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Top 20 Bizarre and Worst Lip Tattoos Ever

20 Weird and Worst Tattoos on Lips of 2022

On what only in our time do not make tattoos. On the neck, arms, legs, genitals, and even the eyeballs. Today we’ll talk about the 20 bizarre, weird, strange, and worst Lip tattoos people have done.

Why you shouldn’t get lips tattoos

Here are the five most important factors that can reduce the urge to get a lip tattoo.

  1. The lips are one of the most painful areas to tattoo.
  2. The risk of infection from lip tattoos is high because bacteria are swarming in the mouth.
  3. Tattoos on Lips can only last for a few weeks or months.
  4. As a consequence of point 3, frequent adjustments to the drawing are required.
  5. An allergic reaction to tattoo ink can cause swelling or severe pain in the treated area.

Besides, the long-term effects of pigments and possible contaminants in various tattoo inks are still not fully understood, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA has received reports of bad reactions to tattoo inks that occur immediately after tattooing and even years later. Localized bacterial or bloodborne infections (such as hepatitis B and C) can result from unsterile needles or contaminated ink.

If you decide that the artistic result outweighs the aforementioned risks of lip tattooing, be sure to have your procedure done in a professional tattoo parlor, by an experienced tattoo artist with many positive reviews. And feel free to ask him to explain his methods of sterilizing instruments and to show you the sterilized equipment.


Top 20 Most Bizarre and Worst Lip Tattoos You Will Ever See


20. Cupcake

CupcakePerhaps for the owner of the tattoo, this word has some sacred meaning. Or, maybe she chose it by simply jabbing at random into the dictionary. But to endure pain and an unavoidable inconvenience to wear the word “cupcake” on your lower lip all your life is somehow silly, don’t you think?

19. Rock-n-Roll

Rock'n'rollThis tattoo is spoiled by the fact that its wearer does not at all look like a rock ‘n’ roller. Of course, the camera could move back, and then we would get a completely different impression of him. But overall, the tattoo doesn’t seem to have the effect it should have.

18. Lip contour

Lip contourA conversation with a tattoo artist before getting one of the worst lip tattoos was probably the following:

Tattoo artist: “What would you like?”
Lady: “I want expressively defined lips.”
Tattoo artist: “Not a word more!”

Now this woman will need to wear “vampire” shades of lipstick if she wants the tattoo on her lips to go unnoticed. And hope that her lips do not change shape in the coming years; otherwise, she will look like a work of Picasso.

17. Numbers

lvshxqip“What do these numbers mean?” It is the first thing you think about when you look at this tattoo. But if these numbers are so important, why not write them down on paper or in a smartphone app? After all, this is the best and less painful option.

16. Antennae

AntennaeThe fact that to display this tattoo correctly, you have to pull your lip over your nose makes it useless. Sure, it will bring a smile, but wouldn’t it be easier to grow a mustache?

15. Medusa

JellyfishIt looks like the jellyfish is running away from the wound to the left. I hope SpongeBob comes to the rescue.

14. Sore lips

Sore lipsMaybe they wouldn’t be so sick if the letters weren’t engraved on them.

13. Ladies love it

Lady love itI wonder who told this man that ladies like tattoos like this? His girlfriend? Or a clear ill-wisher?

12. Skellington’s smile

Skellington's smileIt only looked good on Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. And if you are not him, then it is better to give up such a terrible tattoo.

11. Penis

PenisNot the coolest tattoo in the world if all it does is refer to the word “dick”.

10. Penis-2

Penis-2And this owner of not the best tattoo in the world decided not with a word, but with a picture to perpetuate his main value in life.

9. Vegan

VeganPerhaps the only reason for such a tattoo is that the poor fellow cannot speak. And when he comes to a restaurant, he pulls his lip to be offered a vegetarian menu.

8. Meow

Meow | Worst Lip TattoosSupermodel Kendall Jenner showed ink on the inside of her lip during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2018.

She explained that at the time of getting the tattoo, she could not think clearly due to alcohol, and the word “meow” was the first thing that came to her mind.

7. Almost Ready

Almost ready | Worst Lip TattoosThis woman has beautiful lips, and a permanent makeup tattoo would look great if the tattoo artist, for some reason, hadn’t decided to stop and leave his work unfinished.

We can only hope that his (or her) client adores red lipstick because she will only have to apply one color to complete the look.

6. Crying kitten

Crying kitten | Worst Lip TattoosEven celebrities can have ugly lip tattoos. An example is a singer Miley Cyrus, who pricked a sad kitten on the lower lip with a tear rolling down her cheek.

5. King

King | Worst Lip TattoosOne of the most unfortunate lip tattoos looks more like a mustache than an inscription. Perhaps it was intended. Well, if this man does not have his kingdom, then at least he has something to stand out from the crowd.

4. I love you … I know

Worst Lip TattoosWe hope that this couple will live their whole life in love and harmony. Otherwise, the new “second half” will have questions.

3. Pwease

Pwease | Worst Lip TattoosSorry, but no.

2. Rotten

Rotten | Worst Lip TattoosProbably a warning about the quality of his oral hygiene. At least this person is honest.

1. Family traditions

Family traditions | Worst Lip TattoosIf doing such a tattoo is a tradition in the family of this person, his commitment to it, despite not being the most pleasant procedure for applying a tattoo, is worthy of respect. If not, his family probably disowned him.


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