How Much Money Can You Make On Twitch

How Much Money Can You Make On Twitch Everything You Need To Know

Twitch is a streaming platform that offers quite a variety of online content. Ever wonder how much money can you make on Twitch or How Much Money does Twitch Pay?

Twitch gives you a more intimate and fluid connection with followers or viewers through long, interactive broadcasts. All these particularities help to generate a more solid and participative community, something that translates into higher profits.

It is undoubtedly an alternative to earning money on the Internet. Therefore, below, we will teach you how to make the most of the options that Twitch offers you.

It is usually used to share content, talk about different topics, or try video games. This platform has become very popular in recent years, to the point that content creators from other platforms have decided to migrate to Twitch.

How Much Does Twitch Pay?

There are several ways to generate money on this platform. The amount of money depends mainly on the number of subscribers and the donations you can get from viewers.

In addition, it is possible to receive income from the channel’s advertising and from contracts or agreements with various sponsors.

A successful streamer who consistently produces content, receives recurring donations, and relies on advertisements, can earn more than $ 20,000 per month.

This figure may vary depending on the activities already mentioned. Today’s best streamers are known to handle monthly figures of up to $ 400,000 per month.

How Much Does Twitch Pay Per Ad?

If you get approximately 1,000 viewers, it is possible to receive earnings of around € 400 per month just on advertising. This figure varies according to the number of viewers.

To start making a profit by using this platform, you need to meet certain requirements. You must have a minimum of 50 to be able to become an affiliate on the platform. From that moment on, you can create your channel and start broadcasting.

The more viewers you have, the higher your ad revenue will be. However, a streamer can control the appearance of these ads when it reaches a notable level of relevance on the platform. This translates into higher profits, the calculation of which varies considerably.

The Twitch platform serves as a new alternative to the old entertainment platforms known to all. Twitch pays creators, even though you can’t make money like Patreon, but it almost depends on how you set it up.

When Twitch Pays You?

The Twitch platform allows you to choose the way you want to receive your payment. You can choose between transfers to bank accounts, PayPal, or check.

It is received within a period ranging from 1 day to no more than 2 weeks depending on the method chosen.

It is essential to be affiliated with Twitch in order to carry out this payment process. For this, certain requirements must be met, among which the following stand out:

  • Have a history of at least 500 minutes of streaming in the last 30 days.
  • Have performed a live show, on at least, 7 unique days in the last month.
  • Have reached the number of at least 3 viewers in the past 30 days.
  • Have at least 50 subscribers on your Twitch channel.
  • In compliance with the agreement, Twitch will send you a notification via email to complete the process and become an affiliate.

YouTube Vs Twitch: Which Pays More?

Currently, many YouTubers lean in favor of Twitch. His model is based, not only on advertising but on the interaction with viewers. Thus, in more practical terms, it is easier to make a profit on Twitch than on YouTube.

These earnings are largely generated by donations in the form of “Bits”, virtual currencies that subscribers can award to their favorite streamers. These didactics are what most differentiate these two huge entertainment platforms.

You will find fewer restrictions on monetizing your content on Twitch compared to YouTube. Its flexible rules have made it an ideal platform to migrate, especially considering the various conflicts that YouTube has generated with its content creators.

For the rest, it must be said that Twitch lends itself to much more organic and extensive content. This translates into hours and hours of streaming, which in turn helps drive higher profits.

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