Worst Lip Tattoos

Top 20 Bizarre and Worst Lip Tattoos Ever

We have seen tattoos on the neck, arms, legs, genitals, and even the eyeballs. Today we’ll talk about the 20 bizarre, weird, strange, and worst Lip tattoos people have done.

Inner-lip tattoos are simple to hide due to their subtle nature, but like with anything else, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Most Bizarre and Worst Lip Tattoos You Will Ever See

Inner-lip tattoos became fashionable a few years ago, with celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner getting them, but they are not widely discussed.

1. Family Traditions

If this person’s family has a practice of getting such a tattoo, his dedication to it, even though it is not the most comfortable way to get a tattoo, is admirable. If not, his family most likely disowned him.

2. Rotten


Probably a warning about the quality of his oral hygiene. At least this person is honest.

3. Pwease


Sorry, but no.

4. I love you … I know

I love you ... I know

We hope that this pair will spend their entire lives in love and happiness. Otherwise, the new “second half” will be filled with questions.

5. King


One of the most awful lip tattoos resembles a mustache rather than a message. Perhaps this was meant.

If this man does not have his kingdom, at least he has something that distinguishes him from the herd.

6. Crying kitten

Crying kitten

Even celebrities may get awful lip tattoos. Miley Cyrus, for example, stabbed a sorrowful kitten in the lower lip while tearing up.

7. Almost Ready

Almost Ready

This woman’s lips are stunning, and a permanent makeup tattoo would look fantastic if the tattoo artist hadn’t decided to stop and left his work undone.

We can only pray that his (or her) customer enjoys red lipstick, as she will only need to apply one hue to complete the appearance.

8. Meow


During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2018, supermodel Kendall Jenner revealed ink on the inside of her lip.

She claimed that while having the tattoo, she was unable to concentrate clearly due to alcohol, and the word “meow” was the first thing that came to her.

9. Vegan


Perhaps the only reason for such a tattoo is that the poor fellow cannot speak. And when he comes to a restaurant, he pulls his lip to be offered a vegetarian menu.

10. Di**


And this owner of not the best tattoo in the world decided not with a word, but with a picture to perpetuate his main value in life.

11. Pen**


Not the coolest tattoo in the world if all it does is refer to the word “dick”.

12. Skellington’s Smile

It only looked fantastic on Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas.And if you are not him, it is best to get rid of such a nasty tattoo.

13. Ladies Love It

Ladies Love It

I wonder who told this man that ladies like tattoos like this? His girlfriend? Or a clear ill-wisher?

14. Sore Lips

Sore Lips

Maybe they wouldn’t be so sick if the letters weren’t engraved on them.

15. Medusa


The jellyfish appears to be fleeing away from the wound on the left.I hope SpongeBob comes to our rescue.

16. Antennae


The fact that you must pull your lip over your nose to properly display this tattoo renders it ineffective. Sure, that will make you grin, but wouldn’t it be easier to grow a mustache?

17. Numbers


“What do these numbers mean?” It’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see this tattoo.

But, if these figures are so significant, why not record them on paper or in a smartphone app? After all, this is the most effective and least unpleasant alternative.

18. Lip Contour

Lip Contour

A talk with a tattoo artist before receiving one of the worst lip tattoos possibly included the following:

Tattoo artist: “What would you like?”
Lady: “I want expressively defined lips.”
Tattoo artist: “Not a word more!”

If this woman wants the tattoo on her lips to go unnoticed, she will have to wear “vampire” lipstick hues. And pray her lips don’t change shape in the next years; else, she’ll resemble a Picasso painting.

19. Rock-n-Roll


This tattoo is marred by the fact that the person who wears it does not resemble a rock ‘n’ roll.

Of course, the camera may move back, giving us a whole different impression of him. However, the tattoo does not appear to have the intended impact.

20. Cupcake

Cup Cake

This word may hold sacred importance for the tattoo’s owner. Perhaps she chose it at random from the dictionary. But wearing the word “cupcake” on your bottom lip for the rest of your life, despite the pain and inconvenience, seems stupid, don’t you?

Why You Shouldn’t Get Lips Tattoos

Here are the five most important factors that can reduce the urge to get a lip tattoo.

  1. The lips are one of the most painful areas to tattoo.
  2. The risk of infection from lip tattoos is high because bacteria are swarming in the mouth.
  3. Tattoos on Lips can only last for a few weeks or months.
  4. As a consequence of point 3, frequent adjustments to the drawing are required.
  5. An allergic reaction to tattoo ink can cause swelling or severe pain in the treated area.

Besides, the long-term effects of pigments and possible contaminants in various tattoo inks are still not fully understood, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA has received reports of bad reactions to tattoo inks that occur immediately after tattooing and even years later. Localized bacterial or bloodborne infections (such as hepatitis B and C) can result from unsterile needles or contaminated ink.

If you decide that the artistic result outweighs the aforementioned risks of lip tattooing, be sure to have your procedure done in a professional tattoo parlor, by an experienced tattoo artist with many positive reviews. 

And feel free to ask him to explain his methods of sterilizing instruments and to show you the sterilized equipment.

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