How to Choose Best Road Bike For a Girl

How to Choose Best Road Bike For a Girl

How to Choose the Best Road Bike For a Girl

A road bicycle ride brings a lot of pleasure, especially if it is held in a beautiful and interesting place – in the woods, the park, on the hills, the track. And so that she was not marred by unpleasant situations, it is necessary to choose the right bike for a girl.



It would seem that all road bicycles between themselves are very similar – it is enough to choose the best women road bikes. But no. It does not work that way, because the differences between the bikes are quite significant.

They often have various baskets, footrests, and other gizmos attached to them, which will allow you to ride more comfortably. For example, many girls want to have a basket to go to the store and buy groceries or other goods that can safely be taken on the bike.

They have a lighter design, which means they will weigh less than regular bikes. This is great news for girls who don’t want to carry heavy bikes.

Women’s saddles have a blunt short nose and a wide, rounded main part. Men’s bikes, on the other hand, have a saddle with a narrow and long nose. The “horns” of such bikes are longer and thinner.



Before you buy it, it’s important to understand why you want a road bike. If you like taking nice, relatively quiet walks through the streets and parks, look for a city recreational bike. If you like to race on the tracks and off-road – go ahead and buy a mountain bike.

By the way, if you like quiet walks in the city, you can also pay attention to the cruiser and bikes in the retro style. On many of them, you can ride even in a skirt. True, it must be long. Such bikes have a very interesting style, which many will like.



The most important rule is not to buy suspiciously cheap bikes. Because then you have to fix them often, which also requires money.

If there are few requirements for the bike, opt for a mid-priced model. Study its characteristics and make sure that it has everything you need. If you want a complete high-end bike, you’ll have to shell out a little more money. However, it is worth it – the bike will show itself perfectly during use.



Girls need bike accessories just as much as guys do. Especially many of them are aimed at ensuring your safety. We are talking about a good helmet, flashlight, headlights, light stickers. All of these items should be an integral part of travel.

Additionally, you need to take care of the safety of the bike itself. You can not do without a lock, which will protect the bike in the parking lot. It should be understood that the lock must be really good and of high quality. Today there is a large enough choice, so there are no difficulties with the purchase.

Equally important accessories are fenders (to protect the person and his clothes from dirt), a bottle holder (you often want to drink while traveling), as well as a seat bag (you can put various small things there).


Bottom line

Almost all modern bikes have a beautiful design. Therefore, it will be easy for you to find the model that meets your personal requirements the most. As for the color, it can be different. White models are popular today (for men, too), blue models that combine several colors, as well as classic black.


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