 285, it has HDR10 support, as well as an anti-reflective coating on the monitor, so you can watch TV even in direct sunlight.

The stylish black color makes this TV model the most suitable for indoor installation, regardless of interior features. Built-in 16W speakers with Dolby Digital Plus support let you not only watch movies but also listen to music videos. The built-in Google Assistant makes it easy to control your TV by letting you do it through voice commands.

5. LG 32LM6300

Smart TV LG 32LM6300 has a screen resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, as well as support for Full HD. The 32 ” diagonal allows it to be installed almost anywhere in the bedroom, living room or dining/kitchen area. Dynamic Color Dynamic Color Enhancement makes watching movies and TV even more pleasing to the eye.

The model has built-in support for Virtual Surround Plus (surround sound), which is a definite plus. The only thing is that the built-in bass is a little weak, but to improve the sound, no one bothers to connect a 5: 1 speaker system to Smart TV. The TV supports HDR10 Pro and HLG technologies, as well as work with voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, including control using not only voice but also gestures.

6. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 Т2

This TV model with built-in Smart TV features a 32-inch screen with HD-Ready technology. It is noteworthy that, despite the absence of Full HD, the digital TV Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 T2 creates a high-quality high-definition picture. Stereo speakers, each with a power of 5 watts, are not very loud, but thanks to Dolby Digital and DTS technology, they can be immersed in an interesting movie or TV show.

With the built-in T2 tuner, Smart TV makes it easy to search for digital channels with fully automatic tuning. The user-friendly interface allows you to easily connect additional equipment, as well as digital devices in the form of a smartphone, tablet, and others. Among the advantages of the TV are the function of recording TV programs, Bluetooth v 4.2, and Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac).

7. Realme 32 HD Smart TV

Smart TV model Realme 32 HD Smart TV is a novelty in the world of digital “smart” TVs since this Chinese brand has recently begun to conquer the market. It is worth noting that with a model price of only $ 160, the user will find here two built-in speakers with a power of 12 W each, as well as a powerful 4-core processor. The system is supplemented with 8 GB of flash memory and 1 GB of RAM, which is a definite plus.

The built-in Chromecast application is a digital media player that allows you to freely play video and audio from the Internet, which is very convenient. The LED matrix is ​​of high quality, thus ensuring the brightness and clarity of the transmitted image. The price of the TV starts at $ 160.

8. Hisense 32A5600F

Hisense 32A5600F comes at number eight in the list of top 8 best cheap Smart TVs under 40-inch. The minimalistic design of the Hisense 32A5600F TV makes it most interesting for those who value compact dimensions but at the same time high image quality. The 32-inch model has a 60 Hz refresh rate and a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels. The device is designed using Direct Led technology, so the LED panel is located right behind the screen across the entire matrix area.

Among the interfaces are LAN (Ethernet), coaxial connector, USB, antenna input, HDMI, composite connector, as well as an audio output for headphones. The HD-Ready system does the job well. The dimensions of the product in 730x432x73.8 mm speak of compactness, so you can install Smart TV in almost any required place.


Digital technologies have confidently entered the life of every modern person, so it is not surprising why many people today prefer to buy “smart” Smart TVs. Unlike traditional TVs, these devices allow not only watching programs, talk shows, and films broadcasted in digital format but also using all kinds of applications and additional online services. It is not surprising why today Android TV is confidently used by many families who prefer to keep up with the times.

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