How to Breed Congle in My Singing Monster

How to Breed Congle in My Singing Monster

Explore the best combinations, breeding times, and unique characteristics of the Congle family as we take you on a musical journey in My Singing Monsters.

How to Breed Congle in My Singing Monster

You can breed a Congle in 12 hours, enhance the process to make it take only 9 hours, or you can acquire one instantly for 50 diamonds.

Best Combinations for Breeding Congle

  1. Tweedle + Maw (Any Location)
  2. Toe Jammer + Pango (Any Location)
  3. Mammott + Quibble (Any Location)
  4. Congle + Rare Congle (Any Location)
  5. Congle + Any Monster (Any Location)

Rare Congle

During limited events, you can buy a Rare Congle for 65 diamonds or 2,500 Starpower. You can incubate it for 15 hours and 30 minutes or reduce it to 11 hours, 37 minutes, and 30 seconds with enhancement. It has distinctive green bat wings, green feet, four horns, and unique facial features.

Combination to Breed Rare Congle:

  1. Tweedle + Maw (Any Island)
  2. All Common Congle Breeding Combinations (Any Island)
  3. Common Congle + 4 Element Monster (Any Island)

Epic Congle

It is possible to breed an Epic Congle in 23 hours, enhanced to 17 hours and 15 minutes during special events. At 500 diamonds, you may acquire the Epic Congle. Marvel at its light blue hue, 8 legs, bat ears, and distinctive yellow drum.

Best Way to Breed Epic Congle:

  1. Thumpies + Maw (Cold Island)
  2. Scups + Drumpler (Air Island) – Limited-Time Events Only
  3. Woolabee + Quibble (Fire Oasis) – Limited-Time Events Only

What is Congle?

Find out what makes the Congle unique:

  • Elements: Made of Cold, Water, and Air Elements.
  • Initial Location: Found on Cold Island.
  • Musical Talent: Plays a drum resembling a conga drum.
  • Coin Production: Not known for high coin production.
  • Optimizing Happiness: Enhance coin production by placing it near liked objects and monsters, such as Potbelly, T-Rox, or Boskus.

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We’ve taken the time to explain the nuances of breeding Congles in My Singing Monsters, and we’d like to hear about your experiences with them as well. Feel free to comment below with your questions, tips, and experiences.

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