Cool Android features that everyone should know about

17 Cool Android Features Everyone Should Know About

With over three billion devices running it, Android is the most widely used smartphone operating system worldwide. We’ve compiled a list of cool Android features that you should know about to maximize the functionality of your Android phone.

Cool Android Features You Need to Know

Android phones are known for their customization and adaptability, so you can be sure that your Android device has a ton of cool and hidden features and capabilities that you are probably unaware of. Because of this, millions of users could be impacted by even the tiniest OS modification.

1. Color extraction

The OS uses this capability to apply the colors from your wallpaper to your OS theme. To put it briefly, Android’s latest version takes color cues from the wallpaper you pick and uses them to determine the colors on your screen.

The operating system as a whole, including the settings, fast settings tiles, and any program with materials that assist you, will display the color changes.

With Android new updates, the user interface will never grow old for you. Changing the wallpaper alone will be sufficient to give the entire space a fresh coat of paint.

2. One-Handed Mode

Google has included a native one-handed mode in Android; this feature was inspired by third-party Android skins. This is among the cool features, which is a blessing for Android, making it simpler to use your phone with one hand as its name suggests.

Navigate to Settings > System > Gestures on your device. Press the one-handed mode button to turn on the toggle.

The one-handed mode is now easily accessed by swiping down from the screen’s bottom border. Please note that this feature is only functional if your device supports gesture navigation.

3. Quick Tap

Google debuted the new Quick Tap feature in Android; it was inspired by the Back-Tap gesture in the most recent version of iOS.

You can launch the app of your choosing, manage media playback, take screenshots, explore recent apps, and more with just a double tap on the rear of your phone.

On Android’s latest version, Quick Tap Gestures is hidden under Settings > System > Gestures. Now select an action to assign to Quick Tap based on your preference.

4. Extra Dim Option

Even on the lowest brightness level, if you find your phone’s screen to be a little too bright, Android now offers an Extra Dim option that further dims the screen.

Due to the incredibly low brightness, this is perfect for people who frequently look at their phone screens in dark environments as it will help prevent eye strain.

The hidden option can be found by going to Settings > Accessibility > Extra dim. Alternatively, the status bar has a Quick Settings tile for it as well.

5. Long Screenshots

It has taken Google years to add this feature, which adds flavor to Android. The days of simply taking screenshots are long gone; nowadays, users frequently need to take lengthy lists.

You won’t need to take many pictures to capture a lengthy list when scrolling screenshots are available. Rather, snap a screenshot and select Capture More from the toolbar that shows at the bottom.

Remember that you can only see this option in the list or when you can take a long screenshot.

6. Smart Auto-Rotate

The phone’s accelerometer was used for years to determine auto-rotation. When your phone tilts, it senses it, and the screen adjusts accordingly. Android’s new update brings auto-rotation with face detection.

In essence, the phone watches your face and turns on its own accord only if it detects a change in orientation. Henceforth, your phone will not unnecessarily rotate as you sleep.

7. Haptic Feedback

This is a useful Android feature that you probably know best from the game console. When an explosion appears on the screen and your controller vibrates, you can feel it.

Android comes pre-installed with this feature. When things happen on the screen, game creators can make your phone vibrate.

Other non-gaming applications include synchronizing vibrations with personalized ringtones or viewing movies.

8. App Hibernation

Unused Apps is a new feature in Settings that arrives with Android’s latest version. Apps that you haven’t used in a while have been put on hold and are now found in this new section.

The applications included in this section remain inactive until you reactivate them since all of their permissions have been revoked. Moreover, you have the option to disable this for each program.

9. Camera & Microphone Indicators

Google has included new toggles in Quick Settings that are designed to disable the microphone and camera separately for increased security. To fully turn off the camera or microphone, all you have to do is disable them.

When the initial indicator vanishes, a green dot remains to notify you that the program is still in use. Notifying the user when the microphone or camera is engaged is a quick and simple process.

10. App Search

In essence, it lets you look up anything on the app. It has long been a feature of Windows and other operating systems. Search is accessible from within your program and pulls up search results.

For instance, you may use the search function to find whatever you typed in a note and have it take you there without requiring you to open the app.

There are countless applications for this offline-operating functionality. You may even perform a music search, and the results will come from the streaming service of your choice.

11. Glide typing

Google’s keyboard allows you to text more quickly by allowing you to drag your finger (or S-Pen, if you have an S22 Ultra) over each letter rather than pressing it. The amazing technology will significantly speed up typing.

12. Disable Animations

Androids come with built-in animations for their apps and menus, such as ones that reduce them as they close. Although it’s not to everyone’s taste, it is simple to disable: under the Accessibility section in Settings, you can find the setting to turn them off.

13. Split Screen

Depending on your screen orientation, this useful function allows you to divide your screen in half vertically or horizontally, allowing you to operate two programs at once without having to switch between them.

When you’re multitasking or working with data from two sources, it’s really helpful! Considering the large 6.8-inch screen of the S22 Ultra, it’s especially fantastic.

14. Show Emergency info

Although it is never our intention to be involved in an accident or find ourselves in a precarious situation, accidents can occur.

If you have allergies or are taking medication, or if you’ve been left unconscious due to an accident, how will someone know who to call?

Authorities and emergency medical workers can examine your phone’s emergency information without knowing your passcode. It might well save your life.

15. Adjusting the Quick Settings panel

You don’t have to go back to the settings app each time if you frequently switch between functions on your phone.

By adjusting your preferences using the Quick Settings function, you can eliminate one or more steps.

16. Focus Mode

The Android Digital Wellbeing program includes a focus mode to promote healthier living. Our phones have so many apps that it’s simple to become sidetracked.

You may create a timetable or even temporarily suspend programs when using focus mode.

This eliminates any needless interruptions from your date night, crucial meeting, or Saturday mornings spent with your children. Focus mode is available through the Digital Wellbeing dashboard or Settings.

17. Wake Phone with Voice

Google Assistant is Android’s equivalent of Siri on the iPhone. To see the features of Google Assistant, tap or click this link. Saying “Hey Google” is all that is required to use it.

With Android 8 and later, you can view messages and make calls without ever picking up your phone thanks to this functionality.

This cool Android feature comes in useful when you need to find something on your computer or while driving.

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