PlayStation Plus Offer Three New Games in June 2022

PlayStation Plus Offer Three New Games in June 2022

PlayStation Plus will offer New Games to PS4 and PS5 subscribers in June 2022

A subscription to PlayStation Plus mainly allows you to play online and multiplayer PS4 and PS5 games. The gamer can then enjoy a unique online experience through epic competitions. These bring together a huge base of regular players. Note that users benefit from many free-to-play games to play for free and in total immersion. The moment most appreciated by subscribers remains the traditional gift-giving. During the latter, in June 2022, PlayStation Plus will add three new games to its list of free games.

Until now, PlayStation remains unbeatable in the world of gaming. It is becoming even more popular thanks to PlayStation Plus. A service that offers its subscribers many online games, gifts, exclusive discounts, and even the cloud.


PlayStation Plus Games in June 2022


1. God of War Ragnarok

With the release of a new version of God of War, PS4 and PS5 players are in for a treat once again. This guardian game of Norse mythology would be the big favorite of the batch of games that will be offered to subscribers in June 2022.

Very popular, God of War is already present in the PlayStation Collection at the launch of the PS5. The release date of this guest of honor has not yet been communicated. However, what is certain is that gamers will not miss it under any circumstances.

This new version is going to be a bit different from the original. Indeed, with a much more cinematic and narrative interface, God of War Ragnarok promises a powerful gaming experience. Thanks to these rather radical changes, players will love diving into the Norse epic of this Greek god.

2. Shinobi Striker

Released in the summer of 2018, Shinobi Striker is also among the free games from June 2022 on the PS store. Rather pleasant to play, it is far from being the epic game of the century.

Even if the visual of the game is not very elaborate, it has enough to entertain the player for a good ten hours. Ideal for hosting gaming nights with friends, Konoha’s warriors are well worth it and deserve to spend some time on your hard drive.


3. Smash-like

Like other Nickelodeon games, Smash-like will also be on the PlayStation Plus free-to-play games list starting in June. SpongeBob and his crew will keep the little ones spellbound for hours. Even if its cast is considered not very brilliant and its overall gameplay rather mediocre, this game is still worth a detour. For good reason, the characters are famous and remain popular with children.

Audiences are eagerly awaiting the release of God of War, Smash-like, and Shinobi Striker. Like the previous ones, this June 2022 selection is sure to delight the PS4 and PS5 gamer community. Note that other free games can be downloaded from the PS Store. The gamer can download them free of charge if they subscribe to PlayStation Plus.



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