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8 Best PS Vita Games Of 2021

Best PS Vita Games You Can Play in 2021

Do you like the sensations obtained by diving into the virtual universe? Try out other horizons by playing PlayStation Vita games. You will embark on new adventures by joining this revolution of nomadic games. To know the varieties, read this article to find out the Best PS Vita Games of 2021 you should play. Here below we have also mentioned the affiliate links from where you can buy these PlayStation Vista Games.


8 Best PS Vita Games To Play in 2021 


1. Ubisoft Rayman Legends

This DVD was ranked in the top PS Vita games thanks to its powered graphics. The capabilities of the UbiArt engine have been improved so that 3D elements and new light effects can be included. The graphics have thus been improved and the opinions are clearly positive at this level.


Cooperation of up to 5 players is possible and everyone can take part in this legendary adventure. Over 120 levels are spread over 5 worlds which were inspired by Olympus, Giant Bean, and Medieval times. Like the first opus, this second volume of Rayman has a timing and a rhythm whose levels are unprecedented.

You will experience Classical music, Salsa, Rock, and more. It allows you to perform connected challenges through which you will be in touch with the whole world. This is possible thanks to the online modes and the self-generated levels which are updated weekly.


2. Warner Bros. Lego Jurassic

You will no longer wonder which PS Vita game to choose after reading this product description. First of all, its first strong point is that it is distributed in French and it is the same as its manual.


Then, it was recreated from the 3 volumes of the popular film Jurassic Park as well as the highly anticipated Jurassic World. If you are also into LEGOs, this is a perfect candidate. Here you will be able to collect the amber containing the DNA of the dinosaurs. You will then be able to develop species yourself and customize them according to your wishes, in order to then embody their role.

Despite the fact that children under the age of 7 are not allowed to participate in this adventure, fear not for those who are not affected by this restriction, as the game does not feature scenes that could hurt the sensitivity.


3. Warner Bros. Lego Marvel’s Avengers

You can visit iconic and diverse places around the world with this product distributed by Warner Bros. If you love the LEGO Marvel video game franchise, you are not going to be disappointed with the new superhero adventure this one has to offer. It is both full of action and gives a lot of sensations.


It is the very first virtual realization of the movie Avengers available on DVD and which is played on the console. Following the phenomenal success of the Age of Ultron, with this entertainment, you will be able to play as the most powerful characters of all time and save the world. You will be able to unlock more than 100 roles and obtain improved and new powers and skills.

You will be able to explore freely and enjoy the gameplay in which you will earn golden bricks and coins in order to unlock levels. You will even be able to perform impressive combos.


4. Warner Bros Interactive Lego Marvel Super Heroes

This is a brand new epic adventure that tells a very original and branching story. After the great success of the other volumes, this one was created for players to continue the thrilling adventures. It includes all the legendary superheroes, but also all the Marvel villains.


This virtual reality is very successful thanks to its high-level graphics. The representations are fairly faithful and the powers and skills have been retained and even improved. If you have a PS Vita console, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits this product offers.

Players will dive into a world of cosmic battles that takes place in countless locations. Its strong point is that there is no specific era in which you will be propelled because here space and time merge. The musical and special effects will impress you, and the quality of the pictures is amply decent.


5. Minecraft PlayStation Vita

If you are wondering which is the best PS Vita game on the market, know that Minecraft is available on the PS Vita platform. It was born on November 14, 2014, and is reserved for over 7 years old. English is the original language used.



This is a strategy game that involves creating your own world from your imagination. It all starts with the character’s arrival in a parachute on virgin land, and his mission is to collect as many minerals as possible to be able to build. Then, the adventure continues with the preparation of the ground and then you can move on to the development of non-standard buildings.

The game is also called “sandbox” since it gives you the opportunity to shape the perfect universe according to you. Various resources make up the environment for the character to survive. For food, animals like cows, chickens, and pigs are made available.


6. Milestone Motogp 14

Milestone is also playable on PlayStation Vita. It is accessible to people aged 3 and over. The game was released on June 27, 2014. At that time, MotoGP was the next generation of motorcycle games. The graphics of the game are well designed so that you can experience an immersive session.

This game chronicles the life of a professional speed motorcycle rider who wants to be the most efficient. When you switch to Career mode, it is possible to create a rider of your own, and your bike can be upgraded.


You can have fun individually or in online multiplayer mode. To satisfy you at best, the CD is also playable on other consoles such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For those who are not very comfortable with English, you can opt for the French language. Either way, it’s a game that promises hours of fun.


7. Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens

In case you want to know: which are the best PS Vita Games for 2021, the Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens may be your thing. It includes all the key moments of Star Wars Episode VII, its developer is TT Games and its publisher is Warner Bros Games.


You will find there every character in this film, such as Han Solo, Rey, Poe, Finn, Kylo Ren, BB-8, etc. Its release date was June 28, 2016, it is in the theme of Science-Fictions. Since it is a game that combines adventure and action if you are 7 years old and up, you can handle it.

Shooting battles and multi-builds are the hallmarks of the LEGO world and they will also be part of the game. LEGO bricks are useful for creating roads and to open others, you have to break the previous ones to rebuild them again. new. For shooting battles, your environment will serve as a shield.


8. Activision Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified

Activision presents the Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified which was released on November 13, 2012. It is reserved for people who are 18 years of age and over. It is said to be the best PS Vita game by several gamers, due to its script and graphics.


As a player, for America, you have the obligation to carry out “secret defense” missions during the Vietnam War, around the 60s. New scenarios and original special operations missions follow one another along. of the game. You will thus have to prepare yourself to face the Communists.

This is the most intensive version of Call of Duty around and is suitable for mobile gamers. It offers different modes, namely a story mode and also fights between several characters. This concept was designed especially for PS Vita consoles. It can accommodate up to 8 players if you are online and in ad-hoc mode.

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