How to Breed a Pango in my singing monsters

How To Breed Pango in My Singing Monsters

Find out how to breed the coveted Pango monster in My Singing Monster and unlock its secrets effortlessly with our expert guide.

How To Breed Pango in My Singing Monsters

The Ideal Combination: Tweedle + Mammott

Combining the Tweedle and Mammott monsters is the most effective way to breed a Pango. Location doesn’t matter, so this is an efficient and convenient way to breed a Pango. Alternatively, players can mix any monster with the Air and Cold elements to obtain a Pango.

Quick Breeding Time

You can breed a Pango in just 8 hours, or speed up the process by enhancing it, enabling you to breed it in just 6 hours. The Pango can also be purchased from the StarShop once you reach level 7 for 30 diamonds.

Strategic Breeding Options

The following is a concise list of Pango breeding options:

  1. Tweedle + Mammott (No specific location)
  2. Air Monster + Cold Monster (No specific location)

How to Breed a Rare Pango

Add a unique monster to your collection by unlocking the mystery behind Rare Pango breeding.

Efficient Combination: Tweedle + Mammott

The best way to breed a Rare Pango is to combine Tweedle and Mammott, as there is no specific island location required. For varied results, players can also experiment with any Air or Cold element monsters. Although breeding a regular Pango with a regular Pango might yield a Rare Pango, this method is less reliable.

Extended Breeding Time

Rare Pango has a breeding time of 10 hours, 30 minutes, with an enhanced time of 7 hours, 52 minutes, and 30 seconds. Players can obtain these monsters in the StarShop for 40 diamonds, but remember that they are only available during special events.

Distinctive Appearance

Rare Pangos have a purple body and an orange beak with frozen ice. They lack a scarf and have white spots on their hands and white stripes on their heads. Their chest has a sweater-like purple and white pattern.

How to Breed an Epic Pango

Discover the various islands where you can breed the legendary Epic Pango by following expert combinations.

Cold Island Combination: Thumpies + Oaktopus

Depending on where the island is located, you can combine Thumpies with Oaktopus to create an Epic Pango.

  • Air Island: Congle + Cybop
  • Earth Island: Reedling + Furcorn
  • Fire Oasis: Whaddle + Maw

Extended Incubation Time

It takes one day and three hours for an Epic Pango to incubate, with an enhanced time of 20 hours and 15 minutes. Alternatively, it can be purchased for 150 diamonds. Epic Pangos are available only during specific events.

Distinctive Characteristics

Featuring a purple ice cream cone logo and an icy blue body adorned with purple spots, the Epic Pango is a must-have for any dedicated player.

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What is a Pango?

Take a deep dive into the mystery of the Pango, a captivating double-element monster composed of Air and Cold.

Cold Island Revelation

Upon reaching level 7, the Pango is introduced on Cold Island, a flightless bird with constant cold. Its beak and teeth click together in the cold, producing a percussion sound like castanets.

Coin Production Insights

Pangos are not known for their high coin production, but placing them near mobs or monsters that increase their happiness, such as the Maw, Clamble, or Digger, increases their happiness by 25%.

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