Geely Group Geespace Sends Nine New Satellites into Space

Geely Group Geespace Sends Nine New Satellites into Space

Geely Group Geespace Sends Nine New Satellites into Space

Geely Group, the Chinese automotive giant, Geespace has launched nine new satellites into orbit to improve clean driving systems. Sent in early June, the mission covers several areas, including mapping, logistics, and navigation by drones and autonomous vehicles.

Geely’s aerospace subsidiary Geespace sent the spacecraft dubbed GeeSAT-1 in early June. Flying at low altitudes, these devices are able to locate the location of an object to the nearest centimeter. As partners of the Chinese group, Volvo, Polestar, Lotus, and Lynk will be able to use these satellites to improve autonomous clean driving systems.


Geely satellites will be able to cover the world after 2026

The changes Geely wants to make to clean driving systems aren’t expected to arrive in Europe anytime soon. Initially, only the Chinese market and the Asia-Pacific region will be able to benefit from the coverage provided by the GeeSAT-1 satellites.

According to Geely, it should be extended to the whole world “after 2026”. Until then, the company plans to modernize the satellites because their lifetime before disintegration in the atmosphere does not exceed five years. As a reminder, Geespace launched the GeeSAT-1 satellites from the base of Xichang, in the province of Sichuan in China.

By the way, this satellite launch made Geely the second automaker to go into space. It’s worth noting that these devices look a lot like the Starlink satellites launched by Tesla boss Elon Musk’s SpaceX. By 2025, Geely plans to launch 240 satellites into orbit that will provide highly accurate navigational data.


The Chinese company wants to dominate the autonomous vehicle market

If the Geely brand is still little known in the automotive market, it continues to establish its reputation in China. Indeed, this private group founded by Li Shufu was born in 1986. It was not until 1997 that the Chinese company began to enter the automotive industry. In just a few years, Geely has become a key player in China in the automotive industry.

Today, the Chinese manufacturer is multiplying partnerships and in 2010, Geely bought Volvo from Ford. Since then, the brand of Swedish origin has recovered and regained its place as a global car manufacturer. This has enabled it to increase its sales while increasing its range of electric vehicles.

Volvo gave birth to the Polestar brand a few years later, dedicated to high-performance electrified vehicles. The Chinese group has also created Lynk & Co, which mainly operates in connected and subscription-based mobility. Additionally, Geely acquired other brands such as Proton and Lotus.

In short, Geely does not fail to surprise the world by going to conquer space by launching nine satellites into orbit. Its main objective is to make GPS navigation and autonomous driving more precise. By providing navigation data down to the centimeter, its satellites will make clean driving even more efficient and safer.



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