Googlefier Allows to Install Google Services on your Huawei Smartphones

Googlefier Allows to Install Google Services on your Huawei Smartphones

Now you can easily install Google services on Huawei smartphones

Googlefier is an easy and convenient way to install Google services without any additional complicated manipulations. Once installed, just provide all the necessary list of permissions and follow the installation instructions that will appear on the screen. During the installation process, Googlefier will first replace the backup application and restore LZPlay, then install Google services on the device. You’ll then need to sign in to your Google Account.

Huawei has been under US sanctions for a long time, which prevents it from using the Android operating system with Google’s mobile services. As a result, the audience for potentially good Huawei devices is much narrower than it could be under normal conditions.

Alternatively, Huawei uses open Android AOSP with its own Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem and App Gallery. HMS is actively developing and growing, but for many users, these services are not suitable for one reason or another, because they can not completely replace the functionality of the usual Google services.

Because of this, enthusiasts are coming up with new ways to add support for Google services to Huawei smartphones. There are several proven ways at the moment, but now the developers from XDADevelopers have developed a Googlefier application that allows you to easily install Google Applications on your Huawei smartphone. This was reported by Gizchina, citing a source.

It is important to remember that Googlefier does not work with smartphones based on EMUI 11, only EMUI 10 is suitable. If you have previously tried to install Google services in another way, it is recommended to reset the smartphone to factory settings before installing GMS through Googlefier.

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