How to Breed Riff in My Singing Monsters

How to Breed Riff in My Singing Monsters

Find out how to breed Riff in My Singing Monsters. Our guide includes expert insights into the best combinations, breeding times, and unique characteristics of the Riff family.

How to Breed Riff in My Singing Monsters

Best Combinations To Breed Riff

  1. Congle + Noggin
  2. Scups + Mammott
  3. T-Rox + Tweedle
  4. PomPom + Toe Jammer
  5. Cybop + Maw
  6. Quibble + Drumpler
  7. Pango + Fwog
  8. Riff + Rare Riff
  9. Riff + Any Monster

In order to breed the Riff, players must combine monsters with Cold, Air, Water, and Earth elements, avoiding repetitions. Breeding the Riff takes one day, but with enhancement, it takes 18 hours. Players can also purchase a Riff instantly for 150 diamonds.

How to Breed Rare Riff

  1. T-Rox + Tweedle
  2. Congle + Noggin
  3. Scups + Mammott
  4. PomPom + Toe Jammer
  5. Rare Riff + Riff
  6. Riff + Single Element Monster

It takes one day, six hours, and 30 minutes to breed a Rare Riff or 22 hours, 52 minutes, and 30 seconds to enhance it. You can buy the Rare Riff for 200 diamonds or 5,000 Starpower. Its dark green body, light green feet, and unique features like 4 wings and distinct guitar details will help you identify it.

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How to Breed Epic Riff

You can only breed Epic Riffs during special events, making them a valuable and rare addition to your monster collection.

It takes one day, fifteen hours, and fifteen minutes to breed an Epic Riff, or one day, five hours, and fifteen minutes with enhancement. Players can purchase an Epic Riff during special events for 750 diamonds. The Epic Riff features vibrant purples, blue webbed feet, and a double-necked red guitar that is unique among its peers.

What is Riff?

Find out what the Riff is really all about, a monster that harmonizes with Air, Cold, Water, and Earth. Riffs all share one unique trait – a guitar they hold and play. It is rumored that the guitar is a sentient creature that creates music together as one harmonious being with the Riff.

Coin Production and Preferred Companions

By placing the Riff near preferred companions, you will benefit from the Riff’s good coin production:

  1. Toe Jammer
  2. Crumpler Tree
  3. Bass String Bridge

Boost coin production by strategically placing your Riff alongside these favored elements. Master the art of monster placement to let your Riff thrive.

With these expert strategies, you can maximize your gameplay and improve the harmony of your island in My Singing Monsters.

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